KZN Regional Interclub Set Subject Rules 2023/2024

Theme: Rust and Decay

The effects of time, weather, and neglect on various materials by rust and decay result in textures, patterns and colours which tell a unique visual story. When taking your rust and decay photos, think of the beauty and intrigue that is found in deteriorating structures, objects, and more.

There is no limit to what subject shows rust and decay – from urban decay to biological decay and more. The image could be in Nature, Still Life, or more and both colour and monochrome are allowed.

Rust and decay are nature reclaiming man-made objects – let your photographs bring these textures to life.

All photos must have been submitted to your club between 1st June 2023 and 31st May 2024.

No restriction on when taken. See Rules of KZN Interclub Competition.

Manipulation Allowed.