Gallery January 2024

Judges: Geoff Feldon (WCC), Hendrik McCarthy (BECC)

Top Images:

Top Junior: Nicky Forbes – Curious Little Impala

Top Senior: Dave Wickham – Tussle at Sundown

Top Set Subject: Conrad Kelsey – The Girl in the Bokeh

Gold and Merit Award Winners:

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward 
Andrew PikeMarVille ChallengeAt the end of the daySilver 
Andrew PikeOpenThe ShardSilver 
Andrew PikeOpenJust passing byMerit 
Andrew PikeOpenDashing down the duneGold 
Andrew PikeSport and PhotojournalismWipe outGold 
Bee BrodieNatureSurveying my subjectsGold 
Bee BrodieNatureLiquid BeautyMerit 
Bee BrodieNatureThank you for the rainSilver 
Bee BrodieNatureSorry you have a crumbGold 
Ben MyburghMonochromeBlack Hat ProjectGold 
Ben MyburghMonochromeSilk GlovesMerit 
Ben MyburghMonochromeBavarian Motor WorksGold 
Ben MyburghOpenSteampunkSilver 
Buan StanleyMarVille Challengeas pretty as can beNo award 
Buan StanleyNatureBirdie num numGold 
Buan StanleyNatureBrimstone CanaryGold 
Buan StanleyOpenflip flap flyGold 
Buan StanleyOpenwhen doves cryGold 
Conrad KelseyKZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and DecayDecaying PierGold 
Conrad KelseyOpenEverton FallsSilver 
Conrad KelseySport and PhotojournalismWatch This MoveBronze 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectThe Girl In The BokehGold 
Conred KelseyMarVille ChallengeYayaGold 
Dave WickhamMarVille ChallengeVintageSilver 
Dave WickhamNatureMongoose ScoutGold 
Dave WickhamNatureTussle at SundownMerit 
Dave WickhamNatureDont look at me like thatGold 
Dave WickhamOpenStealth HunterBronze 
Este BlundellKZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and DecayOnce Upon A TimeGold 
Este BlundellMonochromeHouses in Zaanse SchansGold 
Este BlundellNatureRed-eyed BulbulGold 
Este BlundellNatureWhite-backed MousebirdSilver 
Geoff FeldonCreative or Visual ArtHaunted forestGold 
Geoff FeldonMonochromeBraving the stormGold 
Geoff FeldonMarVille ChallengeMountain and cloudsGold  
Geoff FeldonOpenGolf course viewGold 
Geoff FeldonOpenStorm at sunsetSilver 
Gert Van Der LindeOpenMint sellerSilver 
Gert Van Der LindeOpenMoses Mabhida 2023Gold 
Graham GillettOpenSchoemaker WorkersSilver 
Howard GillittMonochromeProud HornbillGold 
Howard GillittMarVille ChallengeMajestyGold 
Howard GillittNatureYellow billed HornbillMerit 
Howard GillittNatureThe waiting gameGold 
Howard GillittOpenErrin jumping highGold 
Ian MillsMonochromemom will be bach soonSilver 
Ian MillsNaturethis will give the cubs somthing to chew onMerit 
Ian MillsOpenclose inspectionSilver 
Ian MillsOpenMunchingBronze 
Jane SmithMonochromeSpotting The Street PhotographerGold 
Jane SmithMarVille ChallengeSupercool In My CanoeSilver 
Jane SmithNatureThe SentinelSilver 
Jane SmithNatureScrawny NeckGold 
Jane SmithOpenOdo At The Fish WeirMerit 
Janet HeskethMonochromeBrief glimpse through the mistGold 
Janet HeskethNaturePlaytimeSilver 
Janet HeskethNatureVulture sunriseSilver 
Janet HeskethOpenOh no here comes competitionNo award 
Janet HeskethSet SubjectCaught in the spotlightNo award 
Jen AdamMarVille ChallengeFamous Church On a HillBronze 
Jen AdamNatureDrying OutGold 
Jen AdamOpenA Pricky SituationSilver 
Jen AdamOpenGetting The Balance RightGold 
Jen AdamSport and PhotojournalismSaving The DayMerit 
Jill FerrazMonochromeMono beautySilver 
Jill FerrazMarVille ChallengeLondon ArchitectureGold 
Jill FerrazNatureCrimson waterMerit 
Jill FerrazNatureMagical forestGold 
Jill FerrazNatureSearching for the sunSilver 
Jurgen HuseMarVille ChallengeButterfly on FlowerNo award 
Jurgen HuseNatureDotted DelightSilver 
Jurgen HuseNatureThe Bigger the BetterGold 
Jurgen HuseOpenHeavenly ThreadsSilver 
Jurgen HuseOpenTime for a RestGold 
Karen FischerNaturePiggyback RideGold 
Karen FischerNatureBrown Owl on StumpGold 
Karen FischerOpenLightning Over The OceanMerit 
Karen FischerOpenDawn of New LifeGold 
Kazaktte PikeMarVille ChallengeURCHINGold 
Kazalette PikeMonochromeThe GodfatherSilver 
Kazalette PikeNaturePollen seekerGold 
Kazalette PikeNatureFemale Amethyst sunbird with a lot to sayGold 
Kazalette PikeOpenIn a Moroccan windowGold 
Linda ScottMarVille ChallengeHIgh key disasterSilver 
Linda ScottNatureA colourful battleGold 
Linda ScottOpenIs pollen allergic to beesGold 
Linda ScottOpenBlue and YellowGold 
Linda ScottSet SubjectFire and smoke reconstructedGold 
Marco DagnoloNaturePutting my best foot forwardGold 
Marco DagnoloNatureProwlerGold 
Marco DagnoloOpenFun in the sunSilver 
Marco DagnoloOpenA tough day at seaSilver 
Mike MorganOpenOut of AfricaGold 
Natascha RobinsonMonochromeA Fragment of SelfSilver 
Natascha RobinsonMarVille ChallengeLove thyselfSilver 
Natascha RobinsonOpenSushi on a PlateGold 
Natascha RobinsonOpenJust ChillinSilver 
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectYouthful EyesSilver 
Neolan PillayCreative or Visual ArtBlack PinkGold 
Neolan PillayMarVille ChallengeThe White LotusGold 
Neolan PillayNatureIn Living ColourGold 
Neolan PillayNatureSmall in FrameSilver 
Neolen PillayNatureWrench BeakGold 
Nicky ForbesMarVille ChallengeCurious little impalaGold 
Nicky ForbesNatureCinnamon-breasted BuntingMerit 
Nicky ForbesNatureJackal attitudeGold 
Nicky ForbesNatureLove you MomSilver 
Nicky ForbesNatureA comfortable catMerit 
Shane NewmanMonochromeHarley XR 1200xGold 
Shane NewmanNatureResting Juvenile Crowned EagleGold 
Shane NewmanOpenMariannhill MonasterySilver 
Shane NewmanOpenMall RepetitionBronze 
Shirley GillittMonochromeFroggie saucerMerit 
Shirley GillittMarVille ChallengeThinkingMerit 
Shirley GillittNatureDikkop dropletsGold 
Shirley GillittNatureI see you out the corner of my eyeGold 
Shirley GillittOpenEvan playing chessGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizMonochromeBuffalo NightGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizMarVille ChallengeStripesGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureMajestic KuduSilver 
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureWho is watching whoGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizOpenBlue moon risingGold 
Wendy FreerCreative or Visual ArtBad feather dayGold 
Wendy FreerNatureA tasty mealMerit 
Wendy FreerNatureTesting if ready to mateGold