Gallery September 2021

Judges: Kevin Day (Stoke Poges Photographic Club UK). Heepko van Kaam (LPSSA colour, LPSSA Mono), Krugersdorp Kamera Klub. Mark Geldenhuys (CCJ).

Top Images:

Top Junior Image: Nkoveni Leopardess In B And W – Jane Smith.

Top Senior Image: Roller Girl – Conrad Kelsey.

Top Set Subject (The Open Road): Journeys Start – Karen Fischer.

Gold and Merit Award Images:

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Author Category Name Photo Title Award
Alex Stewart Nature The Clan Silver
Alex Stewart Nature Impala Ram Gold
Alex Stewart Open Nsemani Bronze
Alex Stewart Open Smoke 3 Bronze
Alister Stenhouse Nature 3 Generations Silver
Alister Stenhouse Nature The Challenge Silver
Alister Stenhouse Open Golden Hour Bronze
Alister Stenhouse Open Textures Bronze
Alta Neethling MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Reflections 2 Gold
Alta Neethling Monochrome Three zebras Silver
Alta Neethling Nature Great Cormorant Gold
Alta Neethling Open Bridge over water Bronze
Alta Neethling Set Subject Open road Gold
Andrew Pike MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Warthog drinking Gold
Andrew Pike Nature Swallow tails in harmony Gold
Andrew Pike Nature Walking the dunes Gold
Andrew Pike Set Subject Road through Golden Gate Silver
Andrew Pike Set Subject Op pad na Fouriesburg Gold
Ann Sartor MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Rain puddles Silver
Ann Sartor Monochrome Bicycles in Barn Silver
Ann Sartor Nature Autumn Approaching Silver
Ann Sartor Open Over the edge Gold
Ann Sartor Sport and Photojournalism Sweaty Betty Gold
Bee Brodie Nature An African Jewel Silver
Bee Brodie Nature Go away you are disturbing my meal Gold
Bee Brodie Open I see you Silver
Bee Brodie Open Beautiful baby Silver
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Marilyn Munroe Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Long Hair Gold
Ben Myburgh Open Green Dragon Gold
Ben Myburgh Open Crystal Ball Silver
Brian Widdowson Open Autumn Colours Silver
Brian Widdowson Open The Dance Bronze
Bridgid Wickham Nature Behind the Grass Silver
Bridgid Wickham Nature Just before lunch Gold
Bridgid Wickham Open At Midnight Silver
Bridgid Wickham Open To the Edge of Night Gold
Buan Stanley Nature Bush Chicken Gold
Buan Stanley Open Rise and shine Gold
Buan Stanley Set Subject Let the light lead us Silver
Candice Bottcher MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Tranquility Merit
Candice Bottcher Open Red Gold
Candice Bottcher Set Subject Rubik Silver
Colleen Venter Monochrome Romancing in the Dust Silver
Colleen Venter Nature Take Off Silver
Colleen Venter Nature What Ya Say Mr Fly Gold
Conrad Kelsey MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Roller Girl Gold
Conrad Kelsey Monochrome Triple Railings Gold
Conrad Kelsey Monochrome To and Fro Silver
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Weekend Ride Silver
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Road Between Green and Gold Gold
Debra Stevenson Nature White Fronted Plover Silver
Debra Stevenson Set Subject A track through Makgadikgadi Pans Gold
Des Porter Sport and Photojournalism Village green cricket Silver
Des Porter Sport and Photojournalism Follow me Gold
Di Wayne Nature Hatchlings heading for the sea Silver
Di Wayne Nature flight of the roller Silver
Di Wayne Open Parisienne Pyramids Silver
Di Wayne Set Subject The red dust road Gold
Fred Turck Nature Survivors Gold
Fred Turck Open Just Leave Me Alone Bronze
Fred Turck Set Subject Cross Country Gold
Fred Turck Set Subject Cross Continental Silver
Geoff Feldon Creative or Visual Art Protea petal Silver
Geoff Feldon Open Lost rose Bronze
Geoff Feldon Open Windmill and truck Silver
Geoff Feldon KZN Interclub Set Subject – Patterns Protea pattern Bronze
Graham Gillett Creative or Visual Art Beach Blocks Silver
Graham Gillett Open Sunset Clothes No Award
Graham Gillett Open Inanda Sunset Bronze
Graham Gillett Sport and Photojournalism Number 15 Gold
Grant Stevenson Nature Bug On The Beach Gold
Grant Stevenson Open Bethal Sunset Silver
Grant Stevenson Set Subject Road to Nowhere Gold
Howard Gillitt MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Rhinos reflections Gold
Howard Gillitt Nature Dispute Gold
Howard Gillitt Nature Happy family Gold
Howard Gillitt Open Sunrise Gold
Howard Gillitt Sport and Photojournalism Polo Action Gold
Ian Damerell Monochrome Daylilly mono Gold
Ian Damerell Open Gariep Dam Silver
Ian Damerell Set Subject The road to Die Hel Silver
Ian Mills Nature low tide Gold
Ian Mills Open stain glass Silver
Ian Mills Sport and Photojournalism alone fisherman Gold
Ian Mills Set Subject yellow fever road Gold
Jane Smith MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections African Green Pigeon Reflection Silver
Jane Smith Monochrome Nkoveni Leopardess In B And W Gold
Jane Smith Monochrome Its Been A Tough Day For A Cat Gold
Jane Smith Nature Picadilly Leopardess Gold
Jane Smith Nature Leopardess With Cub Surveying The Terrain Gold
Janet Hesketh Creative or Visual Art Road to mirage and impressionism Gold
Janet Hesketh MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Reflections in the delta Silver
Janet Hesketh Nature Desert wild cat enjoying last rays Gold
Janet Hesketh Nature Its all about water Gold
Janet Hesketh Open You have to wait your turn Silver
Jen Adam MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections A Blast of Colour Gold
Jen Adam Nature Breakfast Time Gold
Jen Adam Nature Coming In To Land Gold
Jen Adam Open Spring has Arrived Gold
Jen Adam Open A Slice of Kiwi Merit
Jenny Gumbley Nature Hornbill Silver
Jenny Gumbley Nature Spot the ant Gold
Jenny Gumbley Set Subject On the road Silver
Jill Ferraz MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Reflection in a lily pond Silver
Jill Ferraz Nature Keep me safe Gold
Jill Ferraz Nature Mating butterflies Gold
Jill Ferraz Open Gold rush Merit
Jill Ferraz KZN Interclub Set Subject – Patterns Water drops on spider web Silver
Joan Widdowson Monochrome Bridge over still water Silver
Joan Widdowson Open The Harbour Bronze
John Thackeray MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections My World Silver
John Thackeray Nature Sweet Talker Gold
John Thackeray Open Holding The Heat Gold
John Thackeray Set Subject We Must Be Insane Gold
John Thackeray Set Subject Head For The Hills Silver
Jurgen Huse MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Chem Lyra Gold
Jurgen Huse Open On the Hunt Silver
Jurgen Huse Open Port of Kiel Gold
Jurgen Huse Set Subject Track with many Stories Gold
Jurgen Huse Set Subject Forest Road Silver
Karen Fischer Nature Snake Gold
Karen Fischer KZN Interclub Set Subject – Patterns Patterns in Nature Silver
Karen Fischer Set Subject Journeys Start Merit
Kazalette Pike MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections GLOSSY STARLING Gold
Kazalette Pike Nature SNACK TIME Gold
Kazalette Pike Open KALAHARI BUSHMAN Gold
Kazalette Pike Open QUIVER TREE SUNRISE Gold
Kazalette Pike Set Subject Desolation Silver
Linda Scott Nature Gotcha Silver
Linda Scott Nature September rains Silver
Linda Scott Open Painting the skies Silver
Linda Scott Open Joy Silver
Makaira Kerkhof Nature Motherly love Silver
Makaira Kerkhof Open It must be the club Silver
Makaira Kerkhof Open Swinging into the weekend Gold
Malcolm Reeves Monochrome Derelict Building Gold
Malcolm Reeves Open Beaded Lady Silver
Malcolm Reeves Open Peace And Comfort Silver
Malcolm Reeves KZN Interclub Set Subject – Patterns Over The Boardwalk Gold
Marco Dagnolo MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections from the outside looking in Gold
Marco Dagnolo Nature dolphin on the move Bronze
Marco Dagnolo Open dinner on the Orange river Bronze
Marco Dagnolo Sport and Photojournalism surfer boy Silver
Marco Dagnolo Set Subject the road to nowhere Silver
Maureen van den bergh Monochrome Nothing there Silver
Maureen van den bergh Nature layers Gold
Maureen van den bergh Open Wolvekraal sunset No Award
Maureen van den bergh Set Subject Road to new horizons Silver
Mike Morgan Monochrome Curves Bronze
Mike Morgan Open Symmetry Gold
Mike Morgan Open Weir Bronze
Mike Morgan Set Subject Montague Silver
Natascha Robinson Creative or Visual Art The Weeping Bird of Paradise Silver
Natascha Robinson Monochrome Perfectly Imperfect Silver
Natascha Robinson Open Sunrise on the Pier Gold
Natascha Robinson Open Laces Silver
Nikita Stevenson Nature Just The Two Of Us Silver
Nikita Stevenson Nature Mom Rhino Silver
Robert Black Creative or Visual Art Kindling forest smoke Gold
Robert Black MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Spring Reflections Silver
Robert Black Nature Perfect strand Gold
Robert Black Nature Spider Wasp raptor of the insect world Gold
Robert Black Open Rattler Merit
Sally Thackeray MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Patience Gold
Sally Thackeray Nature Got You Silver
Sally Thackeray Nature Subtle Tones Gold
Sally Thackeray Open Handsome Boy Gold
Sally Thackeray Open I Am So Big Gold
Sashen Naidu MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Bangles Earrings Silver
Sashen Naidu Open Color Me Pink Gold
Sashen Naidu Open Proudly South African Merit
Sashen Naidu Set Subject Country Roads Gold
Sashen Naidu Set Subject Road Nomad Silver
Shane Newman MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Paramotor Sea Reflection Silver
Shane Newman Monochrome Sunset Waters Silver
Shane Newman Nature Fire Morning Gold
Shane Newman Open Around Rocks Merit
Shane Newman Set Subject Aerial Angle Silver
Shirley Gillitt MCC Interclub Challenge – Reflections Serval reflection Gold
Shirley Gillitt Monochrome Old musical hands Merit
Shirley Gillitt Nature Hey Mum Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature Quick drink Merit
Shirley Gillitt Open Perfect timing Gold
Sue Ausmeier Open Camping sunset Silver
Sue Ausmeier Open Baiting up again – no time to rest Gold
Sue Ausmeier Set Subject Food supplies to stave off hunger Gold
Trevor Lea Monochrome Seen Better Days Silver
Trevor Lea Open Sunrise over the Stadium Bronze
Trevor Lea Open Colours of the City Silver
Wendy Freer Creative or Visual Art Three trees Silver
Wendy Freer Nature Last light Gold
Wendy Freer Open A misty morning at Castle Burn Merit