Gallery February 2023


Des Porter – WCC.
Cathy Jonker (APSSA) – Magalies Foto Fun Club.
Kathy Kay (FPSSA / EPSSA (Mille) – Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society.

Top Images:

Top Junior: Go Away – Bee Brodie.

Top Senior: Beach stroller – Wendy Freer.

Top Set Subject: (In your garden) Holding on – Wendy Freer.

Gold and Merit award images:

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward
Alister StenhouseNatureSplitzSilver
Alister StenhouseNatureFamily gatheringSilver
Alister StenhouseNatureTransfixedBronze
Alister StenhouseNatureBeady eyeGold
Alta NeethlingNatureFixing my feathers Silver
Alta NeethlingNatureIf I do not move you will not see meGold
Alta NeethlingOpenHansie low light Gold
Alta NeethlingOpenSimoneGold
Andrew PikeMarVille ChallengeThoughtfulGold
Andrew PikeOpenThe GorgeNo Award
Andrew PikeOpenBasking in the setting sunGold
Andrew PikeSport and PhotojournalismEmil the Cliff JumperSilver
Andrew PikeSet SubjectThinking of going home for the daySilver
Ann SartorKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourChristmas at the AbbeySilver
Ann SartorOpenwHole of the skySilver
Ann SartorSet SubjectDaisySilver
Bee BrodieNatureI believe I can flySilver
Bee BrodieNatureGo AwayMerit
Bee BrodieNatureIm gorgeousGold
Bee BrodieNatureBoy Meets GirlSilver
Ben MyburghMonochromeWhite Rose Gold
Ben MyburghMonochromeMbiliGold
Ben MyburghMarVille ChallengeLingersSilver
Ben MyburghNatureTree Frog Gold
Ben MyburghOpenDeeSilver
betsy keeMonochromemagnificent modelSilver
betsy keeMonochromeKokerboom kloofSilver
betsy keeSet SubjectSpring in my gardenSilver
betsy keeSet SubjectMy gardenBronze
Bridgid WickhamMarVille ChallengeIntroducing JennaGold
Bridgid WickhamNatureTwo cuteGold
Bridgid WickhamNatureHidden in the AshesGold
Bridgid WickhamOpenLittle Cambodian thinkerSilver
Bridgid WickhamOpenDesert SoldierGold
Buan StanleyMonochromeCelebrationGold
Buan StanleyMarVille ChallengeBeing sillySilver
Buan StanleyNatureSacred IbisGold
Buan StanleyOpenPortrait of a LadySilver
Buan StanleyOpenDeep blue eyesSilver
Conrad KelseyMarVille ChallengeInfectious LaughSilver
Conrad KelseyOpenLakesideNo Award
Conrad KelseySet SubjectTransition Of ColoursGold
Conrad KelseySet SubjectNatures ArtGold
Conrad KelseySet SubjectDropsSilver
Dave WickhamMonochromeInspirationGold
Dave WickhamMonochromeBrooklyn Bridge 1Silver
Dave WickhamMonochromeCopley Plaza – Old and NewGold
Dave WickhamMarVille ChallengeDeep in ThoughtSilver
Dave WickhamOpenChurch View from a Street PuddleGold
Elton BartlettMarVille ChallengeOne Last LookMerit
Elton BartlettNatureLow Light LotusGold
Elton BartlettNatureSwallowtailed SipperGold
Elton BartlettOpenSAPPI SunriseGold
Este SheararKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourAfter Breakfast PoseGold
Este SheararMarVille ChallengeQuiet MomentGold
Este SheararNatureDrinks TimeGold
Este SheararNatureWhat is Little One ThinkingSilver
Este SheararSet SubjectMidmorning RestfulnessGold
Gen Macquet KZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourContrastGold
Gen Macquet MarVille ChallengeJoyGold
Gen Macquet NatureWaiting Widowbirdsilver
Gen Macquet Set SubjectBacklit lavendarSilver
Gen Macquet Set SubjectTake offSilver
Geoff FeldonKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourBurst of colourSilver
Geoff FeldonOpenBroken windowSilver
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectSterlitzia leafGold
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectDelicate flowerSilver
Gert Van Der LindeNatureBlue striped leaf hopperSilver
Gert Van Der LindeOpenRiding the plainsSilver
Gert Van Der LindeOpenTiger mothGold
Gert Van Der LindeSet SubjectMantis nymphSilver
Howard GillittManipulated NatureMud BathSilver
Howard GillittManipulated NatureDinner for twoGold
Howard GillittMarVille ChallengePuffing awayMerit
Howard GillittNatureKiller blowMerit
Howard GillittNatureNose washSilver
Ian MillsManipulated Natureand your problem isSilver
Ian MillsManipulated Natuream warning youSilver
Ian MillsManipulated Natureanyone seen that hareSilver
Ian MillsManipulated Naturejust restingSilver
Jane SmithManipulated NatureThe Look Of DisdainSilver
Jane SmithMarVille ChallengeA Penny For Your ThoughtsGold
Jane SmithOpenMrrreeooww Feed MeSilver
Jane SmithSport and PhotojournalismSea To Sky Beach Race Silver
Jane SmithSet SubjectEmerald Beauty In My GardenMerit
Jen AdamNatureNutty SquirrelGold
Jen AdamNatureIchinachia the Floral HealerNo Award
Jen AdamOpenA Little Dandelion SeedSilver
Jen AdamOpenMushroom FamilyNo Award
Jill FerrazManipulated NatureRain soaked Red BishopGold
Jill FerrazMarVille ChallengeCaught in the rainGold
Jill FerrazOpenAutumn beautyNo Award
Jill FerrazSport and PhotojournalismCaughtGold
Jill FerrazSet SubjectFly feedingGold
John ThackerayManipulated NatureMy DuneGold
John ThackerayMarVille ChallengeHow Could She ResistSilver
John ThackerayNatureCall Me GrumpyMerit
John ThackerayNatureGolden PlainsGold
John ThackeraySet SubjectSallys FreindGold
Jurgen HuseMarVille ChallengeMotherly LoveBronze
Jurgen HuseNatureThe King SleepsSilver
Jurgen HuseNatureStriped Reed FrogGold
Jurgen HuseSet SubjectJust PassingGold
Jurgen HuseSet SubjectReady to LaunchSilver
Kazalette PikeKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourFlying highSilver
Kazalette PikeMonochromeOn the rocksSilver
Kazalette PikeMarVille ChallengeOscar says when all is dark God sends lightGold
Kazalette PikeNatureLoping lionessSilver
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectSnail on hydrangeaGold
Linda ScottMonochromeLook to the LightSilver
Linda ScottNatureJust another day at workGold
Linda ScottOpenSeekers of the sunriseSilver
Linda ScottSet SubjectEye of the DragonGold
Makaira KerkhofNatureNap timeGold
Makaira KerkhofOpenLong Crested EagleNo Award
Makaira KerkhofSport and PhotojournalismStrikeGold
Makaira KerkhofSport and PhotojournalismKeep your head downGold
Malcolm ReevesManipulated NatureEgyptian GooseSilver
Malcolm ReevesNatureMr DeliverySilver
Malcolm ReevesOpenPatiently WaitingBronze
Malcolm ReevesSet SubjectRed FrondSilver
Marco DagnoloNatureAfter the killSilver
Marco DagnoloNatureWelcome drinkSilver
Marco DagnoloOpenThe heatSilver
Marco DagnoloOpenBefore the stormNo Award
Maureen van den berghMonochromeAbove the cloudsSilver
Maureen van den berghNatureOasisSilver
Maureen van den berghOpenReflectionsGold
Maureen van den berghSet SubjectLong walk uphillGold
Mike MorganManipulated NatureLotus flowerGold
Mike MorganMarVille ChallengeDeclanNo Award
Mike MorganNatureGrey HeronSilver
Mike MorganOpenThe sun aint gonna shineBronze
Mike MorganOpenHarbour shadowSilver
Natascha RobinsonMonochromeArtemis and ApolloSilver
Natascha RobinsonOpenThe Squaw of Lake NavaroneSilver
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectIn the RainSilver
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectBeautiful and WetGold
Nicolette ForbesMonochromeRoom to roamGold
Nicolette ForbesMarVille ChallengeThe curiosity of an African Wild CatGold
Nicolette ForbesNatureHis name was BatmanGold
Nicolette ForbesOpenGemsbok in GoldNo Award
Nicolette ForbesSet SubjectBlue blur after bathMerit
Robert BlackManipulated NaturePreening Lanner FalconGold
Robert BlackNatureI see you and you see meGold
Robert BlackNaturePale Rider last of the Bearded VulturesGold
Robert BlackOpenBlooming beautifulNo Award
Robert BlackSet SubjectBrown to Grey someday young HarrierGold
Sally ThackerayNatureAfternoon Cool OffGold
Sally ThackerayNatureEarly Morning Warm UpGold
Sally ThackerayNatureBattle Of WillsGold
Sally ThackerayNatureSoft Afternoon LightGold
Sean Cameron GunnSet SubjectElegant grasshopperGold
Sean Cameron GunnSet SubjectI am little but I am brightGold
Shane NewmanKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourChipped RockNo Award
Shane NewmanMonochromeSearle 101Silver
Shane NewmanMonochromeLiqui Moly 57Silver
Shane NewmanOpenSea Shell CleanNo Award
Shane NewmanOpenAfrican Beach SunriseNo Award
Shirley GillittManipulated NatureSpotted Natal bush snake swallowing GeckoMerit
Shirley GillittMonochromeTree frog on topGold
Shirley GillittMarVille ChallengeHappinessGold
Shirley GillittNatureSecretary Bird BreakfastMerit
Shirley GillittNatureCross over legsGold
Tracey ZettlerOpenForrest FloorNo Award
Tracey ZettlerOpenForest LightNo Award
Tracey ZettlerOpenCastle RuinsSilver
Tracey ZettlerOpenLock SunriseSilver
Trevor LeaOpenFuture LifesaversSilver
Trevor LeaSet SubjectRain on PetalsSilver
Trevor LeaSet SubjectBotanical BeautySilver
Wayne dos Santos NizMarVille Challenge7 Deadly Sins AngerMerit
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureBearded Beady EyeGold
Wayne dos Santos NizOpenMaiden in the WheatGold
Wayne dos Santos NizOpenSpectacular SunriseNo Award
Wayne dos Santos NizSport and PhotojournalismBeast ModeGold
Wendy FreerManipulated NatureGoliath heronSilver
Wendy FreerOpenBeach strollerMerit
Wendy FreerOpenColourful stepsSilver
Wendy FreerSet SubjectHolding onMerit