The Marville Challenge Rules 2023-2024


Our MarVille Challenge Set subject for the next year is MONOCHROME. The subject within your image is purely Open, so it can be Nature, Birds, Macro, Portraits or a Composite. Look into your conversion technique and lets perfect it over the next year!

Monochrome as defined by the PSSA:

Monochrome is a black and white image. A black and white work fitting from the very dark grey (black) to the very clear grey (white) is a monochrome work with various shades of grey.

A black and white work toned entirely in a single colour will remain a monochrome work able to stand in the black and white category.

A black and white work modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a colour work (polychrome) to stand in the colour category.


Monochrome is shades of one colour – so black to white, brown to white, blue to white… with various shades of that colour inbetween.                                                                      

Full editing. For composites, all images must belong to the photographer, and all images must be taken on or after 1 November 2023. No AI generated images allowed.

Images must be taken from 1 November 2023 to 30 September 2024.

20 Junior, 20 Senior to be submitted by each club.

No more than 3 images per photographer for the Junior and Senior category.

A club member may enter work through any club they are a member of. However each image must be unique to that club. In cases where this rule is ignored, the images will be disqualified in both clubs’ entry submissions, resulting in a no score for those particular images towards the clubs’ total score.

No text, logos, watermarks.

Only images taken within the dates above will be eligible for selection.