Gallery May 2018

Judges: Alan Nixon and James Harris.

Top Images:

Top Junior: He ain’t heavy – Louis Helberg

Top Senior: Pin Cushion Bug – Ciska Venter

Top Set Subject: Hairy – Howard Gillitt

Gold and Merit Awards:

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Judging Results:

Author Category Name Photo Title Award
Allan Bower Open Mysterious Girl Silver
Allan Bower Open Mysterious orbs. Silver
Allan Bower Nature Crossed Swords Gold
Andre Roos Open The Rain has Come Silver
Andre Roos Set Subject Is that a Spider on the Spider Lilly Gold
Andre Roos Nature Long Crested Eagle Feeding Gold
Andre Roos Interclub Staring at Empty Space Gold
Andre Roos Sport Battle at the Battlefields 400 Gold
Andrew Climpson Set Subject LBJ in Grass Silver
Andrew Climpson Nature Shy Little Bittern Gold
Andrew Climpson Monochrome I Wood Knot Silver
Ann Greyvensteyn Open Portrait of a Papillon Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature Dove feast Certificate of Merit
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature Barking wild cat Gold
Arlene Mullins Open Single stem Silver
Arlene Mullins Open Cheers Bronze
Arlene Mullins Set Subject Flower Mantis Certificate of Merit
Arlene Mullins Nature Wounded Silver
Arlene Mullins Creative or Visual Art The Rose No Award
Avril Janssen Open Master at Work Silver
Avril Janssen Open Window to Sani Bronze
Avril Janssen Nature Hidden in the Grass Silver
Avril Janssen Monochrome Around the Bend Gold
Bee Brodie Open Light Painting Bronze
Ben Myburgh Open Kenya Express Silver
Ben Myburgh Open Pomegranate Silver
Ben Myburgh Interclub Smartie Pants Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Black Hat Project ii Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Norma Jeane Baker Gold
Betsy Kee Open Jamirah beach Gold
Betsy Kee Nature woolly stork in my garden Gold
Betsy Kee Nature sunbird in my garden Silver
Betsy Kee Creative or Visual Art dubai revisited Gold
Brian H C Williams Open Giants Castle Gold
Brian H C Williams Open Drakensberg Tree Fern Silver
Brian Widdowson Open The Jump Certificate of Merit
Brian Widdowson Nature Kgalagadi Sunrise Gold
Brian Widdowson Photojournalism Stuck Gold
Brian Widdowson Monochrome The Lion King Silver
Carmen Anderson Open Colours of the BoKaap Gold
Carmen Anderson Open Chrysanthemum Gold
Carmen Anderson Set Subject working hard Gold
Carmen Anderson Creative or Visual Art Reflections And A Shell Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Open Green Vine Snake Silver
Ciska Venter Set Subject Taste Like More Gold
Ciska Venter Nature Pin Cushion Bug Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Nature Kimberley Flamingo Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Interclub Red Rose Certificate of Merit
Colleen Venter Nature Stop nagging Gold
Colleen Venter Nature Morning snack Gold
Colleen Venter Monochrome Tender moments Gold
Colleen Venter Sport Full speed ahead Bronze
Conrad Kelsey Open Rings Silver
Conrad Kelsey Open Sultry Silver
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Snail Silver
Conrad Kelsey Interclub Monogold Gold
Conrad Kelsey Monochrome Catelyn Silver
Dave Nisbet Open Autumn Colours Silver
Dave Nisbet Open Puffing Around Bronze
Dave Nisbet Photojournalism Night Shift Silver
Dave Nisbet Sport Surfer Silver
Debra Stevenson Set Subject Garden Froggy Silver
Debra Stevenson Nature Lapped Faced Vulture Silver
Debra Stevenson Monochrome Midnight Mist Silver
Debra Stevenson Monochrome Jacob Silver
Des Porter Open Purple flower Bronze
Des Porter Nature Hairy worm Silver
Des Porter Sport Running with the ball Gold
Eddie von Bargen Open Jackal Buzzard with Lunch Bronze
Eddie von Bargen Nature The Eye Gold
Eddie von Bargen Nature Impala Ram Silver
Gail Crouch Open Hungry Heron Silver
Gail Crouch Open Misty Morning Silver
Gail Crouch Creative or Visual Art Painted Trees Gold
Gary Ousman Nature Hippo Crystals Gold
Gary Ousman Nature The Look Gold
Gary Ousman Monochrome Impala Thoughts Gold
Gary Ousman Monochrome The Stare Silver
Geoff Feldon Open Yoga Silver
Geoff Feldon Open Hard working shoes Silver
Geoff Feldon Interclub Go Silver
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Shadows Gold
Geoff Feldon Sport Morning training school Bronze
Graham Gillett Set Subject Succulent Munch Silver
Graham Gillett Creative or Visual Art Marina in Autumn Gold
Graham Gillett Interclub Lauren Certificate of Merit
Graham Gillett Monochrome Kettlefontein Silver
Graham Gillett Monochrome Muddy Tide No Award
Grant Stevenson Open Sunset Kubu Island Gold
Grant Stevenson Set Subject In the Garden Bronze
Grant Stevenson Nature If anyone can then a Pelican Gold
Grant Stevenson Nature Bateleur Silver
Heinz Benecke Open Rhino Bronze
Heinz Benecke Open Stay Down Bronze
Heinz Benecke Nature Double Trouble Gold
Heinz Benecke Interclub Wheres the Dad Silver
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Karoo Shack Silver
Howard Gillitt Set Subject Hairy Certificate of Merit
Howard Gillitt Nature Blue Waxbills Gold
Howard Gillitt Nature Malachite sunbird Gold
Howard Gillitt Interclub about to fall Gold
Howard Gillitt Sport Foiling Gold
Ian Damerell Set Subject Gnarly fly Gold
Ian Damerell Set Subject Larry Lounging lizzard Gold
Ian Damerell Nature Red eyes Gold
Ian Damerell Nature Monarch Gold
Ian Damerell Interclub Ola joy Silver
Ina Roos Set Subject There are a lizard in the yard Silver
Ina Roos Set Subject I see you Silver
Ina Roos Photojournalism Clod flinging Silver
Ina Roos Photojournalism Air lift Silver
Ina Zeeman Open Grazing Buffalo Silver
Ina Zeeman Open Dangerous Crossing Silver
Ina Zeeman Nature Bennetts Woodpecker Gold
Ina Zeeman Nature Water Monitor Silver
Janet Hesketh Open Modern mosque King Hassan 2 Gold
Janet Hesketh Open And the roof slid open Silver
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Spinning rainbows in the garden Gold
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Guarding the garden Silver
Jen Adam Open Under The Sea Gold
Jen Adam Open Arrhythmia Gold
Jen Adam Set Subject Ant Antics Gold
Jen Adam Nature Waiting Gold
Jen Whiting Open Trips and falls over stones on its way Bronze
Jen Whiting Set Subject A Welcome Visitor Bronze
Jen Whiting Set Subject Time Out Bronze
Jen Whiting Nature Bridge Over Still Waters No Award
Jenny Aitken Open Best Buddies Silver
Jenny Aitken Open Painted hands Silver
Jenny Piper Open Jameira Lakes Towers Dubai Silver
Jenny Piper Open The Grand Mosque Walkway Bronze
Joan Widdowson Open Concentration Gold
Joan Widdowson Open The Enbrace Bronze
Joan Widdowson Nature The King Gold
John Mayor Open Misty Kenmo Silver
John Mayor Open Inchanga 21 Silver
John Mayor Nature Misty web Gold
John Mayor Monochrome Inchanga 21 Sepia Gold
John Thackeray Set Subject Eco Garden Gold
John Thackeray Nature Heir To The Throne Gold
John Thackeray Nature Going Nowhere Silver
John Thackeray Interclub Easy On The Brakes Silver
John Thackeray Monochrome Lone Ranger Gold
Judy Mann Open Forest Elephant Silver
Judy Mann Open Gabon Guide Silver
Judy Mann Nature I hate this weather Gold
Judy Mann Nature Looking out Silver
Karen Fischer Nature Hornbul Eating Silver
Linda Paul Monochrome a tale of two Gold
Linda Paul Monochrome bleak and adrift Silver
Louis Helberg Open Prawns for dinner Silver
Louis Helberg Creative or Visual Art He aint heavy Certificate of Merit
Louis Helberg Interclub Steampunk Waiting for the next train Gold
Louis Helberg Monochrome Steampunk Queen Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Open Survival of the fittest Silver
Louisa van Niekerk Nature Golden sunrise Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Creative or Visual Art Beauty from within Certificate of Merit
Louisa van Niekerk Interclub Flower child Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Monochrome Hard livings salon Gold
Lucia Phillips Open Forest fairy Bronze
Lucia Phillips Set Subject Love on the wire Gold
Lucia Phillips Sport Rallying for dust Gold
lynn johnson Open Let me tell you a secret Certificate of Merit
lynn johnson Open Gold light Bronze
lynn johnson Monochrome on point Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open TEQUILA SUNSET Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open AIR Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Set Subject Duke No Award
Lynne Hauptfleisch Monochrome Cheeky Chops Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Monochrome Rasta Mon Silver
Marga van Rooyen Open Bitterly cold Gold
Marga van Rooyen Nature woeste wave Gold
Marga van Rooyen Monochrome Abandoned hut Gold
Michael Sand Open Zulu Herdboy Bronze
Michael Sand Set Subject Spiderhood Silver
Michael Sand Nature Spoonbills Feeding Gold
Michael Sand Monochrome Check Your Mail Silver
Mike Morgan Open Sunrise silhouette Gold
Mike Morgan Open Durban Bay at dawn. Silver
Mike Morgan Photojournalism Crowded commuter trains Silver
Mike Morgan Monochrome Beachfront Silver
Natascha Weber Open Autumn Sunrise Gold
Natascha Weber Open Moelmanshoek Pond Silver
Natascha Weber Set Subject Perched on Top Certificate of Merit
Natascha Weber Photojournalism Body Search Colaboration Gold
Pieter Venter Open Kogelbaai Sunset Gold
Pieter Venter Open The Gorge Gold
Pieter Venter Set Subject Crab Spider Snack Certificate of Merit
Pieter Venter Nature Young Steps Silver
Pieter Venter Interclub Mark Finishing Gold
Sally Thackeray Open Christmas In July Gold
Sally Thackeray Set Subject Chill Time Silver
Sally Thackeray Nature Just The Two Of Us Gold
Sally Thackeray Interclub Marion Hill Delight Silver
Sally Thackeray Monochrome I Used to Be a Happy Home Silver
Shane Newman Open Shooting the Wave Gold
Shane Newman Nature Pollen Picker Gold
Shane Newman Monochrome Life Guard Surfer Silver
Shane Newman Sport Total Wheel Rebuild Racing Gold
Sharon Dell Open Hydrangea Gold
Sharon Dell Open Unexpected waterfall Silver
Sheilagh Bill Open Chapel of St Anne Silver
Sheilagh Bill Open Cow Bells Silver
Sheilagh Bill Nature Thirsty Zebras Gold
Shirley Gillitt Open Tulip reflection Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature Angry hippo Certificate of Merit
Shirley Gillitt Nature Open billed stork Gold
Shirley Gillitt Interclub Punk style Gold
Shirley Gillitt Monochrome Window girl Silver
Sonia Siecker Creative or Visual Art Three blue flowers Silver
Tracey Zettler Open Storm a brewing Silver
Tracey Zettler Set Subject Red and green No Award
Tracey Zettler Set Subject Natures Circles No Award
Tracey Zettler Monochrome Faye Silver
Trevor Lea Open Bay of Plenty Silver
Trevor Lea Open Busy Boat Launch Silver
Trevor Lea Set Subject Fleeting Visitor Gold
Trevor Lea Set Subject Busy Bee Silver
Wendy Freer Set Subject Pollen gatherer Certificate of Merit
Wendy Freer Creative or Visual Art A spiders world Gold
Wendy Freer Creative or Visual Art In a forest Gold
Willie Henegan Open Go with the flow Gold
Willie Henegan Open Karoo sheep farm Silver
Willie Henegan Nature Karoo olives No Award
Willie Henegan Interclub Te ver om te loop Gold
Willie Henegan Monochrome Puffing Billy Gold