Gallery August 2023

Judges – Cornelius van den Berg, Andrew Pike, Sean Cameron Gunn, Gert van der Linde

Top images:

Top junior – Prehistoric Glare – Elton Bartlett

Top senior – Peeky Evan – Shirley Gillitt

Top set subject (Macro non nature) – The Strings of My Washburn – Natascha Robinson

Gold and merit award images:

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward 
Alex StewartMonochromeFlywheelSilver 
Alex StewartNatureAfrican Hawk EagleSilver 
Alex StewartNatureFukwaSilver 
Alex StewartOpenClearedGold 
Allan BowerOpenGirl In The StrawGold 
Allan BowerOpenLove You BuddySilver 
Alta NeethlingCreative or Visual ArtOuting with DIY filterSilver 
Alta NeethlingMarVille ChallengeAt the congressGold 
Alta NeethlingNatureNext to the waterGold 
Alta NeethlingOpenLooking at youSilver 
Andrew PikeMarVille ChallengeThe well dressed man about townGold 
Andrew PikeNatureStronger togetherSilver 
Andrew PikeOpenThe women of the valleyGold 
Andrew PikeSport and PhotojournalismThe lesser of two evilsGold 
Andrew PikeSet SubjectIn a dark and smoky roomGold 
Bee BrodieNatureAlways watchingSilver 
Bee BrodieNatureGive me some space pleaseSilver 
Bee BrodieNatureGuess how much I love youSilver 
Bee BrodieNatureI sing the song of my peopleBronze 
Ben MyburghMonochromeSomebody is watching meGold 
Ben MyburghMonochromeI see a little silhouetto of a man.No award 
Ben MyburghOpenKneeling FirefighterMerit 
Ben MyburghOpenPassion and EnergyMerit 
Ben MyburghSet SubjectPegSilver 
Bridgid WickhamMonochromeAlways look upMerit 
Bridgid WickhamMonochromeCampsite VisitorSilver 
Bridgid WickhamNatureMother to Mother engagementMerit 
Bridgid WickhamNatureHalf Collared KingfisherSilver 
Buan StanleyMarVille ChallengeSoniqueGold 
Buan StanleyOpenEmilyGold 
Buan StanleyOpenyes Emily againMerit 
Buan StanleyOpensunset specialGold 
Buan StanleyOpenPashniSilver 
Conrad KelseyMarVille ChallengeJediSilver 
Conrad KelseyOpenOutboundSilver 
Conrad KelseyOpenEmily In PinkSilver 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectThe EyeSIlver 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectSpringGold 
Dave WickhamMarVille ChallengeI need this puttSilver 
Dave WickhamNatureThis must be foodGold 
Dave WickhamNatureJacana on LilySilver 
Dave WickhamNatureCruisingBronze 
Dave WickhamOpenKicking up DustGold 
Elton BartlettNaturePrehistoric GlareMerit 
Elton BartlettNatureJohnny WalkerMerit 
Elton BartlettOpenBad Ass BarbieGold 
Elton BartlettSport and PhotojournalismThe Blue BlurGold 
Elton BartlettSet SubjectCentral IntelligenceNo award 
Este BlundellNatureKalahari Robin at DawnGold 
Este BlundellNatureKalahari JackalGold 
Este BlundellNatureSpotty weaverSilver 
Este BlundellOpenFree State TruckSilver 
Geoff FeldonMarVille ChallengeAmusedMerit 
Geoff FeldonSport and PhotojournalismTotalsports ladies day raceBronze 
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectStanleyGold 
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectThose bootsGold 
Gert Van Der LindeMarVille ChallengeCaitlinSilver 
Gert Van Der LindeNaturePelicanGold 
Gert Van Der LindeOpenMzimkhulwanaSilver 
Gert Van Der LindeSet SubjectInside a Canon lensGold 
Graham GillettOpenSome Cold FishGold 
Howard GillittMarVille ChallengeBuffalo portraitGold 
Howard GillittNatureGiraffe drinkingSilver 
Howard GillittNaturelilac breasted rollerSilver 
Howard GillittNatureSpoonbill on the moveSilver 
Howard GillittNatureBuffalo drinkingGold 
Ian MillsMonochromejust taking a breakSilver 
Ian MillsNaturehis my brotherSilver 
Ian MillsNaturei got first prizeGold 
Ian MillsNaturewhat a bird has to do for a drinkSilver 
Jen AdamMarVille ChallengeStargazingMerit 
Jen AdamNatureWhat a Big Beak You HaveGold 
Jen AdamNatureBreakfastTimeSilver 
Jen AdamOpenSmokey Icy Blue Gold 
Jen AdamOpenVibrancySilver 
Jill FerrazMonochromeLife on the streetSilver 
Jill FerrazMarVille ChallengeSheer agonySilver 
Jill FerrazNatureDiving inSilver 
Jill FerrazOpenRosy fingered dawnSilver 
Jill FerrazOpenSplashing aroundSilver 
Jurgen HuseMarVille ChallengeTerranceGold 
Jurgen HuseOpenDancing GrasslandGold 
Jurgen HuseOpenThe Hire BicycleSilver 
Jurgen HuseSport and PhotojournalismIntensitySilver 
Jurgen HuseSet SubjectHarley DavidsonSilver 
Karen FischerNaturePretty FlySilver 
Karen FischerNatureOne Day in Jun 18Silver 
Karen FischerSet SubjectCity LifeSilver 
Karen FischerSet SubjectThe MaidenGold 
Kazalette PikeMarVille ChallengeMountain Berber childMerit 
Kazalette PikeNatureParasol poseSilver 
Kazalette PikeNatureI am outta hereSilver 
Kazalette PikeSport and PhotojournalismMissing the shotGold 
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectPencil drop magicSilver 
Linda ScottMonochromeReflections in ripplesSilver 
Linda ScottMarVille ChallengeCaitSilver 
Linda ScottOpenA patch of sunshineSilver 
Linda ScottSet SubjectBlushingGold 
Linda ScottSet SubjectHundreds and thousandsSilver 
Malcolm ReevesNatureDamselfly On ReedSilver 
Malcolm ReevesNatureEye ShadowSilver 
Malcolm ReevesOpenComes The DawnGold 
Malcolm ReevesSet SubjectEating IronsSilver 
Natascha RobinsonMonochromeThe PiperSilver 
Natascha RobinsonMarVille ChallengeUncertainGold 
Natascha RobinsonOpenBig and Small in GlassSilver 
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectCorkscrew in BlueGold 
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectThe Strings of My WashburnMerit 
Neolen PillayMarVille ChallengePortrait of the KingMerit 
Neolen PillayOpenAcross the PondMerit 
Neolen PillayOpenSolitudeGold 
Neolen PillayOpenTurnaround FallsGold 
Neolen PillayOpenMabhida SunsetMerit 
Nicky ForbesCreative or Visual ArtThrough the glass sparklyGold 
Nicky ForbesMonochromeA winter veld fireGold 
Nicky ForbesMarVille ChallengeA Mona Lisa smileSilver 
Nicky ForbesNatureBearded Vulture breakfastGold 
Nicky ForbesNatureI love my dadGold 
Nikita StevensonOpenTiltSilver 
Nikita StevensonOpenA Little SassGold 
Sean Cameron GunnOpenStanding in my stripy pajamasSilver 
Sean Cameron GunnOpenThat ball is mineGold 
Sean Cameron GunnOpenI am catching nothing but a coldMerit
Sean Cameron GunnSet SubjectTeenie Tiny Salteenies at workSilver 
Shelley SmithMarVille ChallengeThoughtfulGold 
Shelley SmithNatureI Want MoreGold 
Shelley SmithOpenTubingSilver 
Shelley SmithSet SubjectPins of ColourSilver 
Shirley GillittMonochromeyellow billed hornbillGold 
Shirley GillittMarVille ChallengePeeky EvanMerit 
Shirley GillittNatureDikkop fishingGold 
Shirley GillittNature brothersSilver 
Shirley GillittOpenJump for joyGold 
Sue AusmeierOpenRunning erands on the beach in CambodiaGold 
Sue AusmeierOpenAlms-giving in LaosSilver 
Trevor LeaNatureMajestic Cathkin PeakSilver 
Trevor LeaOpenMy FlashdriveSilver 
Trevor LeaOpenBritish Army Land RoverSilver 
Trevor LeaOpenTake me SeriouslyGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizMarVille ChallengeJuv Palm Nut VultureGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureVulture Snub BeakGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureKingfisher in FlightGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizOpenPowerMerit 
Wayne dos Santos NizSport and PhotojournalismHard Work DoneSilver 
Wendy FreerNatureLittle bee eaterMerit 
Wendy FreerNatureSecretary bird with a ball of dungGold 
Wendy FreerOpenAloe in flowerSilver 
Wendy FreerOpenBaggies beachGold