Gallery February 2024

Judges: Bridgid Wickham (LPSSA)(DPSSA), Mark Preston-Whyte (ACC), Clare van Daele (ACC)

Top Images:

Top Junior:  Justin Hart – Steel Wool Light Trails

Top Senior: Kazalette Pike – Frog in the Hole

Top Set Subject: Shirley Gillitt – Red and Blue Light

Gold and Merit Award Images:

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Andrew PikeMarVille ChallengeFilling the frameMerit 
Andrew PikeOpenA river runs through itSilver 
Andrew PikeOpenThe Man from MarrakechMerit 
Andrew PikeSport and PhotojournalismJust having funMerit 
Andrew PikeSet SubjectMohammed in the lightMerit 
Ann SartorMarVille ChallengeSparkleGold  
Ann SartorNatureRuby Elf CupsSilver 
Ann SartorSet SubjectMy WorldGold 
Bee BrodieNatureHello BeautifulGold 
Bee BrodieNatureI worry so much about the futureSilver 
Bee BrodieNatureDinner sorted thenMerit 
Bee BrodieNatureI love you this muchGold 
Ben MyburghMonochromeInked StareSilver 
Ben MyburghMonochromeMasqueradeMerit 
Ben MyburghMonochromeIndunaMerit 
Ben MyburghMarVille ChallengeKayleighGold 
Ben MyburghOpenMan about TownMerit 
Bridgid WickhamCreative or Visual ArtSmudge City American DreamsMerit 
Bridgid WickhamMarVille ChallengeChobe magicNo award 
Bridgid WickhamNatureMy heart stood stillGold 
Bridgid WickhamNatureI had a dream of AfricaMerit 
Bridgid WickhamOpenHead above water CambodiaSilver 
Buan StanleyMonochromeFirst time seeing his brideSilver 
Buan StanleyMarVille ChallengeAll the feelingsSilver 
Buan StanleyOpenand off we goSilver 
Buan StanleyOpenTaylaGold 
Buan StanleySet SubjectPush upsGold  
Conrad KelseyMarVille ChallengeKaylaSilver 
Conrad KelseyOpenThe rockGold 
Conrad KelseySport and PhotojournalismOutMerit 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectNeon girlGold 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectListen to the musicSilver 
Dave WickhamNatureVanquished PreyMerit 
Dave WickhamOpenVintageMerit 
Dave WickhamOpenBerg CottageSilver 
Dave WickhamSport and PhotojournalismPowered by FordMerit 
Di WayneNatureAustralian PelicanSilver 
Di WayneSet SubjectBiancaNo Award 
Elton BartlettNatureDanger lurks behind every blade of grassSilver 
Elton BartlettNatureAnd away we goMerit 
Elton BartlettNatureMove on This is my spotMerit 
Fred TurckKZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and DecayDecaying Building near WindhoekGold 
Fred TurckOpenRising from the AshesGold 
Fred TurckOpenFree State VineyardSilver 
Fred TurckOpenFree State PubNo Award 
Fred TurckSport and PhotojournalismRacing TransportMerit 
Geoff FeldonCreative or Visual ArtDancers in BlurSilver 
Geoff FeldonKZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and DecayRusted beamsGold 
Geoff FeldonMarVille ChallengeLast raysSilver 
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectCopper jugSilver 
Gert Van Der LindeMonochromeLotusSilver 
Gert Van Der LindeNatureLook Ma No HandsMerit 
Gert Van Der LindeSet SubjectMagic lanternMerit 
Gert Van Der LindeSet SubjectNight stalkerSilver 
Graham GillettMarVille ChallengeHappy at HowickNo award 
Graham GillettNatureReditGold 
Graham GillettOpenUmgeni Fisherman DawnSilver 
Graham GillettOpen97 Wale StreetMerit 
Graham GillettOpenWaiting for LuggageSilver 
Howard GillittMonochromeNight stalkerGold 
Howard GillittMarVille ChallengeButterfly on sunflowerGold 
Howard GillittNatureBlack Headed Oriole on branchMerit 
Howard GillittNatureForaging Black CrakeMerit 
Howard GillittOpenStudyingMerit 
Ian MillsNaturehey this is my territoryGold 
Ian MillsNaturewhat a cat has to do to mark his territoryMerit 
Ian MillsNaturenow where is that good nectarMerit 
Ian MillsNatureyour highnessGold 
Jane SmithKZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and DecayLooking Through Shades Of Rust And BlueGold 
Jane SmithMarVille ChallengeAlert And AwareGold 
Jane SmithNature Golden Eyed Spotted Eagle Owl Silver 
Jane SmithNatureLittle Leopard Cub In A Tree Staring At MeGold 
Jane SmithNatureHornbill Gets A MealGold 
Janet HeskethMarVille ChallengeJob doneGold 
Janet HeskethOpenFrom Freestate to LesothoSilver 
Janet HeskethOpenHEY SLOW DOWNSilver 
Janet HeskethSet SubjectSunrays through the mistBronze 
Janet HeskethSet SubjectShining throughBronze 
Jen AdamMarVille ChallengeAlmost All Grown UpGold 
Jen AdamNatureMorning BathGold 
Jen AdamOpenCatching The Morning LightSilver 
Jen AdamSport and PhotojournalismCatch Me If You CanSilver 
Jen AdamSet SubjectFireballGold
Jill FerrazKZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and DecayDecaying doorMerit 
Jill FerrazMonochromeAway from it allGold 
Jill FerrazMarVille ChallengeBonnie girlMerit 
Jill FerrazSport and PhotojournalismOopsMerit 
Jill FerrazSet SubjectBathed in golden lightGold 
Justin HartSet SubjectSteel wool light trailsMerit 
Justin HartSet SubjectBeach light paintingMerit 
Justin HartSet SubjectLight bladeGold 
Justin HartSet Subjectlight bladeGold  
Karen FischerMonochromeHome SickMerit 
Karen FischerNatureHungry like a Dog Silver 
Karen FischerNatureWhat do I smell Silver 
Karen FischerOpenAlmost like ItalySilver 
Kazalette PikeMonochromeSPOONBILL SPLASHESSilver 
Kazalette PikeMarVille ChallengeWatching summer go by aloneGold 
Kazalette PikeNatureFrog in the holeMerit 
Kazalette PikeOpenWalking into a sacred spaceMerit 
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectA light momentGold 
Linda ScottMarVille ChallengeThe Moment I Wake UpGold  
Linda ScottNatureFeeling BlueGold 
Linda ScottOpenMorning ColoursSilver 
Linda ScottOpenFraming the SunMerit 
Linda ScottSet SubjectBurning in the DarkMerit 
Marco DagnoloNatureThe green machineGold 
Marco DagnoloNatureSing me a lullabySilver 
Marco DagnoloOpenThe end of the lineSilver 
Marco DagnoloOpenlittle swimmerSilver 
Marshall LambertCreative or Visual ArtFun with FiltersGold 
Marshall LambertMarVille ChallengeThe ChopperGold 
Marshall LambertNatureMartyGold 
Marshall LambertSport and PhotojournalismRed_AlertGold 
Marshall LambertSet SubjectNo_Editing_NecessarySilver 
Natascha RobinsonKZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and DecayUnchainedMerit 
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectLethal LadyMerit 
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectAlluringMerit 
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectClover GlassGold 
Neolen PillayMarVille ChallengeIce FlowGold 
Neolen PillayNatureBees in ThreesGold 
Neolen PillayOpenNothing but the Blues and PurplesGold 
Neolen PillayOpenSouth Indian BrideMerit 
Neolen PillayOpenThe AlchemistMerit 
Nicky ForbesNatureStreaky SeedeaterMerit 
Nicky ForbesNatureComing MomGold 
Nicky ForbesNatureAlbatross interactionsGold 
Nicky ForbesSet SubjectKissed by the sunGold 
Sean Cameron GunnMonochromeMass intentionsSilver 
Sean Cameron GunnOpenYou can never go wrong with pinkGold 
Sean Cameron GunnOpenTurmeric prayer stringMerit 
Sean Cameron GunnOpenWaiting for darshanSilver 
Shane NewmanMonochromeMidmar YachtsGold 
Shane NewmanOpenThrough the VSilver 
Shane NewmanSport and PhotojournalismMotoSGold 
Shane NewmanSport and PhotojournalismConcentration of a Young RacerMerit 
Shirley GillittMarVille ChallengeBrrrGold 
Shirley GillittNatureThree banded plover on the moveMerit 
Shirley GillittNatureKalagadi ground squirrelGold 
Shirley GillittOpenMorgs with the sunflowers Merit 
Shirley GillittSet SubjectRed and Blue lightMerit 
Wayne dos Santos NizMonochromeStalking ServalMerit 
Wayne dos Santos NizMarVille ChallengeElephant SwimGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureCub feastMerit 
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureCloaked AssassinSilver 
Wayne dos Santos NizOpenMossel Bay Stormy MorningMerit 
Wendy FreerCreative or Visual ArtPaper curvesMerit 
Wendy FreerMarVille ChallengeAn egg BWGold  
Wendy FreerNatureFlamingo curvesGold 
Wendy FreerNatureHeron CrocworldGold 
Wendy FreerOpenForked tongueSilver