Set Subjects

SET SUBJECTS 2022/2023

• Image submission day is always the Monday before the 3rd Wednesday of the month in question. i.e. the Monday before Judging night.
• Image dimensions are 1920 x 1080 pixels (the width must be either 1920 pixels or the height must be 1080 pixels or both), sRGB colour-space and less than 2mb in file size.



Month: May                                                           Subject: HIGH KEY/LOW KEY

High Key is a term to describe images that are bright and contain little to no shadow. The style can also be described as bright, with overexposed backgrounds. High key photography possesses a lot of white and light tones. These images have very minimal mid-tones and blacks. It is not devoid of blacks; it just has very minimal amounts of black in the image. A good ratio to consider is 80% bright, 20% dark. Low key is a term that describes images that are dark and contain only a few highlighted/lit areas. It is the art of lowering the exposure to create more shadows while creatively concealing and revealing details, which produces high contrast, dramatic images. A good ratio to consider is 25% light, 75% dark.

RULES: Limited editing: ALLOWED: removal of dust stops, levels, curves, colour saturation and contrast work, conversions to monochrome, dodging and burning, sharpening, HDR. NOT ALLOWED: adding or removing of pixels, moving of pixels, composites, or multiple exposures.                      

Images must be taken 1 November 2021 – 30 September 2022

Submission Deadline: 16 May 2022

Month: June                            Subject: Photography Greats Of 50’s&60’s

Robert Frank, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Avedon, Phillipe Halsman, Sam Shaw, Pete Turner, Don McCullin, Eddie Adams are examples of the many prominent photographers who produced a great and enduring body of work in the 1950’s and 60’s. Each of them is renowned for the particular genre and style of photography they specialised in, be it landscape, portraiture, fashion, street, sport, abstract or photojournalism. Study the photographs of these masters, select your favourite, and submit an image which recreates the specific genre and style of any of the famous photographers who produced work in the 1950’s and 60’s.

RULES: Colour or Monochrome. Manipulation is allowed but excluding composites.

Submission Deadline: 13 June 2022

Month: July                                                                        Subject: BOOKS

“We read to know we are not alone” – William Nicholson. Books evoke emotions, they transport us, help us escape and educate us. Books can be a comfort that shift us into another realm. Show us what books mean to you. A book, open or shut? Is it one special one or are there many? Could it be old and covered in leather surrounded by history and worn by love…. or glossy, new and edgy? Play with lighting and/or depth of field. Mono or brilliant colour. Enjoy and show what books have shown you.

RULES: Colour or monochrome. Digital Manipulation is allowed.

Submission Deadline: 18 July 2022

Month: August                                                                 Subject: ABSTRACT

Abstract photography is the view of an object where the entire shape is hidden from view. The rules are…. well, there are no rules! You know the saying: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, well abstract photography is exactly what the viewer makes it, and it can hold many different interpretations, views, and opinions. The three main points that abstract photography encompasses are, form, colour and texture. Form: Form is the shape(s) of the object(s) which creates the main bulk of the image – think of it in a similar way to composition and consider this the main course. Colour: Colour will draw the viewer in and keep the attention for longer. Exciting colours add depth and excitement to the overall image. Texture: Texture adds interest, creates confusion and intrigue. You can break up the image with contrasting textures and make your audience question what they see.

RULES: Colour or Mono. Manipulation is allowed.

Submission Deadline: 15 August 2022

Month: September                       Subject: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

This set subject is exactly what is says. Trains, planes or automobiles, any aspect of the subject to be the hero of the image. It is an opportunity to be creative with your panning techniques or zooming into an interesting feature of the subject or presenting just about anything involving your preferred choice. Your images may include human elements to assist in telling a story but not essential.

RULES: Colour only. Manipulation allowed but no composites.

Submission Deadline: 19 September 2022

Month: October                                              Subject: Creative Shutter speed

We all know how slow shutter speed photography works. Set up a tripod and set up the camera and composition. Now for something a little different that will give interesting results. Photograph anything with a slow shutter speed of 1/10th of a second. Set your camera to manual, at 1/10th sec. Use an aperture that will give you a “correct” exposure. This is where creativity comes in and you can decide how you want to depict your subject. This all depends how steady your hands are to try and keep the camera very still or be creative and move the camera up or down, or left and right or at diagonal angles, twist the camera or give it shake. Use your zoom on the lens to zoom in or out while focused on the subject. You will not know what results you will get, but you could be surprised by the results.

RULES: Monochrome only. Shutter speed must be set at 1/10th sec. Minimal editing allowed no effects that can be created in camera must be done in post processing.

Submission Deadline: 17 October 2022

Month: November                                                     Subject: WET

Wet usually implies saturation but may depict a covering of any surface with water or something liquid which is not yet dry. Wet can be depicted as a single water droplet to a downpour of rain drops, wet paint on a canvas, to a running tap, a wet body or small splash in a glass.  Anything wet goes.  Be creative in your thinking.  All images are to be devoid of large expanses of water – e.g.  the sea, lakes, or rivers. 

RULES: Mono or colour. Manipulation is not allowed.   

Submission Deadline: 14 November 2022

Month: January                                                         Subject: MOVIE TITLES

The image must portray and depict the movie title you have chosen. Text can be included on the image, but this should be limited. The image is not to be a poster to advertise the movie but rather to just depict it. The title of the image must be the name of the movie. Use your imagination but do not make it too abstract so as to leave the viewer guessing what you mean. The story telling will be essential.

RULES: Colour or Monochrome and Manipulation allowed (including composites).

Submission Deadline: 16 January 2023

Month: February                                                           Subject: In Your Garden

One of the best things about photographing nature is that it is so accessible. You don’t need to travel far to find it because it’s all around you. You may take it for granted because you see it every day, but your own backyard is a treasure trove. Every hour of every day and every season brings something new. The term backyard needn’t be taken literally here. If you don’t have a backyard, you’ll find plenty of nature to photograph just by wandering the streets or public parks and gardens. Some things to consider: 1 – Flowers and leaves. 2 – Fruit, berries and seed pods. 3 – After the rain. 4 – Mushrooms, toadstools and fungi. 5 – Look up, look down. 6 – Black and white beauty. 7 – Experiment with sun flares and haze. 8 – Snails, bugs and spiders. 9 – Birds and other wildlife. 10 – Portraits in nature.

RULES: Colour or Monochrome.  Digital Manipulations is allowed

Submission Deadline: 13 February 2023