Gallery October 2018

Conrad Kelsey (QBE)

Top Images:

Top Junior: A Splash of Lime – Jen Adam









Top Senior: Hangklip Sunrise – Pieter Venter








Top Set Subject: Singing No More – Conrad Kelsey









Gold and Merit Award Images:

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Author Category Name Photo Title Award
Alex Stewart Open Aberdeen Ruin Gold
Alex Stewart Nature Weaver Nesting Silver
Alex Stewart Nature Spur Wing Bronze
Andre Roos Open Anthirium Gold
Andre Roos Set Subject Mycro III A Gold
Andre Roos Set Subject Old Silver and a Daisy Silver
Andre Roos Monochrome Colour in Monochrome Silver
Ann Sartor Open In the centre Gold
Ann Sartor Open Apple snail Silver
Ann Sartor Set Subject Days gone by Silver
Ann Sartor Nature Citrus Swallowtail Gold
Bee Brodie Open The land of the giants Silver
Bee Brodie Monochrome Long road home Silver
Ben Myburgh Open Lesotho Highlander Silver
Ben Myburgh Open Black Skull Silver
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Shadows and Highlights Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Lines and Curves Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Open Louise Gold
Brendan Kuhnert Open Castle on the Hill Gold
Brendan Kuhnert Nature Monkey in the trees Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Monochrome Plane Ticket Gold
Brian H C Williams Open Three Blue Doors Gold
Brian H C Williams Open Waiting for a ride Silver
Brian H C Williams Creative or Visual Art Sisal Silver
Brian H C Williams Monochrome Jelly Fish Gold
Brian Widdowson Open Looking Down Gold
Brian Widdowson Creative or Visual Art Little Island Gold
Brian Widdowson Monochrome Baobab Bronze
Carmen Anderson Open Hungry Ibis Silver
Carmen Anderson Open Not In Camo No Award
Carmen Anderson Set Subject Detention During Apartheid Silver
Carmen Anderson Monochrome Warwick Gold
Ciska Venter Open Flower Buddies Gold
Ciska Venter Open Three Banded Plover Gold
Ciska Venter Nature Got It Gold
Ciska Venter Nature In The Lime Light Gold
Colleen Venter Nature Cat snack Silver
Colleen Venter Nature Horny Battle Silver
Colleen Venter Sport The Hairless Wonder Certificate of Merit
Colleen Venter Sport Fly past Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open I Have You Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Singing No More Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Well Used Silver
Conrad Kelsey Monochrome Reflecting Gold
Dave Nisbet Open Another Sunrise Silver
Dave Nisbet Sport Not Going To Make It Gold
Dave Nisbet Sport Having Fun Silver
Debra Stevenson Set Subject Dasies on a Shelf Gold
Debra Stevenson Nature Kubu Island Thunderstorm approaching Gold
Debra Stevenson Nature Namaqua Fowers Bronze
Debra Stevenson Photojournalism Comrades High 5 Wayne Silver
Di Wayne Set Subject On the step Silver
Di Wayne Nature Will the chomp fit Gold
Di Wayne Nature Desert Chameleon Silver
Di Wayne Creative or Visual Art Elephant montage Silver
Eddie von Bargen Open African Painted Dog Silver
Eddie von Bargen Open Memorial Bridge over Colorado River Silver
Eddie von Bargen Nature Curious Mpafa Mocking Chat Bronze
Erika Stander Open As the saying goes Certificate of Merit
Erika Stander Open Jack Parrow Gold
Erika Stander Set Subject Only the Lonely Gold
Erika Stander Monochrome Christmas in Dublin Silver
Gail Crouch Open For Hire Gold
Gail Crouch Open Lavender View Bronze
Gail Crouch Nature Storm Cloud Silver
Geoff Feldon Open Early morning in a tiny desert Gold
Geoff Feldon Set Subject Left behind Gold
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Warming up Gold
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Pensive Silver
Graham Gillett Open A Chilly Berg Silver
Graham Gillett Open Spring Web Silver
Graham Gillett Nature Soaking Up The Sun Gold
Graham Gillett Nature Katydid and Daisy Silver
Grant Stevenson Open Pearl Spotted Owlet Silver
Grant Stevenson Set Subject Definitely on the shelf Bronze
Grant Stevenson Sport Polocrosse High Goal Stretch Silver
Grant Stevenson Sport Polocrosse High Goal Stop the Pass Silver
Gregory Baxter Open Lionfish Gold
Gregory Baxter Open I see you Gold
Gregory Baxter Nature Perfect match Silver
Gregory Baxter Nature The Wilderness Silver
Guy Wayne Open devon fishing harbour Gold
Guy Wayne Open Scarry Van Zyls pass Bronze
Guy Wayne Nature A very tired lioness Silver
Howard Gillitt Open Curves Silver
Howard Gillitt Nature Spectacled weavers bath time Gold
Howard Gillitt Nature The eye of the buffalo Gold
Howard Gillitt Monochrome Window lit Silver
Ina Roos Open Excersizing Gold
Ina Roos Open Wind is Strong Gold
Ina Roos Set Subject 1980 Rayban Silver
Ina Roos Nature Benvie Gardens No Award
Ina Zeeman Open Standing my Ground Silver
Ina Zeeman Nature Colour Coding Silver
Ina Zeeman Nature Solitary Pose Silver
Ina Zeeman Monochrome A Glint in the Eye No Award
Janet Hesketh Open Family outing from above Gold
Janet Hesketh Open Antibes harbour Silver
Janet Hesketh Nature Water at last Silver
Janet Hesketh Nature Just watching Silver
Jen Adam Open A Splash of Lime Certificate of Merit
Jen Adam Open All Cracked Up Gold
Jen Adam Nature Mirror Image Silver
Jen Adam Nature Titavating Silver
Jen Whiting Open The Tooth Fairy Silver
Jen Whiting Set Subject On the Shelf Gold
Jen Whiting Nature Caterpillar factory Silver
Jen Whiting Monochrome Fire the Chef Silver
Jenny Aitken Open Wood collecting Silver
Jenny Aitken Nature Whisper in the ear Bronze
Joan Widdowson Open The Harbour Gold
Joan Widdowson Sport Wave Rider Certificate of Merit
John Mayor Open Point Waterfront Appartments Silver
John Mayor Open Point Waterfront Apartments Silver
John Thackeray Open The Long Way Home Gold
John Thackeray Open Hot Lips Silver
John Thackeray Nature Flying Without Wings Gold
John Thackeray Nature The Chase Silver
Karen Fischer Open The Bend Gold
Karen Fischer Open Spring Silver
Karen Fischer Set Subject On a rock shelf Gold
Karen Fischer Nature Tortoise Gold
Linda Paul Open Wendy Gold
Linda Paul Open model 10 Gold
Linda Paul Set Subject now its too late Silver
Louis Helberg Open Pelican Gold
Louis Helberg Nature Who is the Boss Gold
Louis Helberg Nature No Escape Breakfast secured Gold
Louis Helberg Monochrome Yeah Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Open Sunrise reflection Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Open Lian sand collector Silver
Louisa van Niekerk Set Subject Expired Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Nature Serene Gold
Lucia Phillips Open Road to nowhere Gold
Lucia Phillips Monochrome Catelyn 2 Gold
Lucia Phillips Monochrome MIchelle 2 Silver
Lucia Phillips Sport Cross Country water element Gold
lynn johnson Open purple or pink Gold
lynn johnson Set Subject olden days Silver
lynn johnson Monochrome at the point Silver
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open Strolling Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open School is fun Silver
Lynne Hauptfleisch Monochrome Early Morning Beggar Certificate of Merit
Lynne Hauptfleisch Monochrome George Silver
Marie Helberg Open Closeup Helmeted Guinea-fowl Silver
Marie Helberg Nature Hiding Silver
Marie Helberg Monochrome Morning walk Gold
Marius van Tonder Nature I am coming for ya Gold
Marius van Tonder Nature piggy Gold
Marius van Tonder Monochrome almost overs cadovers Silver
Michael Sand Open Blue Chevvy Silver
Michael Sand Set Subject Time Slides By Gold
Michael Sand Set Subject Alter Ego Gold
Mike Morgan Open Here comes the sun Gold
Mike Morgan Open These mist covered mountains.. Gold
Mike Morgan Set Subject Old Kettle Gold
Mike Morgan Monochrome Kew Gardens Silver
Mike Rheeder Open Puppy Love Silver
Mike Rheeder Open Gear Head No Award
Mike Rheeder Sport Young supporter Gold
Mike Rheeder Sport Billy Idol i know its you Silver
Natascha Weber Open Missed the Pan Certificate of Merit
Natascha Weber Monochrome All That Remains Gold
Natascha Weber Monochrome Collecting Wishes Silver
Natascha Weber Sport In Action Silver
Nick Bolam Open The power of Dungeness Gold
Nick Bolam Open RAF V12 power No Award
Nick Bolam Sport Crossfit such a drag Silver
Nick Bolam Sport Crossfit log lift Silver
Patsy Demmers Open Pretty Prickles Gold
Patsy Demmers Open Restrained Gold
Patsy Demmers Nature Feathered raindrops Silver
Patsy Demmers Creative or Visual Art Rhinosaurus Silver
Pieter Venter Open Hangklip Sunrise Certificate of Merit
Pieter Venter Nature Little Egret Catch Gold
Pieter Venter Nature Khalahari Leopard Gold
Pieter Venter Monochrome Waanhuiskrans Gold
Sally Thackeray Open Bhejane Queen Silver
Sally Thackeray Nature Where Is Mom Certificate of Merit
Sally Thackeray Nature Sisters Silver
Sally Thackeray Monochrome Jousting Silver
Sashen Naidu Open Steam Tracks Silver
Sashen Naidu Set Subject Rusty Tools Silver
Sashen Naidu Nature Beautifully Natured No Award
Sashen Naidu Photojournalism Block or Spike Silver
Shane Newman Open The Frown Silver
Shane Newman Nature East Coast Sunrise Silver
Shane Newman Monochrome Back Lit Hair Bronze
Shane Newman Sport Lotus Racing Silver
Sharon Dell Open Love Gold
Sharon Dell Open Pensive Gold
Sharon Dell Monochrome Moses Curve Certificate of Merit
Sharon Dell Monochrome Multi-faceted Silver
Shirley Gillitt Open princess Gold
Shirley Gillitt Set Subject Old Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature The pose Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature On the prowl Gold
Sue Ausmeier Open The elusive top of the pass Gold
Sue Ausmeier Nature Baobab Sunrise Silver
Sue Kuhnert Open Snow on the Berg Gold
Sue Kuhnert Open Strawberry in Milk Silver
Sue Kuhnert Nature Buck in the Woods Gold
Sue Kuhnert Nature Birds on an Aloe Silver
terri von bargen Open dazzle time Silver
terri von bargen Open cinamon Silver
terri von bargen Set Subject wooden pegs Silver
terri von bargen Nature woolly neck Gold
Tracey Zettler Open Pygmy Falcon Silver
Tracey Zettler Open Cape Eagle Owl Silver
Tracey Zettler Nature Pretty In Blue Silver
Tracey Zettler Nature Delicate Nature Bronze
Trevor Lea Open Curious Cat Gold
Trevor Lea Open Friend or Foe Gold
Trevor Lea Sport Good Goal Bronze
Veronique Rachman Nature White Petal Bronze
Veronique Rachman Nature In the middle of nowhere No Award
Willie Henegan Open All smiles Gold
Willie Henegan Nature Three trees No Award
Willie Henegan Monochrome Oordenking Certificate of Merit
Willie Henegan Monochrome Last drink of the day Silver