Gallery November 2017

Judges – Andrew McLaren, Wendy Freer

Top images:
Top Senior – Lady in black – Willie Henegan
Top Junior – Almost Christmas – Jen Adam
Top Set Subject – Some Where Out There – John Thackeray

Gold and Merit award images:

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Author Category Name Photo Title Award
Alastair Fraser Open More Volume Gold
Alastair Fraser Open The Hub Of The Eye Silver
Alastair Fraser Nature Family Group Silver
Alastair Fraser Sport Look Ma No Hands Silver
Alex Stewart Open Reefsteamers Gold
Alex Stewart Open Desolation Gold
Alex Stewart Nature NV Falls Gold
Alex Stewart Nature Flowers on Rock Gold
Allan Bower Open Cassidy Desat Merit
Allan Bower Creative or Visual Art Leopard With Kill Desat Gold
Allan Bower Monochrome Not A Step Closer Merit
Andrew Climpson Open I have Been Waiting Silver
Andrew Climpson Open Strelitzia Bronze
Andrew Climpson Set Subject Whirl-Pool Silver
Andrew Climpson Interclub Challenge A Golden Head of Wheat Bronze
Ann Sartor Set Subject Aliens Bronze
Anthony Haynes Open Puppy Portrait Bronze
Anthony Haynes Open Puppy Portrait Bronze
Anthony Haynes Interclub Challenge Theres always one in the village No Award
Ben Myburgh Open Super Woman ii Gold
Ben Myburgh Set Subject All Aboard Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Samson Merit
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Young Love Gold
Betsy Kee Open Richtersveld Bronze
Betsy Kee Set Subject slow meditation No Award
Betsy Kee Nature Richtersveld serenity Gold
Betsy Kee Nature shepherds tree Gold
Betsy Kee Photojournalism what the rural areas are saying Bronze
Carmen Anderson Open Fragrance Merit
Carmen Anderson Open Water Droplet Gold
Carmen Anderson Set Subject Self Portrait Silver
Carmen Anderson Set Subject What I Choose To See Bronze
Ciska Venter Open Natal Green Frog Gold
Ciska Venter Open Yellow Soldier Fly Gold
Ciska Venter Nature Honey Bee Going Down Merit
Ciska Venter Nature Ground Squirrel Gold
Ciska Venter Interclub Challenge Celina And Tyson Silver
Colleen Venter Open Care to share Silver
Colleen Venter Nature Early Morning Snack Gold
Colleen Venter Nature Waiting for the scraps Gold
Colleen Venter Sport Tyre jumper Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Slow Sunrise Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Real Slow Silver
Conrad Kelsey Sport Crossfit Champs Gold
Conrad Kelsey Sport Waterra Gold
Conrad Kelsey Interclub Challenge Emihle Merit
Debra Stevenson Open Dramatic Lekhubu Island Gold
Debra Stevenson Open Drummond Sunset Bronze
Debra Stevenson Nature Zebra Playing Gold
Debra Stevenson Nature Hippo ear twitch Bronze
Des Porter Open Melissa Silver
Di Wayne Open Storm in the distance Silver
Di Wayne Set Subject Flap flap Silver
Di Wayne Set Subject London night traffic Silver
Di Wayne Nature Cheetah on the look out Gold
Eddie von Bargen Open Heron Bronze
Gary Ousman Open Polly at Home Silver
Gary Ousman Nature Breakfast Gold
Gary Ousman Nature Free Silver
Gary Ousman Monochrome Tusker Gold
Geoff Feldon Nature Natal tree frog Gold
Geoff Feldon Creative or Visual Art Bewitched Gold
Geoff Feldon Monochrome At rest Silver
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Brewmaster Silver
Geoff Feldon Interclub Challenge Sangoma No Award
Gordon Collins Open Namibian beach at sunset Silver
Gordon Collins Open Abandoned house Bronze
Gordon Collins Monochrome Turkish Village retail Gold
Gordon Collins Monochrome Turkish Mosque Silver
Graham Gillett Open Wesley Outing for USR 35th Gold
Graham Gillett Open My Friend Lucien Gold
Graham Gillett Interclub Challenge Tsonga Slops No Award
Guy Wayne Open Sussosvlei dunes Silver
Guy Wayne Nature Bee eater Silver
Guy Wayne Nature Stork on the decent Silver
Guy Wayne Monochrome Dune curves Gold
Heinz Benecke Nature Tickle my nose Silver
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Burnt out Silver
Heinz Benecke Sport Race against time Gold
Heinz Benecke Interclub Challenge Lonely Silver
Howard Gillitt Open High speed Gold
Howard Gillitt Set Subject Rhino on the move Gold
Howard Gillitt Nature Hammerkops catch Merit
Howard Gillitt Nature Thirsty buffalo Merit
Howard Gillitt Interclub Challenge Oxpecker Merit
Ian Damerell Nature Ant Gold
Ian Damerell Nature Bee on purple Silver
Ina Zeeman Open Tasty Morsel Merit
Ina Zeeman Open Shades of Lilac Gold
Ina Zeeman Nature Waterbuck in Pastel Gold
Ina Zeeman Nature Who needs a Bath Silver
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Hanging mist Gold
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Up you come Silver
Janet Hesketh Nature Lesoma dusk Gold
Janet Hesketh Nature Water play Gold
Jen Adam Open Almost Christmas Merit
Jen Adam Set Subject A New Dawn Silver
Jen Adam Nature I See You Gold
Jen Adam Nature Last Scraps Gold
John Mayor Open Wesley steaming into Inchanga Gold
John Mayor Set Subject Evening light trails Gold
john thackeray Set Subject Some Where Out There Merit
john thackeray Nature Ready For Touchdown Gold
john thackeray Nature Bad Hair Day Gold
john thackeray Monochrome We Start Work at 7 Gold
john thackeray Interclub Challenge We Live Here Gold
Judith Deetlefs Open Sunset Road Gold
Judith Deetlefs Open Winter sea sunrise Silver
Judith Deetlefs Nature Water Blooms Gold
Judith Deetlefs Monochrome Swimming teens Gold
Judy Mann Set Subject Mtentu Leopard Falls Gold
Judy Mann Monochrome Feel the texture Gold
Karen Fischer Open Tash Silver
Karen Fischer Open Blue Bronze
Karen Fischer Set Subject Kloof Gorge Silver
Karen Fischer Nature Dassie Gold
Karen Fischer Interclub Challenge A Touch of Yellow Gold
Kelly Elliott Open Quiet Street in Barcelona Gold
Kelly Elliott Open Scenic Stop on Signal Hill Bronze
Louis Helberg Nature The Take Off Merit
Louis Helberg Nature Bearded Vulture Gold
Lucia Phillips Open For your eyes only Gold
Lucia Phillips Nature Lilac Breasted Roller Gold
Lucia Phillips Monochrome Disappearing slowly Gold
Lucia Phillips Sport SA Eventing Champs Gold
lynn johnson Open Emmanuel Cathedral Merit
lynn johnson Open Pearls at sunrise Gold
lynn johnson Set Subject tails of light Silver
Natascha Weber Open Sunrise Horses Silver
Natascha Weber Open Sunrise Kayaking Bronze
Natascha Weber Set Subject But is it SLOW enough Gold
Natascha Weber Set Subject Go Slow Skool Bronze
Nic Aberdein Set Subject Swirl Silver
Nic Aberdein Photojournalism Winners Cup Gold
Nic Aberdein Sport Committed Gold
Nic Aberdein Sport High Flying Gold
Pieter Venter Open Slangkop Silver
Pieter Venter Set Subject Thomsons Triangles Gold
Pieter Venter Nature Furry Dagger Merit
Pieter Venter Monochrome The Caldron Gold
Pieter Venter Interclub Challenge Sad Soul Gold
Ryan Gillett Open mega fun with bubbles Gold
Ryan Gillett Open umhlanga shore Silver
Ryan Gillett Interclub Challenge small for the win No Award
Sashen Naidu Set Subject Rising Colors Gold
Sashen Naidu Set Subject Trailing City Silver
Sheilagh Bill Open Magnificent Parliament Budapest Silver
Sheilagh Bill Nature Greens for lunch Silver
Sheilagh Bill Nature Green backed heron and eggs Bronze
Shirley Fraser Open Tribal Dance Bronze
Shirley Fraser Open Stairway to Nowhere Bronze
Shirley Fraser Set Subject I love you Silver
Shirley Fraser Monochrome Spotlight on Anton Gold
Shirley Gillitt Open Smash the colour Gold
Shirley Gillitt Set Subject Piggly Bronze
Shirley Gillitt Nature Argument Gold
Shirley Gillitt Monochrome Dreamy Merit
Shirley Gillitt Interclub Challenge DSTV Silver
Veronique Rachman Open Sand Crystals Bronze
Veronique Rachman Open Beach Shadows Bronze
Veronique Rachman Set Subject Elevated Gold
Veronique Rachman Nature Those are my twins Silver
Willie Henegan Open Lady in black Merit
Willie Henegan Open Amongst the trees Gold
Willie Henegan Nature Drie rondawels Gold
Willie Henegan Nature Hippo yawn Silver