Gallery September 2018

Judges: Antenie Carstens (FPSSA, AV-FPSSA) and Ian Damerell.

Top Images:

Top Junior – Just The Two Of Us-Sally Thackeray





Top Senior – Startled-Ann Greyvensteyn









Top Set Subject – Bokeh at 2.8-Arlene Mullins









Gold and Merit Award Images:

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Author Category Name Photo Title Award
Alex Stewart Creative or Visual Art Rope Gold
Alex Stewart Nature Kamberg Sunset Gold
Alex Stewart Open Declan Certificate of Merit
Alex Stewart Open Tied up for the day Gold
Alister Stenhouse Nature End Of The Day Gold
Alister Stenhouse Nature Broken tooth Gold
Alister Stenhouse Open Augrabies Sunset Bronze
Andre Roos Open A Peaceful Morning Silver
Andre Roos Open Kamberg Silver
Andre Roos Set Subject As Shallow as 3 Point 5 Silver
Andre Roos Set Subject A Young Friend Bronze
Andrew Climpson Open Valley Pivot Gold
Andrew Climpson Set Subject Just Dandy Silver
Andrew Climpson Set Subject Just a Drop Silver
Ann Greyvensteyn Monochrome Startled Certificate of Merit
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature Strike the pose Silver
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature Worried Silver
Ann Sartor Monochrome Our eyes met and she smiled Gold
Ann Sartor Open Lioness Bronze
Ann Sartor Set Subject Just a bit of nectar Silver
Ann Sartor Sport Shosholoza Just out of reach Silver
Arlene Mullins Creative or Visual Art Gentle Touch Silver
Arlene Mullins Open Spring Blossoms Bronze
Arlene Mullins Photojournalism Street Artist Gold
Arlene Mullins Set Subject Bokeh at 2.8 Certificate of Merit
Bee Brodie Monochrome Hello There Bronze
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Abdominals Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Smoking Gold
Ben Myburgh Open Ashleigh Gold
Ben Myburgh Open Wild Cat Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Monochrome Ansel Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Nature Angry Pika Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Set Subject Curious Pigeon Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Set Subject Im Cute and I know it Bronze
Brian Widdowson Monochrome The Model Gold
Brian Widdowson Open Torshaven Silver
Carmen Anderson Creative or Visual Art Ice Ice Baby Silver
Carmen Anderson Monochrome Roadtrip Landscape Gold
Carmen Anderson Open Feather For Mail Bronze
Carmen Anderson Set Subject Berries and Cream Bronze
Ciska Venter Monochrome Lake Kingfisher Gold
Ciska Venter Nature Greater Striped Swallow Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Nature Yoga Hoverfly Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Open Lemon Eye Gold
Colleen Venter Nature Perfect Landing Silver
Colleen Venter Nature Looking for Dinner Silver
Colleen Venter Open King of the Dunes Silver
Colleen Venter Sport Weave Exit at Full Speed Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open Warrior Woman Silver
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Mycro Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Catelyn Silver
Conrad Kelsey Sport Out The Hole Gold
Dave Nisbet Open Contemplating Bronze
Dave Nisbet Sport Having Fun Gold
Dave Nisbet Sport Smokey Gold
Debra Stevenson Nature Strelitzia Reginae No Award
Debra Stevenson Open Just the Cutest Silver
Debra Stevenson Open Cherry Festival Display No Award
Debra Stevenson Sport Roski Stud In action Silver
Des Porter Monochrome Skycar bw Bronze
Des Porter Monochrome The door Bronze
Di Wayne Nature Little Bee-eater Gold
Di Wayne Nature Caught in the act Silver
Di Wayne Open Which door Bronze
Di Wayne Open Dwarfed by the cliffs Bronze
Erika Stander Monochrome Gears Galore Gold
Erika Stander Open Under the Boardwalk Gold
Erika Stander Open Ye Ole Pump House Bronze
Erika Stander Set Subject Devine Design Silver
Gary Ousman Monochrome Simplicity Gold
Gary Ousman Open Dreamy Gold
Gary Ousman Open Gods Country Silver
Gary Ousman Set Subject Squirrel Silver
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Forest path Silver
Geoff Feldon Open Mysterious Silver
Geoff Feldon Set Subject Vase and girl Silver
Geoff Feldon Set Subject Dreadlocks Silver
Graham Gillett Monochrome Three phase moon at dawn Silver
Graham Gillett Monochrome Say goodbye to Durban Silver
Graham Gillett Open Cold Carrot Silver
Graham Gillett Open Inhlosane Grandeur Silver
Guy Wayne Monochrome Lumangwe Falls Zambia Bronze
Guy Wayne Nature Elephant sundowners Bronze
Guy Wayne Open Clovelly at low tide Bronze
Guy Wayne Open Cornwall Coastline Bronze
Howard Gillitt Nature Banded Plover bath time Certificate of Merit
Howard Gillitt Nature Gotcha Gold
Howard Gillitt Open Lounging Gold
Howard Gillitt Open Pow Silver
Ian Damerell Monochrome Catelyn in mono Bronze
Ian Damerell Sport Warrior race 2018 Bronze
Ina Zeeman Nature The Eye of the Elephant Gold
Ina Zeeman Nature zig-zag Gold
Ina Zeeman Open Walk-about Silver
Ina Zeeman Set Subject Candy stripe Silver
Janet Hesketh Monochrome Establishing hierarchies Silver
Janet Hesketh Nature Getting the hang of it all Gold
Janet Hesketh Nature Legs and necks Gold
Janet Hesketh Open Frosty Sahara Silver
Jeffrey Govender Open Catelyn Silver
Jeffrey Govender Open Abby Bronze
Jeffrey Govender Set Subject fly Gold
Jeffrey Govender Set Subject picaso beetle Silver
Jen Adam Monochrome Stand By My Side Gold
Jen Adam Nature Focussed Gold
Jen Adam Open A Splash of Orange Gold
Jen Adam Open Evening Supper Silver
Jen Whiting Monochrome Still puffing in her dotage Gold
Jen Whiting Nature 360 alert Gold
Jen Whiting Open The Good Times Silver
Jen Whiting Open Contemplation Bronze
Jenny Piper Set Subject Crane Flower Bronze
Joan Widdowson Nature En Guard Silver
Joan Widdowson Sport Taking the Bend Silver
John Mayor Open Dressing the plate Bronze
John Mayor Open Courgettes Bronze
John Mayor Sport Astro Hockey Silver
John Thackeray Nature Grumpy Lady Gold
John Thackeray Nature On The Wing Gold
John Thackeray Open Growing Season Bronze
John Thackeray Open Storms A Coming Bronze
Karen Fischer Monochrome Missing You Gold
Karen Fischer Nature Loerie Gold
Karen Fischer Nature Building Bronze
Karen Fischer Set Subject Froggie Gold
Kevin Mullins Monochrome Moto GP Certificate of Merit
Kevin Mullins Monochrome Freckles Certificate of Merit
Kevin Mullins Nature African Pygmy kingfisher Gold
Kevin Mullins Sport Downhill Gold
Linda Paul Monochrome alone in the crowd No Award
Linda Paul Set Subject a happy ending Silver
Linda Paul Set Subject munchies Bronze
Louis Helberg Nature Wet West Coast Flower Silver
Louis Helberg Open Behind closed doors Gold
Louis Helberg Open Carls Tree Bronze
Louis Helberg Sport Try Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Creative or Visual Art Mother nature Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Monochrome Guilty pleasures mono 2 Silver
Louisa van Niekerk Open Daisy Bronze
Louisa van Niekerk Set Subject Dandelion drop Silver
Lucia Phillips Monochrome Silence is my comfort Silver
Lucia Phillips Open Golden Gate Highlands Bronze
Lucia Phillips Sport Shooting the Weir Gold
Lucia Phillips Sport Downhill chase Gold
lynn johnson Monochrome WAGON WHEELS Silver
lynn johnson Open STEAM PUNK Bronze
lynn johnson Set Subject LEMON AND POPPY Gold
lynn johnson Set Subject CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE Silver
Lynne Hauptfleisch Monochrome Drummer Boy No Award
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open Crappy day in Africa Bronze
Lynne Hauptfleisch Set Subject Orchid Silver
Lynne Hauptfleisch Set Subject Daisy Bronze
Mike Morgan Monochrome Berg Horse Silver
Mike Morgan Nature Misty Morning Gold
Mike Morgan Open Snow at Champagne Castle Silver
Mike Morgan Open Champagne clouds…….. Bronze
Mike Rheeder Open Boss Hoss V8 Bronze
Natascha Weber Monochrome Little Drummer Boy Gold
Natascha Weber Set Subject Wearing My Latex Gloves Silver
Natascha Weber Set Subject Look Up Bronze
Natascha Weber Sport Turf Action Spray Silver
Nick Bolam Monochrome No more war Silver
Nick Bolam Open RAF V12 power Silver
Nick Bolam Open Nothing to see at Dungeness Silver
Pieter Venter Monochrome Cane Crushing Bronze
Pieter Venter Nature Bla Bla Bla Gold
Pieter Venter Open Sugar Mill Bronze
Pieter Venter Set Subject Yellow Mongoose Silver
Sally Thackeray Nature Just The Two Of Us Certificate of Merit
Sally Thackeray Nature King In Waiting Certificate of Merit
Sally Thackeray Open Rocky Bay Sunrise Silver
Sally Thackeray Open I See You Silver
Shane Newman Monochrome Dark Secrets Gold
Shane Newman Open Mooning Waters Silver
Shane Newman Photojournalism Spin Out Causes Fire Silver
Shane Newman Sport Red Wheelie Gold
Sharon Dell Monochrome Cuppa coffee Gold
Sharon Dell Open Demi Certificate of Merit
Sharon Dell Open Moses arch Gold
Sharon Dell Photojournalism Ouch Silver
Sheilagh Bill Open Bokaap bright colours Silver
Sheilagh Bill Open Girl on a windy beach Bronze
Sheilagh Bill Set Subject Blowing in the wind Silver
Sheilagh Bill Set Subject Dendrobium Bronze
Shirley Gillitt Monochrome Mono lady Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature Just Landing Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature Lanner Falcon at speed Gold
Shirley Gillitt Open Cane fire Silver
Sue Kuhnert Nature Suntanning Gold
Sue Kuhnert Nature Wooly Landing Silver
Sue Kuhnert Open Photographer in the wild Silver
Sue Kuhnert Open Fiery Sunrise Bronze
terri von bargen Nature i hate flies Silver
terri von bargen Open wes Bronze
Tracey Zettler Nature Early Morning Silence Silver
Tracey Zettler Nature Alert Bokkie Silver
Tracey Zettler Open Im not going to Seal with a kiss Bronze
Tracey Zettler Open Balooning Bronze
Trevor Lea Open Hadeda Silhouette Bronze
Trevor Lea Open Red Rose near Pool Bronze
Trevor Lea Set Subject Spot the Rolls Royces Silver
Trevor Lea Set Subject In the Garden Bronze
Wendy Freer Set Subject Shades of peach Certificate of Merit
Wendy Freer Set Subject Daisy bud Certificate of Merit
Willie Henegan Monochrome Ready for action Gold
Willie Henegan Monochrome Ready to roll Gold
Willie Henegan Open A smile for you Gold
Willie Henegan Open Time to relax Gold