Gallery March 2023

Judges: Darryll Benecke – HCPS. Margaret Parker – (LPSSA Open Colour and Nature/Wildlife) ACC. Wendy Freer (FPSSA, EPSSA) – WCC

Top images:

Top Junior: The Cascades – Malcolm Reeves.

Top Senior: Tawny walk – Howard Gillitt.

Top Set Subject: (Industrial) Just a few more degrees – Ann Sartor.

Gold and Merit Award Images:

AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward
Allan BowerMonochromeIts Hard Work At The KilnSilver
Allan BowerNatureIts Hard Work EatingSilver
Allan BowerNatureEvery Bit CountsSilver
Allan BowerOpenThinking of YouGold
Alta NeethlingMarVille ChallengeRobynGold
Alta NeethlingNatureCooling of togeterSilver
Alta NeethlingNatureRunningGold
Alta NeethlingNatureCooling downSilver
Alta NeethlingNatureHiding behind the treeBronze
Andrew PikeMarVille ChallengeJacobGold
Andrew PikeOpenSwartberg mountains near De ZeekoeMerit
Andrew PikeOpenHold tight This one bitesMerit
Andrew PikeSport and PhotojournalismOn the flyMerit
Andrew PikeSet SubjectNick the snake removal manSilver
Ann SartorMonochromeBack in the DayBronze
Ann SartorMarVille ChallengeNot sure about thatGold
Ann SartorNature ManipulatedAll by myselfGold
Ann SartorSet SubjectJust a few more degreesMerit
Bee BrodieNatureAnybody got any garlic butterBronze
Bee BrodieNatureSquacco during lunch breakBronze
Bee BrodieNature ManipulatedSometimes I sits and I thinksSilver
Bee BrodieOpenDemureMerit
Ben MyburghMonochromeAbulisios Merit
Ben MyburghMonochromeLeave your hat onSilver
Ben MyburghMarVille ChallengeAlmond EyesSilver
Ben MyburghOpenIlana in StudioNo Award
Ben MyburghSet SubjectVeldskoenMerit
betsy keeMonochromeIvonneSilver
betsy keeMarVille ChallengeJack Silver
betsy keeNatureLiuwa rainSilver
betsy keeOpensunrise surfersSilver
betsy keeOpenmagnificent male Merit
Bridgid WickhamMarVille ChallengeGraffitti GirlGold
Bridgid WickhamNatureAn intertwined greetingGold
Bridgid WickhamNatureThe lone rangerBronze
Bridgid WickhamNature ManipulatedInto the DenGold
Bridgid WickhamNature ManipulatedIn the crook of the treeMerit
Buan StanleyMonochromeThe Pelican briefSilver
Buan StanleyMarVille ChallengeJust keep swimmingSilver
Buan StanleyNature ManipulatedElephant U-boatGold
Buan StanleyNature ManipulatedHandsome chapSilver
Buan StanleySport and PhotojournalismIm the one in the orange capGold
Conrad KelseyMarVille ChallengeMental PrepSilver
Conrad KelseyNature ManipulatedLone Tree Against a Fiery SkyGold
Conrad KelseySport and PhotojournalismDusi 2023Merit
Conrad KelseySet SubjectSA Building SiteMerit
Conrad KelseySet SubjectLaying BlocksMerit
Dave WickhamMarVille ChallengeCould that be meSilver
Dave WickhamNature ManipulatedMenacing StareGold
Dave WickhamOpenBrooklyn Bridge SunriseMerit
Dave WickhamSet SubjectCrane View on GlassSilver
Dave WickhamSet SubjectWeathered CraneBronze
Des PorterMonochromeMany windowsSilver
Des PorterOpenAfrican palaceGold
Des PorterOpenWhat lies beneathGold
Elton BartlettMonochromeLocked OutGold
Elton BartlettNatureI am the Starring ChampGold
Este SheararKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourLilySilver
Este SheararMonochromeGrasslands of Barkley EastGold
Este SheararMarVille ChallengeAfter my bathGold
Este SheararNatureIn the process of baby makingGold
Este SheararNatureWhite-faced duckSilver
Fred TurckOpenSnowfallBronze
Fred TurckOpenPointed PeakMerit
Fred TurckOpenPoplar GroveGold
Fred TurckOpenShip PassingBronze
Geoff FeldonKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourColourful dancersSilver
Geoff FeldonKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourColour brushSilver
Geoff FeldonMonochromePark benchesBronze
Geoff FeldonOpenMan walking dogsGold
Gert Van Der LindeMonochromeMax CGold
Gert Van Der LindeMarVille ChallengeBroghanSilver
Graham GillettMonochromePadleys Old RideNo Award
Graham GillettOpenLocked DoorMerit
Graham GillettOpenOld and NewSilver
Howard GillittMonochromewater samplingGold
Howard GillittMarVille ChallengeRelaxingGold
Howard GillittNatureTawny walkMerit
Howard GillittNaturecantankerous hippoSilver
Howard GillittOpenzambezi voyagerGold
Ian MillsNaturegetting ready to diveGold
Ian MillsNaturecall it refSilver
Ian MillsNaturelurkingSilver
Ian MillsNaturesorry i am not movingSilver
Jane SmithKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourBright Beach Huts At Herne BaySilver
Jane SmithKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourFiring Balloons In The Mara MorningGold
Jane SmithNatureNo Mum My Ears Are CleanSilver
Jane SmithNatureWhats Over ThereSilver
Janet HeskethKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourAloes brightening the RivieraSilver
Janet HeskethMonochromeReaching for the skySilver
Janet HeskethMonochromeAt restGold
Janet HeskethOpenMoody harbourGold
Jen AdamKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourDandelion BouquetMerit
Jen AdamMarVille ChallengeRoxy In DisguiseGold
Jen AdamNatureChit Chat From the ForestSilver
Jen AdamNature ManipulatedMushroom LighthouseGold
Jen AdamOpenFloral JewelMerit
Jill FerrazMarVille ChallengePortrait of a peaceful protestorSilver
Jill FerrazNatureFeeding timeSilver
Jill FerrazSport and PhotojournalismPeaceful protest against Chinese occupationMerit
Jill FerrazSet SubjectIndustrial skylineMerit
Jill FerrazSet SubjectIndustrious paintersGold
John ThackerayMarVille ChallengeThis Is My Happy FaceSilver
John ThackerayNatureEver AlertSilver
John ThackerayNatureIt Is Here SomewhereSilver
John ThackerayNatureTawny ShowoffBronze
John ThackerayNatureThe LookoutBronze
Jurgen HuseMonochromeDownhillMerit
Jurgen HuseMonochromeBush CoupleSilver
Jurgen HuseMarVille ChallengeDelicious MouthfulMerit
Jurgen HuseNatureBest SmileGold
Jurgen HuseOpenFrom AfarBronze
Karen FischerMonochromeAnother Storm PassedSilver
Karen FischerMonochromeMy Best FriendSilver
Karen FischerNature ManipulatedPearly ButterflySilver
Karen FischerOpenLove on the BeachMerit
Kazalette PikeMonochromeLIFELINEMerit
Kazalette PikeMarVille ChallengeSandy and homeless but Mr CoolGold
Kazalette PikeNatureTongue curl trickSilver
Kazalette PikeNature ManipulatedSun n dustBronze
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectIndustrial painter JoeMerit
Linda ScottMonochromeSimplicityGold
Linda ScottNatureSunday bluesSilver
Linda ScottNatureAt the edge of the worldBronze
Linda ScottOpenRemembranceMerit
Louis HelbergNaturePollen hunterGold
Louis HelbergNature ManipulatedBees collecting pollenGold
Louis HelbergNature ManipulatedStanding tall Vaal river floodsGold
Louis HelbergSport and PhotojournalismComrades cool down splashMerit
Makaira KerkhofSport and PhotojournalismWalking on waterGold
Malcolm ReevesNatureLotus LightGold
Malcolm ReevesNatureFlower MantisBronze
Malcolm ReevesNature ManipulatedThe CascadesMerit
Malcolm ReevesOpenIn The PinkGold
Marco DagnoloMarVille ChallengeGame ranger on locationSilver
Marco DagnoloNatureDusk Dust and DeathSilver
Marco DagnoloNatureducks in the darkBronze
Marco DagnoloOpenthe big duneMerit
Marco DagnoloOpenon the road againSilver
Mike MorganNature ManipulatedDreamerSilver
Mike MorganNature ManipulatedEarly morning lightSilver
Mike MorganOpenLiquid GoldGold
Mike MorganOpenMore of WarnersMerit
Natascha RobinsonKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourServing a Spot of ColourGold
Natascha RobinsonKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourA limited edition of Jelly BabiesSilver
Natascha RobinsonMarVille ChallengeThe Anger ReleasedGold
Natascha RobinsonOpenLotusGold
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectIn the Production LineSilver
Neolen PillayMarVille ChallengeSixty ThreeMerit
Neolen PillayNatureNested Amongst FrondsBronze
Neolen PillayNatureBottoms UpSilver
Neolen PillaySport and PhotojournalismWhat a DusiMerit
Neolen PillaySport and PhotojournalismStairway to Poverty – eThekwiniSilver
Nicolette ForbesMonochromeA Touch of FrostGold
Nicolette ForbesMarVille ChallengeThe Quintessential PortraitMerit
Nicolette ForbesNatureEye contactGold
Nicolette ForbesNature ManipulatedNo-one knows the sea like a seabirdSilver
Nicolette ForbesSet SubjectServing the perfect beerSilver
Sally ThackerayNatureCruisin BySilver
Sally ThackerayNatureEarly Morning WarmthSilver
Sally ThackerayNatureSlinkySilver
Sean Cameron GunnMonochromeMaximillionGold
Sean Cameron GunnMonochromeStatuesque young ladySilver
Sean Cameron GunnOpenMan with a hatMerit
Shane NewmanMonochromeCurrent CrossingSilver
Shane NewmanNatureRushing WaveGold
Shane NewmanNatureTumble WashBronze
Shane NewmanNature ManipulatedDe KeldersSilver
Shirley GillittMonochromeSquirrel AnticsGold
Shirley GillittMarVille ChallengeLipstick appliedGold
Shirley GillittNatureBlack shouldered kite foot upGold
Shirley GillittNatureOdd one outMerit
Shirley GillittOpenArtistGold
Tracey ZettlerMonochromeCobbled Lane in EdingburghSilver
Tracey ZettlerMarVille ChallengeJessSilver
Tracey ZettlerOpenSerenity Silver
Tracey ZettlerOpenLet the light shineMerit
Tracey ZettlerOpenMountain CottageSilver
Trevor LeaMonochromeQuiet at the HarbourBronze
Trevor LeaNatureTiny Monster in the GardenBronze
Trevor LeaOpenShip Cranes and SkyGold
Wayne dos Santos NizMonochromePelican Takeoff 1Merit
Wayne dos Santos NizMonochromeUpto my anklesGold
Wayne dos Santos NizMarVille Challenge7 Deadly Sins SlothGold
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureBuilding a futureSilver
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureGotchaGold
Wendy FreerNatureVillage weaverSilver
Wendy FreerNatureThick billed weaver about to take offSilver
Wendy FreerOpenDesign in blueMerit
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