Gallery October 2017

Judges – Anne d’Oliveira, Kevin Mullins

Top images:
Top Junior – You Want What – John Thackeray
Top Set Subject- Bee delight – Di Wayne
Top Senior – Black winged Stilt – Howard Gillitt

Gold and Merit award images:

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Author Category Name Photo Title Award
Agustin Ritacco Open Morning Ride Gold
Agustin Ritacco Open Apostles Silver
Agustin Ritacco Nature Cheetah Gold
Agustin Ritacco Monochrome Beach Rider Gold
Alastair Fraser Open Concentration Gold
Alastair Fraser Open In Full Cry Gold
Alastair Fraser Monochrome Luke The Voice Gold
Alastair Fraser Monochrome Hair Raising Silver
Alex Stewart Open Splash Gold
Alex Stewart Open Stack 3 Gold
Alex Stewart Set Subject Farm Road Silver
Alex Stewart Set Subject Rainbow Mix Silver
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature On the rocks Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature Buffalo balloon Silver
Ann Greyvensteyn Monochrome Leftovers for lunch Merit
Anthony Haynes Open Grey Heron Portrait Merit
Anthony Haynes Open Shoot off Silver
Anthony Haynes Nature Grey Heron Merit
Anthony Haynes Nature Bee giving them the bird Gold
Ben Myburgh Open Marilyn Gold
Ben Myburgh Set Subject Hibiscus Silver
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Werner Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Demie Silver
Carmen Anderson Open Pale Sky Fishing Gold
Carmen Anderson Set Subject Orchid Gold
Carmen Anderson Monochrome a word a gesture a moment Gold
Carmen Anderson Monochrome little water bearer Gold
Ciska Venter Open Just Waiting Merit
Ciska Venter Open Another Blow Fly Merit
Ciska Venter Nature Green Lynx Spider Gold
Ciska Venter Nature White Throated Swallow Gold
Colleen Venter Nature If that fly comes any closer Gold
Colleen Venter Nature Tongue extention Silver
Colleen Venter Monochrome Muddy Princess Gold
Colleen Venter Sport The Winner Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open Sunset and Silhouettes Silver
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Little Sunshine Silver
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject White and Gold Silver
Conrad Kelsey Monochrome Wet and Deserted Silver
Dean de Groot Open Nosy Silver
Dean de Groot Set Subject Red Flower Gold
Dean de Groot Nature Blue head Gold
Dean de Groot Nature Elephant crossing Silver
Debra Stevenson Open Magalagadi Pan Sunrise Silver
Debra Stevenson Nature Kalagadi Lions Gold
Debra Stevenson Nature Black Backed Jackel Silver
Debra Stevenson Monochrome RUN Which Way Silver
Des Porter Nature Croaking Gold
Des Porter Nature Common thorntail Gold
Di Wayne Set Subject Bee delight Merit
Di Wayne Set Subject Hanging on by a thread Silver
Di Wayne Nature Kingfisher re-emerging Gold
Di Wayne Monochrome Grinding Ochre Gold
Dianne Abate Set Subject Sunshine Merit
Eddie von Bargen Nature Kudu Bull Silver
Gordon Collins Open Turkish Tea Gold
Gordon Collins Open Roses and tea cups Silver
Gordon Collins Nature African Fish Eagle Silver
Gordon Collins Monochrome Old doors Silver
Graham Gillett Open Summerveld before the storm Gold
Graham Gillett Open Alert Gold
Graham Gillett Nature Curled Up Tight Silver
Graham Gillett Nature Hibiscus Lookout No Award
Guy Wayne Open Sussosvlei dunes Gold
Guy Wayne Open Buffet Bar Kolmanskop Silver
Guy Wayne Nature Reed cormorant fishing Silver
Guy Wayne Monochrome Zebras at Etosha Silver
Howard Gillitt Open elegance Silver
Howard Gillitt Nature Black winged Stilt Merit
Howard Gillitt Nature Spoonbill Gold
Howard Gillitt Monochrome Good morning Gold
Ina Zeeman Open Waterbuck Silver
Ina Zeeman Open Stripes No Award
Ina Zeeman Nature Brown Hooded Kingfisher Gold
Ina Zeeman Nature Crested Barbet Gold
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Spring flowers Silver
Janet Hesketh Nature Patience paid off Gold
Janet Hesketh Nature Richtersveld Silver
Janet Hesketh Monochrome It is all about water Silver
Jeffrey Govender Open Abby Gold
Jeffrey Govender Open gerber daisy Silver
Jeffrey Govender Set Subject 3 gerber daisies Gold
Jeffrey Govender Set Subject calendula Gold
Jen Adam Open The Essence of Life Silver
Jen Adam Nature The Pollen Collector Gold
Jen Adam Nature Stork in Flight Gold
Jen Adam Creative or Visual Art Midnight Diamonds Silver
Jenny Aitken Open On the edge Gold
Jenny Aitken Open Windy Wave Silver
Jenny Aitken Set Subject West Coast Flowers Gold
Jenny Aitken Nature Birds of a feather Gold
Jenny Piper Open African Hawk Eagle Gold
Jenny Piper Open Verreauxs Eagle Owl Silver
John Mayor Open Beachfront runners Gold
John Mayor Open Blooms a busting 19 Silver
John Mayor Set Subject Blooms a busting 17 Silver
John Mayor Monochrome Me and my shadow Silver
john thackeray Open Dry Kalahari Silver
john thackeray Nature You Want What Merit
john thackeray Nature In The Zone Gold
john thackeray Monochrome Nice One Mom Gold
Judith Deetlefs Open A Rhino in Sight Gold
Judith Deetlefs Open Winter sea sunrise Silver
Judith Deetlefs Photojournalism Ice Carrier Gold
Judith Deetlefs Photojournalism Cold Car Wash Silver
Judy Mann Open Gorilla Portrait Gold
Judy Mann Open Bear portrait Silver
Judy Mann Nature Grazing hippo Gold
Judy Mann Nature Hellooooo Silver
Karen Bowman Open SPLASH ROCK Silver
Karen Bowman Open LEAF ME ALONE Silver
Karen Bowman Creative or Visual Art ARRANGEMENT Gold
Karen Fischer Open Sam 3 Gold
Karen Fischer Open Horse and Boy Gold
Karen Fischer Monochrome Mother and child Gold
Karen Fischer Sport Boat Beer and Babes Gold
Louis Helberg Open Cee Gold
Louis Helberg Open The Zeila Gold
Louis Helberg Nature Sunflower Seed Bug Gold
Louis Helberg Nature Rocks at Umhlanga sunrise No Award
Lucia Phillips Open City Boy Gold
Lucia Phillips Nature Wattled Plover Gold
Lucia Phillips Nature Struggle at the Pond Gold
Lucia Phillips Photojournalism Cape High Seas Silver
Marie Helberg Open Friends Merit
Marie Helberg Open Erindi feeding during drought Gold
Marie Helberg Nature Heron reflection Silver
Marie Helberg Nature Yummy Silver
Mike Rheeder Set Subject Red Bud Droplets Gold
Mike Rheeder Photojournalism No more Ice Cream Bronze
Mike Rheeder Photojournalism Damn Frisby Bronze
Mike Rheeder Sport Liges a beach Silver
Natascha Weber Set Subject Buds of a Purple Heart Gold
Natascha Weber Set Subject Flowering Soon Silver
Natascha Weber Monochrome Moses Mabhida Stadium Gold
Natascha Weber Monochrome A Dreary Evening in the City Silver
Pieter Venter Open Arniston Cauldron Gold
Pieter Venter Nature Springtime Hover Merit
Pieter Venter Nature Female Hover Merit
Pieter Venter Monochrome Patterns on the Rocks Merit
Premila Naidoo Open I never touched the cake Silver
Premila Naidoo Open What you never ask a lady her age Silver
Premila Naidoo Set Subject bright and lovely Silver
Premila Naidoo Monochrome Emma Victoria Silver
Ryan Gillett Open Life is lights in motion Gold
Ryan Gillett Open butterfly life Silver
Ryan Gillett Monochrome architecture is beautiful in different ways Silver
Shane Newman Open My South Africa Gold
Shane Newman Open Thinking Stare Silver
Shane Newman Nature Banded Eye Drone Fly Gold
Shane Newman Sport Young Rider Merit
Sharon Dell Open aloe aloe Silver
Sharon Dell Set Subject shades of pink Silver
Shirley Fraser Open Pan Latino Merit
Shirley Fraser Open I love strawberries Gold
Shirley Fraser Set Subject Peaceful Garden Silver
Shirley Gillitt Open Boudoir Gold
Shirley Gillitt Set Subject Pretty pink Gold
Shirley Gillitt Creative or Visual Art Lean out Gold
Shirley Gillitt Monochrome broken Silver
Sue Ausmeier Open Berg bush Silver
terri von bargen Nature 3 zeez Silver
Tracey Zettler Open Lady in white Silver
Tracey Zettler Open Hills a rolling Silver
Tracey Zettler Nature Eye to eye with Ellie Silver
Tracey Zettler Nature Buffalo Solder Silver
Veronique Rachman Open Contre Jour Palm Tree Gold
Veronique Rachman Set Subject Summer Blooms Silver
Veronique Rachman Nature Big One Silver
Willie Henegan Open Transkei sunrise Gold
Willie Henegan Open Fun in the twenties Gold
Willie Henegan Monochrome The Viking battle Gold
Willie Henegan Sport The super man move Silver