Outing Safety

Westville Camera Club believes in “safety in numbers” and are really happy that to date none of our members have had any “incidents” while on club outings, and we would like to keep it that way!

In this light, the Committee would like to encourage all those who participate in the outings to please observe some basic  house rules:

  • We suggest that everyone meet in a pre-determined place and at a pre-determined time – you will be advised when the outing notification goes out where the meet-point will be
  • We encourage members not to wander off on their own – you carry expensive equipment and can be watched without even knowing it!
  • If you do leave the group, try to do so with some other people from the group
  • If you do leave the group, even with someone else, please tell someone else which direction you are heading in, so we know where to start looking if we need to
  • We would then like for everyone to meet again at the predetermined place and time after the shoot – just to ensure that everyone is OK
  • If you do decide to leave before the final meet, please tell someone who is staying – again, just so that we know you are safe and have chosen to leave

Thanks and look forward to seeing you all on the next outing.