Set Subjects

This is the list of Set Subjects (themes) for the Westville Camera Club Monthly Photographic competition in 2017…Image submission day is always the Monday before the 3rd Wednesday of the month in question. i.e the Monday before Judging night. Image dimensions are 1920 x 1080 pixels (the width must be either 1920 pixels or the height must be 1080 pixels or both), sRGB color-space and less than 2mb in file size.

WCC-MCC Challenge 2018 –

Monochrome conversion with some residual colour. (Click here for the rules)

November 2017 – Slow

Depict the word slow. Long exposures or trails in the image. Slow speed / movement.

January 2018 – Master at work

Photograph a master craftsman, apprentice in training or an artisan doing what they do best in their line of work. Image must illustrate the skill of the person at work.

February 2018 – Somebody to Love

It’s that time of year, but this time with a twist. Photograph a subject (human, animal or an inanimate object) that needs some love, or is dearly loved. Can be someone or something displaying their love of another.