Gallery March 2022


Alta Oosthuizen (Pretoria Photographic Society) (APSSA (vers), DPSSA (vers), EPSSA, AFIAP).

Rory Baker (Durban Camera Club).

Martin Patten (UK) (DPAGB, LRPS, EFIAP, BPE5*, QPSA).

Top Images

Top Junior: Black Beauty – Wayne dos Santos Niz

Top Senior: Point my toe – Shirley Gillitt

Top Set Subject (Long Exposure): A Moment in Time – Karen Fischer

Gold and Merit award images:

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward 
Alex StewartNatureHammerheadSilver 
Alex StewartNaturePied KingfisherGold 
Alex StewartOpenMobility Pavilion 1Silver 
Alex StewartOpenMobility Pavilion 2No Award 
Alex StewartKZN Interclub Set Subject – PatternsDubai Expo 2020Merit 
Allan BowerNatureThe LookoutGold 
Allan BowerNatureOnce A KingGold 
Allan BowerOpenReach For Your DreamsGold 
Alta NeethlingMonochromeMy mouth is bigger than yoursSilver 
Alta NeethlingOpenSmelling the waySilver 
Alta NeethlingKZN Interclub Set Subject – PatternsPatternsSilver 
Andrew PikeMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyI will lift up mine eyes to the mountainsBronze 
Andrew PikeOpenUmlambonja ButtressBronze 
Andrew PikeOpenSunset wavesSilver 
Andrew PikeKZN Interclub Set Subject – PatternsReady to harvestSilver 
Andrew PikeSet SubjectUmlambonja RiverGold 
Ann SartorMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyCan you see the lightSilver 
Ann SartorMonochromeNo fishing todaySilver 
Ann SartorOpenPattern ReflectionSilver 
Ann SartorKZN Interclub Set Subject – PatternsVictorian Air VentSilver 
Bee BrodieNatureBee EaterBronze 
Bee BrodieNatureBeauty in the morningSilver 
Bee BrodieOpenBeauty in the makingGold 
Bee BrodieSport and PhotojournalismGirls versus BoysSilver 
Ben MyburghMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeySurrenderGold 
Ben MyburghMonochromeCJ in MonoGold 
Ben MyburghMonochromeI am out of hereSilver 
Ben MyburghOpenCass is studioBronze 
Ben MyburghOpenEvanescenceSilver 
Brian WiddowsonOpenSurfingBronze 
Brian WiddowsonOpenDust BugSilver 
Bridgid WickhamMonochromeThe BaptismSilver 
Bridgid WickhamMonochromeStrange RelationshipsGold 
Bridgid WickhamOpenAutumn is hereSilver 
Bridgid WickhamOpenIts been a long nightSilver 
Buan StanleyMonochromeprepare for warGold 
Buan StanleyOpenBig baby blue eyesBronze 
Buan StanleyOpenHeal the worldBronze 
Buan StanleySet SubjectvortexGold 
Celia FourieNatureMy CatchBronze 
Celia FourieNatureYou BeautyMerit 
Celia FourieSet SubjectSilky WatersGold 
Conrad KelseyMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyDesireeSilver 
Conrad KelseyOpenDinaleyBronze 
Conrad KelseySport and PhotojournalismJust Hanging AroundSilver 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectFiery SunriseSilver 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectGood Morning DurbanSilver 
Dave WickhamMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyAfrican Wild CatNo Award 
Dave WickhamMonochromeStay Close to me (BW)Merit 
Dave WickhamNaturePassionate PairGold 
Dave WickhamNatureTree DwellerGold 
Dave WickhamKZN Interclub Set Subject – PatternsStorm at the StadiumSilver 
Des PorterMonochromeWildebeesSilver 
Des PorterOpenSunriseSilver 
Des PorterSport and PhotojournalismAbout to scoreBronze 
Di WayneNatureBaobab sunriseSilver 
Di WayneOpenHalong sunsetSilver 
Di WayneSport and PhotojournalismSurviving the AmashovaSilver 
Elton BartlettNatureNo More Tears LeftSilver 
Elton BartlettNatureTarget LockSilver 
Elton BartlettOpenHigh FlyerBronze 
Fred TurckCreative or Visual ArtRoses Are Red (Sometimes)Silver 
Fred TurckSport and PhotojournalismHello Old FriendBronze 
Fred TurckSet SubjectNight at GatewayGold 
Fred TurckSet SubjectRock of AgesGold 
Gail Anne BradfieldMonochromePatternsGold 
Gail Anne BradfieldOpenReflections in the sand.Gold 
Gail Anne BradfieldOpenFrozen BerryBronze 
Gen Macquet MonochromeMischiefSilver 
Gen Macquet MonochromeLonely GreyGold 
Gen Macquet NatureBird of ParadiseGold 
Gen Macquet NaturePerched Malachite SunbirdBronze 
Geoff FeldonMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyHigh key portraitNo Award 
Geoff FeldonMonochromeMother and sonSilver 
Geoff FeldonOpenGuitar in a smokey roomSilver 
Geoff FeldonOpenJewellery on leafBronze 
Geoff FeldonKZN Interclub Set Subject – PatternsDiscordSilver 
Howard GillittMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low Keyleopard at nightSilver 
Howard GillittMonochromesistersGold 
Howard GillittNatureplayful cubsGold 
Howard GillittNatureDive BombingSilver 
Howard GillittOpenRedeye DoveGold 
Ian DamerellMonochromeRoseSilver 
Ian DamerellNatureAfternoon cloudsSilver 
Ian DamerellNatureKingfisherSilver 
Ian MillsMonochromeadvantage pointSilver 
Ian MillsNatureblack maneGold 
Ian MillsNaturePurple rainSilver 
Ian MillsSet Subjectthere is a storm brewingSilver 
Jane SmithMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyNight ProwlerSilver 
Jane SmithMonochromeSnowslidingSilver 
Jane SmithNatureWhen Is Mum Coming BackGold 
Jane SmithNatureA Faithful FriendSilver 
Jane SmithKZN Interclub Set Subject – PatternsLeadwood And LeopardGold 
Janet HeskethMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyBalmy seaside cityBronze 
Janet HeskethNatureWildebeestSilver 
Janet HeskethOpenCheerful shepherdsMerit 
Janet HeskethSet SubjectBalmy eveningGold 
Janet HeskethSet SubjectEndless traffic Silver 
Jen AdamMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyThree CherriesSilver 
Jen AdamNatureVantage PointGold 
Jen AdamNatureShould I Smile for the PhotoGold 
Jen AdamOpenMushrooms at SunriseBronze 
Jen AdamOpenStillnessGold 
Jill FerrazMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyFirst dateSilver 
Jill FerrazNatureYoung impalaGold 
Jill FerrazSport and PhotojournalismDuzi powerBronze 
Jill FerrazSet SubjectSlow streamGold 
Jill FerrazSet SubjectSlowly passing byGold 
Joan WiddowsonOpenToy RunSilver 
Joan WiddowsonOpenStuckBronze 
John ThackerayMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyOne Of Those MorningsSilver 
John ThackerayNatureRelaxed Fly ByeGold 
John ThackerayNatureLittle Red PoserGold 
John ThackeraySport and PhotojournalismEye On The BallMerit
John ThackeraySport and PhotojournalismPar Three FourthBronze 
Jurgen HuseMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyMysteriousSilver 
Jurgen HuseKZN Interclub Set Subject – PatternsPalm PatternSilver 
Jurgen HuseSport and PhotojournalismConcentrationGold 
Jurgen HuseSport and PhotojournalismBirkett and Evans Powering ForwardBronze 
Jurgen HuseSet SubjectThe Rock PoolBronze 
Karen FischerMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyStill LifeGold 
Karen FischerMonochromeZebra by the TreeSilver 
Karen FischerNatureI am Still HandsomeSilver 
Karen FischerKZN Interclub Set Subject – PatternsPatterns of WindowsSilver 
Karen FischerSet SubjectA Moment in TimeMerit 
Kazalette PikeMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyGods windowBronze 
Kazalette PikeMonochromeRays on grassSilver 
Kazalette PikeNatureBiding timeSilver 
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectCrystal watersGold 
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectRaging Berg riverGold 
Laura EvansMonochromeSo What Do You Think HarrySilver 
Laura EvansNatureLooking for AntsBronze 
Laura EvansOpenSacred LotusBronze 
Laura EvansOpenPink Lotus FlowerBronze 
Linda ScottMonochromeBeach weatherSilver 
Linda ScottNatureControversial beautyMerit 
Linda ScottSet SubjectKeeping watchGold 
Makaira KerkhofNatureKill RecoverySilver 
Makaira KerkhofNatureGazing CubSilver 
Makaira KerkhofOpenLook into my eyesBronze 
Malcolm ReevesCreative or Visual ArtBike And BeanBronze 
Malcolm ReevesOpenHanging By A ThreadSilver 
Malcolm ReevesOpenHigh Key FlowerGold 
Malcolm ReevesKZN Interclub Set Subject – PatternsAt The MallSilver 
Marco DagnoloMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low Keythat pierSilver 
Marco DagnoloNaturefishing for my supperGold 
Marco DagnoloNaturemonitoring the sceneGold 
Marco DagnoloOpenspotted young ladyBronze 
Marco DagnoloOpentaking a breakGold 
Melissa PalmerMonochromeAbove the Tree TopsBronze 
Melissa PalmerNatureWhat is out thereSilver 
Melissa PalmerNatureBlue Yellow and OrangeGold 
Michael SandMonochromeStorm InboundGold 
Michael SandKZN Interclub Set Subject – PatternsBlack HoleSilver 
Michael SandSet SubjectUnfinished SymphonySilver 
Natascha RobinsonMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyScent of a WomanSilver 
Natascha RobinsonMonochromeCant Contain the DecaySilver 
Natascha RobinsonOpenWinter SunBronze 
Natascha RobinsonOpenLess SugarBronze 
Robert BlackNatureCicada husk just leave the past behindSilver 
Robert BlackNatureBarn Sallow just showing offGold 
Robert BlackOpenAfrican Paradise Fly Catcher spider treatBronze 
Robert BlackOpenYour Tern no Your TernSilver 
Sally ThackerayMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyDreamy PinksSilver 
Sally ThackerayNatureInquisitive YoungsterGold 
Sally ThackerayNatureTell Tale WhiskersMerit 
Sally ThackerayOpenLong Thirsty WalkBronze 
Sally ThackerayOpenDrinking BuddiesBronze 
Sashen NaiduOpenAesthetic VibesBronze 
Sashen NaiduOpenEmilyGold 
Shane NewmanMonochromePorsche 21Gold 
Shane NewmanMonochromeMisty SeaBronze 
Shane NewmanNatureWashing CycleSilver 
Shane NewmanOpenMonster RockGold 
Shirley GillittCreative or Visual ArtHow high can it goGold 
Shirley GillittMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyLioness at nightSilver 
Shirley GillittNatureSecretary bird in flightGold 
Shirley GillittNatureProud HyenaMerit 
Shirley GillittOpenPoint my toeMerit 
Tracey ZettlerMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyOne lonely birdSilver 
Tracey ZettlerMonochromeGrass SeedsBronze 
Tracey ZettlerMonochromeNegative Space Silver 
Tracey ZettlerOpenStralitiza Bronze 
Tracey ZettlerOpenResting Bronze 
Trevor LeaMonochromeRestore me pleaseSilver 
Trevor LeaNatureDragonfly at RestGold 
Trevor LeaOpenOn Florida RoadBronze 
Trevor LeaOpenSuburban Pavement SceneBronze 
Wayne dos Santos NizMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyBlack BeautyMerit 
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureRun for your livesMerit 
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureOne for the roadGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizOpenGolden SunriseBronze 
Wayne dos Santos NizOpenGolden Hour at the PierMerit