Gallery May 2023

Judges: Derek Gravett (HCPS), Nerissa Naidoo (HCPS), Paul Scherzer (BECC).

Top Images:

Top Junior: Once Loved – Linda Scott.

Top Senior: Bike 171 – Wendy Freer.

Top Set Subject: (Portraits) Thoughtful – Andrew Pike.

Gold and Merit Award Images:

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward 
Alex StewartNatureThe desert at sunriseGold 
Alex StewartOpenDome DBXGold 
Alex StewartOpenWhere is WallyBronze 
Alex StewartSet SubjectMe and my friendNo Award 
Alta NeethlingMarVille ChallengeTime traveler Silver 
Alta NeethlingSet SubjectLady with her chickenSilver 
Alta NeethlingSet SubjectHanno Low LightGold 
Alta NeethlingSet SubjectSimone Silver 
Alta NeethlingSet SubjectHanno 2Merit 
Andrew PikeMarVille ChallengeFaatima the CarerSilver 
Andrew PikeKZN Regional Challenge – World of ColourPassage of picturesGold 
Andrew PikeSet SubjectThoughtfulMerit 
Andrew PikeSet SubjectThe shepherdGold 
Andrew PikeSet SubjectRakea Mother of the GuideGold 
Ann SartorMonochromeMorning RushSilver 
Ann SartorOpenStay AheadSilver 
Ann SartorSet SubjectWho MeSilver 
Bee BrodieOpenMen in SkirtsBronze 
Bee BrodieOpenLight and funBronze 
Bee BrodieSet SubjectI told you I dont eat saladGold 
Bee BrodieSet SubjectIm so done with those bagpipesSilver 
Ben MyburghMonochromeNew BeginningSilver 
Ben MyburghMonochromeJessicaGold 
Ben MyburghMarVille ChallengeBiancaGold 
Ben MyburghOpenDaddys Little MonsterMerit 
Ben MyburghSet SubjectMutedGold 
Bridgid WickhamMonochromeNxai SurpriseGold 
Bridgid WickhamMarVille ChallengeBoho EnchantressGold 
Bridgid WickhamNatureFeather RaysSilver 
Bridgid WickhamOpenJust another Winters TaleNo Award 
Bridgid WickhamOpenThe eve of HopeGold 
Buan StanleyMonochromePortrait of a manGold 
Buan StanleyMarVille ChallengePeekabooGold 
Buan StanleyNatureNo idea what bird this isSilver 
Buan StanleyOpenrain drops on rosesGold 
Buan StanleySet SubjectHells AngelGold 
Celia FourieNatureLove You MomGold 
Celia FourieNatureCome BackMerit 
Celia FourieSport and PhotojournalismCreating DustMerit 
Celia FourieSport and PhotojournalismSugarBelt400Silver 
Conrad KelseyMarVille ChallengeChrisSilver 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectMichaelaGold 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectCeboMerit 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectJordynGold 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectCameronSilver 
Dave WickhamMarVille ChallengeCity SelfieSilver 
Dave WickhamNatureBuffalo at the WaterholeSilver 
Dave WickhamNatureAt the end of the RainbowSilver 
Dave WickhamNatureGrey HeronSilver 
Dave WickhamOpenManhattan SkylineGold 
Elton BartlettNatureTranquil Berg VistaGold 
Elton BartlettNatureUnFrogettable PoserSilver 
Elton BartlettNatureBridging the GapSilver 
Elton BartlettOpenPath to the Deadly EndGold 
Fred TurckNatureEllies – Count the LegsSilver 
Fred TurckOpenEnglish ForestGold 
Fred TurckOpenDune PanoramaSilver 
Fred TurckOpenSnowy MountainSilver 
Geoff FeldonMarVille ChallengeMysteriousSilver 
Geoff FeldonOpenInto the lightGold 
Geoff FeldonOpenI used to be fastSilver 
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectSeriousGold 
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectHappyGold 
Gert Van Der LindeMonochromeMax C VIGold 
Gert Van Der LindeMarVille ChallengePearlSilver 
Gert Van Der LindeOpenQM2 Durban 2023Silver 
Gert Van Der LindeKZN Regional Challenge – World of ColourFandangoGold 
Gert Van Der LindeSet SubjectThe art of givingSilver 
Graham GillettOpenLuxury PropertyGold 
Graham GillettOpenSunrise LaunchMerit
Graham GillettOpenuShaka LockGold 
Graham GillettOpenShoemaker TimeGold 
Howard GillittMarVille ChallengeZwelefileGold 
Howard GillittNatureSunbird sampling flowerSilver 
Howard GillittKZN Regional Challenge – World of ColourRed flower and sunbirdGold 
Howard GillittSport and PhotojournalismFull GallopSilver 
Howard GillittSport and PhotojournalismTurn RightSilver 
Ian MillsNaturethese flies are killingSilver 
Ian MillsNaturesplish splash having a bathSilver 
Ian MillsNaturethis comb is killingSilver 
Ian MillsOpentranquillityGold 
Janet HeskethMonochromeWintry canopyGold 
Janet HeskethOpenReflecting anglesGold 
Janet HeskethSet SubjectLone BasothoGold 
Jen AdamMarVille ChallengeHappy HarleyGold 
Jen AdamNatureResting PlaceSilver 
Jen AdamNatureFishing for BreakfastGold 
Jen AdamOpenStorytime MagicGold 
Jen AdamSet SubjectPassage of TimeGold 
Jill FerrazMarVille ChallengeOn guardSilver 
Jill FerrazNaturePosing pelicanGold 
Jill FerrazOpenPoppy magicMerit 
Jill FerrazSet SubjectWots upGold 
Jill FerrazSet SubjectMarathon agonyGold 
Jurgen HuseMarVille ChallengeHandsomeGold 
Jurgen HuseNatureDeadly WebSilver 
Jurgen HuseNatureMonster on SatinSilver 
Jurgen HuseOpenUrban LivingSilver 
Jurgen HuseSport and PhotojournalismBowls Nationals 2023Silver 
Karen FischerMonochromeThe Yacht MoleGold 
Karen FischerNatureTaking a BathSilver 
Karen FischerOpenMan at WorkGold 
Karen FischerOpenA Berg Morning Gold 
Kazalette PikeMarVille ChallengeWelcome to my shopMerit 
Kazalette PikeMarVille ChallengeUncle is homeGold 
Kazalette PikeKZN Regional Challenge – World of ColourSpices and paintGold 
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectSahara shepherdSilver 
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectNomad childGold 
Les HillierNatureRino and calf – Fort DamSilver 
Les HillierNatureKwandwe Bull – L2Silver 
Les HillierOpenSalt Rock surferBronze 
Linda ScottMarVille ChallengeDid you say biscuitGold 
Linda ScottNatureForest greensGold 
Linda ScottOpenOnce lovedMerit 
Linda ScottSet SubjectSharingGold 
Louis HelbergNatureAfrican Oystercatcher on the rocksSilver 
Louis HelbergOpenKingfisherGold 
Louis HelbergOpenHarbour sunrise Gold 
Malcolm ReevesOpenTranquil Misty MornMerit 
Malcolm ReevesOpenMountain In The LakeMerit 
Malcolm ReevesKZN Regional Challenge – World of ColourWatch Your StepSilver 
Malcolm ReevesSet SubjectEmilyGold 
Marco DagnoloNaturebusy birdsBronze 
Maureen van den berghMonochromeMr MabasoSilver 
Maureen van den berghNatureMisty MorningSilver 
Maureen van den berghOpenEternal ViewsBronze 
Mike MorganCreative or Visual ArtSunrise filmstripSilver 
Mike MorganOpenHeaven is a place on EarthGold 
Mike MorganOpenMellow YellowGold 
Mike MorganOpenSunrise over the CityGold 
Natascha RobinsonOpenA Tiny ThreadSilver 
Natascha RobinsonOpenCurvesGold 
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectSassy GirlGold 
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectSmile from the EyesGold 
Neolen PillayMonochromeGuiding Light of UmhlangaGold 
Neolen PillayKZN Regional Challenge – World of ColourMilky Way over Champagne ValleyGold 
Neolen PillayKZN Regional Challenge – World of ColourCaversham FallsMerit 
Neolen PillayKZN Regional Challenge – World of ColourAutumnal StrollSilver 
Neolen PillayKZN Regional Challenge – World of ColourFlows Combine at DuskGold 
Nicolette ForbesMonochromeSpray on the SundaysSilver 
Nicolette ForbesMarVille ChallengeGorgeousGold 
Nicolette ForbesNatureBeautiful because he eats his greensGold 
Nicolette ForbesNatureCoucal on the huntGold 
Nicolette ForbesNatureI think I ate too muchGold 
Sashen NaiduOpenThirstyGold 
Sashen NaiduSet SubjectEmilyGold 
Sean Cameron GunnMonochromeBrighton Beach Club HouseSilver 
Sean Cameron GunnMonochromeBuilt for KrishnaSilver 
Sean Cameron GunnMarVille ChallengeInner glowSilver 
Sean Cameron GunnOpenKrishnas devoteesSilver 
Sean Cameron GunnSet SubjectMale modelGold 
Shirley GillittCreative or Visual ArtElegantGold 
Shirley GillittMonochromeFriendsGold 
Shirley GillittMarVille ChallengeHappiness to find his storyMerit 
Shirley GillittNatureBrown Hooded kingfisher Merit 
Shirley GillittNatureBalancingGold 
Tracey ZettlerNatureWinter MorningsSilver 
Tracey ZettlerNatureMorning HuesSilver 
Tracey ZettlerSet SubjectMy African DreamSilver 
Tracey ZettlerSet SubjectContemplativeSilver 
Wayne dos Santos NizMonochromeWeather BeatenGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizMarVille ChallengeStork PortraitMerit 
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureZebra SunriseGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizNatureHeron Hippo BFFSilver 
Wayne dos Santos NizOpenStar Burst in KrugerGold 
Wendy FreerNatureImmature flower mantidGold 
Wendy FreerOpenBike 171Merit