Gallery June 2023

Judges: Gert vd Linde (WCC), Dr Chris Swanepoel (Pietersburg Camera Club), Adriaan Theron (Magalies Foto Fun Club).

Top Images:

Top Junior: All you can do is pray – Buan Stanley

Top Senior: Sand Storm – Wayne dos Santos Niz

Top Set Subject: A place of peace – Andrew Pike

Merit and Gold award images

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward 
Alex StewartNatureGemsbokNo award 
Alex StewartNatureNaukluft DesolationGold 
Alex StewartOpenBlastSilver 
Alex StewartOpenReady to FlySilver 
Alex StewartSet SubjectQuiver Tree ForrestGold 
Alta NeethlingMarVille ChallengeSiebert Silver 
Alta NeethlingNatureRhinoSilver 
Alta NeethlingNatureSmall WarthogGold 
Alta NeethlingNatureOstrichGold 
Alta NeethlingOpenGlass shoeSilver 
Andrew PikeMonochromeA good inningsGold 
Andrew PikeMarVille ChallengeMr DeliveryGold 
Andrew PikeOpenIn the villageSilver 
Andrew PikeOpenOff to the marketSilver 
Andrew PikeSet SubjectA place of peaceMerit 
Ann SartorMonochromeCurrent AffairsGold 
Ann SartorOpenQuick VisitGold 
Ann SartorSet SubjectTranquilitySilver 
Bee BrodieNatureI only drool when Im hungryGold 
Bee BrodieOpenHalf my HeartSilver 
Bee BrodieOpenHang on a minuteSilver 
Bee BrodieSet SubjectAn unexpected surpriseBronze 
Ben MyburghMonochromeMan and Womansilver 
Ben MyburghMonochromeLines and CurvesMerit 
Ben MyburghMarVille ChallengeProfileSilver 
Ben MyburghOpenMelisaSilver 
Ben MyburghOpenDemieGold 
betsy keeMonochromeLone treeSilver 
betsy keeNatureBuffalo in Mopani forest Silver 
betsy keeSport and PhotojournalismOne ton of snares are removed each yearSilver 
betsy keeSet SubjectFever tree forest Silver 
Bridgid WickhamMonochromeSplish splash he was takin a bathSilver 
Bridgid WickhamMarVille ChallengeVanity Fair funGold 
Bridgid WickhamOpenIf only she could talkSilver 
Bridgid WickhamOpenVigil at the Golden WillowSilver 
Bridgid WickhamSet SubjectCeltic Forest FaerieGold 
Buan StanleyMonochromeAll you can do is prayMerit 
Buan StanleyMarVille ChallengeSunset sessionsMerit 
Buan StanleyNatureBath timeGold 
Buan StanleyOpenDawn fishingSilver 
Buan StanleySport and PhotojournalismWe are zoomingMerit 
Conrad KelseyMarVille ChallengeEmilyGold 
Conrad KelseySport and PhotojournalismToe to ToeGold 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectThe Red TreeSilver 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectMisty MorningMerit 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectForest FloorSilver 
Dave WickhamMonochromeLook this WaySilver 
Dave WickhamMonochromeReverse Stripessilver 
Dave WickhamMarVille ChallengeChobe Boat DriverGold 
Dave WickhamSport and PhotojournalismWheels in the AirMerit 
Dave WickhamSport and PhotojournalismKicking up DustGold 
Elton BartlettCreative or Visual ArtFrom the Horses MouthSilver 
Elton BartlettNatureBlack BeautyMerit 
Elton BartlettOpenSssssurpriseMerit 
Elton BartlettSet SubjectForest Fern FingersSilver 
Este BlundellMarVille ChallengePale Chanting GoshawkGold 
Este BlundellNatureTwilight Olive ThrushGold 
Este BlundellNatureGround SquirrelMerit 
Este BlundellNatureOryxGold 
Este BlundellOpenPale-winged StarlingSilver 
Fred TurckOpenUnusedSilver 
Fred TurckOpenForest RoadSilver 
Fred TurckSet SubjectForest StreamSilver 
Fred TurckSet SubjectForest Resting PlaceSilver 
Gail Anne BradfieldNatureSpotted thick-kneeGold 
Gail Anne BradfieldOpenWhich way do we runSilver 
Gail Anne BradfieldOpenWhat a long walk to freedomSilver 
Gail Anne BradfieldSet SubjectForest FoodSilver 
Geoff FeldonMarVille ChallengeMoodGold 
Geoff FeldonOpenOld postSilver 
Geoff FeldonOpenTable settingBronze 
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectBoardwalk in forestSilver 
Gert Van Der LindeMarVille ChallengeAlertMerit 
Gert Van Der LindeOpenOff Off BroadwayGold 
Gert Van Der LindeSport and PhotojournalismSafeGold 
Gert Van Der LindeSet SubjectBamboo forestGold 
Graham GillettCreative or Visual ArtA Railway SpillGold 
Graham GillettMarVille ChallengeMr MyPhoto HimselfNo award 
Graham GillettOpenRocky SunriseSilver 
Graham GillettOpenRound in the SunGold 
Graham GillettOpenDodgy Capetown DealSilver 
Howard GillittMarVille ChallengeIts cold hereMerit 
Howard GillittNatureBusy OrioleGold 
Howard GillittNatureNatter NatterGold 
Howard GillittSport and PhotojournalismPolo ActionGold 
Howard GillittSport and PhotojournalismTeam Toyota 300Gold 
Ian MillsMonochromechewingGold 
Ian MillsNatureon the prowlGold 
Ian MillsNaturewarming upSilver 
Ian MillsSet Subjectlight at the end of the tunnelGold 
Jane SmithMarVille ChallengeA Steely StareSilver 
Jane SmithNatureBrothersGold 
Jane SmithNaturePlaying With SticksSilver 
Jane SmithSet SubjectSunrise Forest WalkGold 
Jane SmithSet SubjectWinter Morning Forest MoodsSilver 
Janet HeskethNatureKeeping watchSilver 
Janet HeskethNatureLeonotis patternsilver 
Janet HeskethSet SubjectBeneath the forest canopySilver 
Janet HeskethSet SubjectTrees for AfricaSilver 
Jen AdamMarVille ChallengeNo Getting Away from The Passage of TimeGold 
Jen AdamNatureCome On Just Dive InGold 
Jen AdamOpenA Cherry CelebrationGold 
Jen AdamOpenOrange CrystalGold 
Jen AdamOpenOne Delicious BiteSilver 
Jill FerrazMarVille ChallengeMad dogGold 
Jill FerrazOpenPoppy perfectionGold 
Jill FerrazSport and PhotojournalismDont stop me nowSilver 
Jill FerrazSport and PhotojournalismRoyal Flypast at Trooping of the ColourGold 
Jill FerrazSet SubjectBluebell forestGold 
Jurgen HuseMarVille ChallengeNot Now PleaseSilver 
Jurgen HuseSport and PhotojournalismFirst Woman With Pace SettersGold 
Jurgen HuseSport and PhotojournalismTussle for the LeadGold 
Jurgen HuseSport and PhotojournalismKicking for PolesGold 
Jurgen HuseSet SubjectBeech Tree FootGold 
Kazalette PikeMonochromeStairway to the lightGold 
Kazalette PikeMarVille ChallengeSorrowGold 
Kazalette PikeNatureAn opportunistic catchMerit 
Kazalette PikeSport and PhotojournalismGerda going for goldGold 
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectMisty autumn morningGold 
Linda ScottCreative or Visual ArtFriendship RosesBronze 
Linda ScottMarVille ChallengeDashing DuoGold 
Linda ScottOpenThe SplashSilver 
Linda ScottOpenDown at the BayGold
Linda ScottSet SubjectIf you go down to the woods todayGold 
Malcolm ReevesOpenBridge Beach And BikeSilver 
Malcolm ReevesOpenOn Blue Lagoon PierSilver 
Malcolm ReevesSet SubjectMisty Autumn MorningGold 
Malcolm ReevesSet SubjectAutumn ColoursGold 
Marco DagnoloNaturestampedeGold 
Marco DagnoloOpenwhen the cows come homeBronze 
Maureen van den berghOpenMorning Has BrokenGold 
Maureen van den berghSet SubjectForest GatewayGold 
Maureen van den berghSet SubjectForest FloorSilver 
Maureen van den berghSet SubjectForest ViewSilver 
Mike MorganOpenIts an illusionSilver 
Mike MorganOpenTheres a kind of hushSilver 
Mike MorganOpenWarner Beach sunriseSilver 
Mike MorganOpenThe air that I breatheGold 
Natascha RobinsonOpen4 Pops and an ArrowGold 
Natascha RobinsonOpenCandyfloss DreamsGold 
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectThe Mysterious Stone PathMerit 
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectLeft to Rot in the WoodsSilver  
Neolen PillayMonochromeForever my DucklingGold 
Neolen PillayNatureFlight of the Fish EagleNo award 
Neolen PillayOpenA Sign of the TidesMerit 
Neolen PillayOpenBrush Stroked SunsetGold 
Neolen PillaySet SubjectIn the Heart of the ForestGold 
Nicolette ForbesMarVille ChallengeThoughtfulSilver 
Nicolette ForbesNatureA Goshawk coming of ageGold 
Nicolette ForbesNatureThe wind beneath my wingsGold 
Nicolette ForbesNatureParental dedicationGold 
Nicolette ForbesOpenAbove the Arctic CircleSilver 
Nikita StevensonOpenA Little GrinGold 
Nikita StevensonOpenStrike A PoseBronze 
Nikita StevensonOpenStill Baai TownSilver 
Sean Cameron GunnOpenBlue Lagoon sunriseSilver 
Sean Cameron GunnOpenLamp and smokeSilver 
Sean Cameron GunnOpenTwo cranesGold 
Sean Cameron GunnSet SubjectICM ForestGold 
Shane NewmanMonochromeRetro AngliaGold 
Shane NewmanMonochromeSunset Wave ExplosionGold 
Shane NewmanNatureCamera SplashGold 
Shane NewmanOpenDe Kelders PathwaySilver 
Shelley SmithMarVille ChallengeInner HappinessSilver 
Shelley SmithNaturePaired For LifeGold 
Shelley SmithSet SubjectThe Forests EdgeSilver 
Shelley SmithSet SubjectThe Reflection of ChaosSilver 
Shirley GillittCreative or Visual ArtWater lilyGold 
Shirley GillittMonochromeWhite on blackGold 
Shirley GillittMarVille ChallengeThis wayGold 
Shirley GillittNatureDove take offMerit 
Shirley GillittNatureTake thatMerit 
Tracey ZettlerCreative or Visual ArtEnchanted ForestSilver 
Tracey ZettlerSet SubjectNatures VeinsGold 
Tracey ZettlerSet SubjectLight in the mistSilver 
Wayne dos Santos NizCreative or Visual ArtSand StormMerit 
Wayne dos Santos NizMonochromeThe Jazz SingerGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizMarVille ChallengeTrawlingGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureHippo Green GushGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizSport and PhotojournalismSurf Shred 3Gold 
Wendy FreerNatureGrasshopper for lunchGold 
Wendy FreerSport and PhotojournalismGoing for goalGold 
Wendy FreerSet SubjectForest of goldGold