Gallery September 2017

Judges – Ian Damerell, Jill Sneesby

Top images:
Top Junior – Fire or Dust – john thackeray
Top Set Subject- Farmland Water – Pieter Venter
Top Senior – Elevated Elevators – Gail Crouch

Gold and Merit award images:

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Author Category Name Photo Title Award
Agustin Ritacco Open Horse Swim Gold
Agustin Ritacco Open Wild Horse Silver
Agustin Ritacco Set Subject Toti Beach Gold
Agustin Ritacco Nature Cheetah Portrait Gold
Alex Stewart Open QE2 Durban Gold
Alex Stewart Open Fireball Silver
Alex Stewart Nature Buffalo Kill Merit
Alex Stewart Nature Maluthi Sunset Gold
Andrew Climpson Open Majestic Table Silver
Ann Sartor Set Subject A dose of vitamin Sea Gold
Ann Sartor Set Subject Enjoying the Winter sun Silver
Ann Sartor Monochrome Stage light Silver
Anthony Haynes Open Hero in the making Gold
Anthony Haynes Set Subject Adoration Gold
Anthony Haynes Set Subject Creating Cairns Silver
Anthony Haynes Nature Hermits Island Silver
Ben Myburgh Set Subject Super Girl Silver
Ben Myburgh Creative or Visual Art Wonder Woman Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome MIB Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Sleeping Beauty Gold
Betsy Kee Open South african icon Silver
Betsy Kee Open Lonely farmstead Bronze
Betsy Kee Set Subject shepards tree on cliff above orange river Silver
Betsy Kee Set Subject the mighty Orange river Silver
Brian Widdowson Open Ghost Rider Gold
Brian Widdowson Open The Market Bronze
Carmen Anderson Open Minenhle Silver
Carmen Anderson Open Locomotive Walker Silver
Carmen Anderson Set Subject Afternoon Ride Bronze
Carmen Anderson Set Subject White Cliffs Blue Skies Bronze
Ciska Venter Open Morelia Python Gold
Ciska Venter Open Swift Pass Gold
Ciska Venter Nature Spur winged Goose Merit
Ciska Venter Nature Blow Fly At Karkkloof Gold
Colleen Venter Open Anybody for a Game Silver
Colleen Venter Nature Wing dance Silver
Colleen Venter Nature Snack Time Bronze
Colleen Venter Sport Speed Weaver Merit
Conrad Kelsey Open Aloes Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open Abby Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Rochelle Gold
Conrad Kelsey Monochrome A Moment Gold
Debra Stevenson Set Subject Boabab into the sun Silver
Debra Stevenson Nature Speckled Pigeon Silver
Debra Stevenson Nature Rock Hyrax commonly known as the Dassie Silver
Debra Stevenson Sport FEI Landrover Challenge Silver
Des Porter Open Red Cortina Bronze
Des Porter Sport 406 Gold
Di Wayne Open Elephants on Chobe river Silver
Di Wayne Set Subject 324m to the tip Gold
Di Wayne Nature Duck for dinner Silver
Di Wayne Monochrome Contemplation Silver
Gail Crouch Open Car Trails Silver
Gail Crouch Open Polo Silver
Gail Crouch Set Subject Elevated Elevators Merit
Gary Ousman Open Carlo Silver
Gary Ousman Set Subject High Above Silver
Gary Ousman Nature Natal Francolin Gold
Gary Ousman Nature Swallow Bronze
Geoff Feldon Open Rock Bay sunrise 3 Silver
Geoff Feldon Open Top hat study Bronze
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Lilies in black and white Silver
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Shower time Bronze
Graham Gillett Open Trees Mist Water and Sun Gold
Graham Gillett Photojournalism South Africa on the Chase Gold
Graham Gillett Photojournalism A Hungary Gold Gold
Graham Gillett Creative or Visual Art Hayfields Trees Bronze
Grant Stevenson Open Wesley early morning start Gold
Grant Stevenson Open Monteseel sunrise Silver
Grant Stevenson Nature Wild Hare in Makgadikgadi Pans Silver
Grant Stevenson Nature White browed Sparrow Weaver Silver
Gregory Baxter Nature Zebra Rolling in the Dust Gold
Guy Wayne Set Subject Double shadows Gold
Guy Wayne Nature Pied kingfisher on branch Gold
Guy Wayne Monochrome Hesitation Silver
Guy Wayne Monochrome Doors and more doors Bronze
Heinz Benecke Open Power Silver
Heinz Benecke Nature Hunter Silver
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Wall with a Hole Silver
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Selfie Bronze
Howard Gillitt Open Darted eggs Gold
Howard Gillitt Open Beach beauty Gold
Howard Gillitt Nature Escape Merit
Howard Gillitt Nature Agression Silver
Ian Damerell Open Umhlanga morning Gold
Ian Damerell Open Afternoon Silver
Ian Damerell Nature My berry Gold
Ian Damerell Nature Dragonfly Silver
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Towering steeple Gold
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Treetops Gold
Janet Hesketh Nature Stressed kokerboom Silver
Janet Hesketh Nature River running through the Richtersveld No Award
Jen Adam Open Pushing Up Daisies Gold
Jen Adam Open Summerveld Dust Silver
Jen Adam Nature Spoonbill Flight Gold
Jen Adam Creative or Visual Art Balance Silver
Jenny Aitken Open Sleeping in the sun Gold
Jenny Aitken Open Hout Bay Harbour Gold
Jenny Aitken Monochrome No time for photographs Gold
Jenny Piper Set Subject Sani Pass Silver
Jenny Piper Set Subject Looking Up Silver
Joan Widdowson Open Sunrise Silver
Joan Widdowson Open Decisions decisions Bronze
john thackeray Open Best Friends Silver
john thackeray Nature Fire or Dust Merit
john thackeray Nature Roosting Tree Silver
john thackeray Monochrome Cyril Going Home Silver
Karen Bowman Open WHAT A PARTY Silver
Karen Bowman Open ALL FALL OVER Silver
Karen Bowman Nature FIELDS OF GOLD Silver
Karen Bowman Creative or Visual Art PRETTY AS A DAISY Silver
Karen Fischer Open Goggo Silver
Karen Fischer Set Subject Padlock Silver
Karen Fischer Nature Butterfly Gold
Karen Fischer Monochrome My River Bronze
Kelly Elliott Set Subject In perspective Silver
Kelly Elliott Nature Starting at ground level Silver
Kelly Elliott Monochrome Eye see you Silver
Louis Helberg Open Desmond and Zara Gold
Louis Helberg Open Lily reflection Silver
Louis Helberg Set Subject Sunrise Gold
Louis Helberg Nature Three is a company Silver
Lucia Phillips Open Tala Valley sunrise Bronze
Lucia Phillips Set Subject Clifton Point Silver
Lucia Phillips Nature Cooling down is a musth Bronze
Lucia Phillips Photojournalism Off road crash course Silver
lynn johnson Open Through the gap Gold
lynn johnson Open Not a full box Silver
lynn johnson Set Subject The Grand Foyer Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open Moody Durban CBD Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open Colourful Wilsons Wharf Bronze
Natascha Weber Open Bush Stalker Silver
Natascha Weber Set Subject Ascending from the Deep Silver
Natascha Weber Set Subject Diver with Attitude Silver
Natascha Weber Nature Finding Beauty in Adversity Silver
Nick Bolam Open Orange sunset Gold
Nick Bolam Monochrome Broken horn Gold
Nick Bolam Sport Dezzi Lotus Silver
Nick Bolam Sport Durban Iron Man Bronze
Pieter Venter Open Farmland Water Merit
Pieter Venter Open Hangklip Duvet Gold
Pieter Venter Nature Sore Foot Gold
Pieter Venter Monochrome Namib Patterns Gold
Ryan Gillett Open there is light at the end of the beach Gold
Ryan Gillett Set Subject high rise buildings Bronze
Shane Newman Open Sea Swept Gold
Shane Newman Nature Jetty of Rocks Silver
Shane Newman Photojournalism Save my Future Silver
Sheilagh Bill Open Prague Castle at sunset Silver
Sheilagh Bill Open River by night Silver
Sheilagh Bill Set Subject St Vitus Cathedral Silver
Shirley Fraser Set Subject Bath Cathedral Silver
Shirley Fraser Set Subject English Cathedral Silver
Shirley Fraser Monochrome Charlie Love Bronze
Shirley Gillitt Set Subject High in the sky Silver
Shirley Gillitt Nature White fronted Bee Eater Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature Majestic Leopard Silver
Shirley Gillitt Monochrome Leopard portrait Gold
Sue Ausmeier Open Hiking the Otter Trail Silver
Sue Ausmeier Open Rural Car Wash Bronze
Sue Ausmeier Set Subject Anyone for the chain ladder Silver
terri von bargen Open optomism Silver
terri von bargen Nature the scratch Silver
terri von bargen Nature hanging on Bronze
Tracey Zettler Open Swirls Silver
Tracey Zettler Set Subject From Above Silver
Tracey Zettler Nature Natures finest Bronze
Tracey Zettler Monochrome Curves of a woman Silver
Trevor Lea Open Fiery Suburban Sky Silver
Trevor Lea Set Subject Thru Da Hoop Gold
Trevor Lea Set Subject Basketball practice Silver
Trevor Lea Monochrome Loco in Mono Gold
Veronique Rachman Open Beach Crystals Gold
Veronique Rachman Set Subject Elevated Sand Bronze
Veronique Rachman Nature We are twins Gold
Veronique Rachman Nature Lioness Drinking Silver
Wendy Freer Open Misty valley Silver
Wendy Freer Nature Scavenging hyena Gold
Wendy Freer Sport Chasing Gold
Willie Henegan Open Verootmoediging Gold
Willie Henegan Open The party girl Gold
Willie Henegan Monochrome The viking Gold
Willie Henegan Monochrome Bothas Hill Gold