Gallery May 2019

Judges: Clare van Daele (Amber Camera Club) & Alan Nixon (APSSA) Ballito Camera Club.

Top Images:

Top Junior Image: Lotus Flower – Marie Helberg

Top Senior Image: The Beauty in Racing – Shane Newman

Top Set Subject Image (Macro): Red Beetle Lunch – Pieter Venter

Gold & Merit Award Images:

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward
Alex StewartMonochromeChainedSilver
Alex StewartNatureFog SunsetGold
Alex StewartOpenBeyond RepairBronze
Alex StewartOpenAfter the FireBronze
Alister StenhouseMonochromeTrioBronze
Alister StenhouseNatureCatch me if you canSilver
Alister StenhouseNatureFlaming LeopardGold
Alister StenhouseOpenTollas EdenBronze
Andre RoosInterclubThe Magic of Austin at NightSilver
Andre RoosOpenLayer on Layer at MonteseelGold
Andre RoosOpenDingaans Rest at SunriseSilver
Andre RoosSet SubjectSplash ExplosionGold
Andre RoosSet SubjectA Study in PoiseMerit
Andrew PikeInterclubRotterdam nightscapeMerit
Andrew PikeMonochromeDrops on wireGold
Andrew PikeNatureAfter the ChaseBronze
Andrew PikeSet SubjectHairy on redSilver
Andrew PikeSet SubjectBug on a stalkBronze
Ann SartorInterclubRed light AlertSilver
Ann SartorNatureStorm approachingGold
Ann SartorOpenGeisha GirlMerit
Ann SartorSet SubjectFly eating Gold
Ann SartorSet SubjectUnidentified HatchlingSilver
Bee BrodieInterclubThe BundSilver
Bee BrodieMonochromeWe have a job to do here BobBronze
Bee BrodieOpenSpring in the Big CitySilver
Bee BrodiePhotojournalismThe wrath of the seaMerit
Bee BrodieSet SubjectGo awayBronze
Ben MyburghMonochromeTaylor in studioMerit
Ben MyburghMonochromeTimelessGold
Ben MyburghOpenCosplay in StudioGold
Ben MyburghSet SubjectEyes wide shutGold
Brian H C WilliamsNaturePeeking Ox PeckerGold
Brian H C WilliamsNatureBeach debrisMerit
Brian H C WilliamsOpenDrinking FountainBronze
Brian H C WilliamsSet SubjectGreen PrayersGold
Brian H C WilliamsSet SubjectMr RedNo Award
Brian WiddowsonNatureJust relaxingSilver
Brian WiddowsonNatureDead Leaf MantisSilver
Brian WiddowsonOpenWhat a HootSilver
Brian WiddowsonSportRacingBronze
Ciska VenterInterclubDurban Beach FrontMerit
Ciska VenterNatureWoolly Bee Fly Gold
Ciska VenterNatureShaking Feathers In Place Silver
Ciska VenterOpenAnt Merit
Ciska VenterOpenGorgeous Looking BirdGold
Colleen VenterNatureBird on a MissionGold
Colleen VenterNatureHitching a RideSilver
Colleen VenterOpenMans Best FriendMerit
Colleen VenterSportShepherds DelightBronze
Conrad KelseyInterclubS43Silver
Conrad KelseyOpenIG ManSilver
Conrad KelseyOpenCatelyn in LeatherMerit
Conrad KelseySet SubjectAntSilver
Conrad KelseySet SubjectWell Hello ThereSilver
Dean de GrootInterclubCamp-fireSilver
Dean de GrootNatureBack to BackSilver
Dean de GrootNatureYawnSilver
Dean de GrootOpenAfrica SunGold
Dean de GrootOpenPostcardGold
Debra StevensonInterclubLights and motionGold
Debra StevensonMonochromewhat a stunning boySilver
Debra StevensonMonochromeBaffalo in HluhluweBronze
Debra StevensonNatureWater LillySilver
Debra StevensonOpenTaryns ChinaGold
Des PorterOpenThe preacherBronze
Des PorterOpenAloneMerit
Des PorterSet SubjectSnake headMerit
Di Di WayneMonochromeSmoking biplanesMerit
Di Di WayneMonochromeChinese curio makerGold
Di Di WayneNatureMaking ripplesBronze
Di Di WayneNatureHe is not big he is my supperMerit
Erika StanderNatureJoy comes in the morningGold
Erika StanderNatureReflectionsGold
Erika StanderSet SubjectPikanien FlymasjienMerit
Erika StanderSet SubjectRaindrops keep falling on my headMerit
Gail CrouchSet SubjectPerfumeSilver
Gail CrouchSet SubjectPale RoseGold
Gary OusmanNatureLashSilver
Gary OusmanNatureGreat White EgretSilver
Gary OusmanOpenPainting Again BobMerit
Gary OusmanSportMX 225Merit
Geoff FeldonMonochromeStreet wallSilver
Geoff FeldonMonochromeSurfboard shadowsSilver
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectNailedSilver
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectGetting sharpGold
Graham GillettInterclubA Diwali BurstGold
Graham GillettOpenOverflowGold
Graham GillettOpenA Meal On BoardGold
Grant HutchisonCreative or Visual ArtEDDIESSilver
Grant HutchisonMonochromeLONG JETTYNo Award
Grant HutchisonOpenTHE BOULDERSMerit
Grant HutchisonSet SubjectFLOWER DROPSilver
Grant StevensonInterclubBotanical Gardens Trail of LightsSilver
Grant StevensonMonochromeZebra Nose to TailSilver
Grant StevensonNatureSehlabatebe Dark SkySilver
Grant StevensonOpenSun Burst at SehlabatebeSilver
Grant StevensonSet SubjectBee on CosmosMerit
Howard GillittInterclubHarbour raysMerit
Howard GillittNatureKingMerit
Howard GillittNatureBuffalo BullMerit
Howard GillittOpensensualGold
Howard GillittSportthat wayMerit
Ian DamerellSet SubjectFlower mantisMerit
Ian DamerellSet SubjectButterflyMerit
Ian MillsInterclubtoti night lightsBronze
Ian MillsMonochromeWarthog Hi there good lookingSilver
Ian MillsNatureSecretary bird whats on the menuSilver
Ian MillsNatureRhino peek a booBronze
Ian MillsSet Subjectwild orchidSilver
Ina RoosCreative or Visual ArtRing of fireSilver
Ina RoosInterclubOne eye kingBronze
Ina RoosNaturePointed wingSilver
Ina RoosNatureFly BySilver
Ina RoosOpenCatching sunsetBronze
Jacques MartinSet SubjectStationarySilver
Jeffrey GovenderOpenaliens are hereSilver
Jeffrey GovenderOpenreflectionsSilver
Jeffrey GovenderSet Subjectminute white hibiscusSilver
Jeffrey GovenderSet Subjectgreen baby mantisSilver
Jen AdamInterclubFishing on the Dock of thee BayBronze
Jen AdamNatureTeaching Her ChickBronze
Jen AdamOpenLife Is All About BalanceGold
Jen AdamOpenDays Gone ByGold
Jen WhitingNatureMdumbi No Award
Jen WhitingOpenTime to reflectGold
Jen WhitingSet SubjectInseparableBronze
Jen WhitingSet SubjectRock pool trinketBronze
Jenny PiperNatureThe Nest BuilderSilver
Jenny PiperSet SubjectColour Me GreenSilver
Jenny PiperSet SubjectThe Heart Of A RoseMerit
Jill FerrazInterclubLightning StrikeSilver
Jill FerrazNatureA Startle of ZebraMerit
Jill FerrazOpenSnack TimeMerit
Jill FerrazOpenNo shopping bag necessaryMerit
Jill FerrazSet SubjectSpider DazzleMerit
Joan WiddowsonMonochromeMaison du RoyBronze
Joan WiddowsonMonochromeNational History MuseumBronze
Joan WiddowsonOpenLooking throughBronze
Joan WiddowsonOpenLightsSilver
John ThackerayInterclubHome Town BluesGold
John ThackerayMonochromeThis Is LindiweSilver
John ThackerayNatureWalking On WaterBronze
John ThackerayNatureThe StealGold
John ThackeraySportCome On RefSilver
Karen FischerMonochromeAnd on the third daySilver
Karen FischerOpenOn the beachSilver
Karen FischerSet SubjectDinner for meMerit
Kazalette PikeNatureLion cubGold
Kazalette PikeOpenTeach them youngSilver
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectExotic spiderGold
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectPenny StinkerSilver
Louisa van NiekerkCreative or Visual ArtRecuperateGold
Louisa van NiekerkCreative or Visual ArtColorful messSilver
Louisa van NiekerkMonochromeBeacon of hopeSilver
Louisa van NiekerkSet SubjectGoing nowhere slowlyGold
Lucia PhillipsMonochromePatterns and TexturesSilver
Lucia PhillipsNatureThe OnlookerBronze
Lucia PhillipsNatureIn step with MomSilver
Lucia PhillipsSportPulling hard through the waterGold
lynn johnsonMonochromeKEYSGold
lynn johnsonOpenLOADING DOCKSMerit
lynn johnsonSet SubjectA DIFFERENT VIEWMerit
lynn johnsonSet SubjectBI COLOURBronze
Lynne HauptfleischInterclubGhost ShipsSilver
Lynne HauptfleischOpenWater lillyBronze
Lynne HauptfleischOpenBugGold
Lynne HauptfleischSet SubjectLadybugBronze
Lynne HauptfleischSet SubjectPrayersBronze
Malcolm ReevesMonochromeCracker PumpingSilver
Malcolm ReevesOpenAloe KayaGold
Malcolm ReevesOpenMountain Lake ReflectionGold
Malcolm ReevesSet SubjectEye to EyeSilver
Marie HelbergOpenLotus FlowerMerit
Mike MorganNatureDownstreamGold
Mike MorganNatureRiver runs through itSilver
Mike MorganOpenThe WeirSilver
Mike MorganOpenMt Champagne reflectionsGold
Natascha WeberInterclubHazy Night on the BeachfrontSilver
Natascha WeberMonochromeKing Air 200 Waiting for PaxGold
Natascha WeberNatureDelicate Little Sea SlugBronze
Natascha WeberSet SubjectWithin The FlameGold
Natascha WeberSet SubjectCitrus CellsSilver
Patsy DemmersMonochromeA Disobedient GlassGold
Pieter VenterInterclubNight Lights from the SeineGold
Pieter VenterNaturePreening SwallowGold
Pieter VenterOpenRed Leaf ForestGold
Pieter VenterPhotojournalismParis Marathon 2019 Winners PodiumGold
Pieter VenterSet SubjectRed Beetle LunchMerit
Ron PiperOpenFlooded trees at KenmoGold
Ron PiperOpenStorm Clouds over MidmarMerit
Ron PiperSet Subject10 eyesSilver
Ron PiperSet SubjectFlutterby at restGold
Sally ThackerayNatureTasty GrubMerit
Sally ThackerayNatureThis One Is All MineMerit
Sally ThackerayOpenAs Far As The Eye Can SeeMerit
Sally ThackerayOpenDusty DawnGold
Shane NewmanMonochromeCoveredSilver
Shane NewmanOpenSunrise ReflectionsMerit
Shane NewmanOpenSunrise TideGold
Shane NewmanSportThe Beauty in RacingMerit
Sheilagh BillInterclubFalse Bay SunsetNo Award
Sheilagh BillOpenGigantic LeapSilver
Sheilagh BillSet SubjectFlower detailGold
Shirley GillittInterclubA little night magicSilver
Shirley GillittMonochromeCircus girlsMerit
Shirley GillittNatureCommon GreenshankSilver
Shirley GillittNatureDribbleMerit
Shirley GillittOpenLumo paint dropsMerit
Sonia SieckerCreative or Visual ArtLeaf reflectionSilver
Sonia SieckerNatureBattered ElandSilver
Sonia SieckerPhotojournalismWesbank to the rescueBronze
Sonia SieckerSportSailing for MozambiqueSilver
Tracey ZettlerCreative or Visual ArtLeafed BehindGold
Tracey ZettlerNatureRock KestrelSilver
Tracey ZettlerSet SubjectWhere the fairies Silver
Tracey ZettlerSet SubjectTextured MushroomSilver
Trevor LeaNatureTiny BugSilver
Trevor LeaOpenGarden StrelitziaSilver
Trevor LeaSet SubjectColourful HopperGold
Veronique RachmanNatureThats my good sideBronze
Veronique RachmanNatureLets go guysBronze
Veronique RachmanOpenWild BeautiesBronze
Veronique RachmanOpenZoeSilver
Veronique RachmanSet SubjectAngelNo Award
Wendy FreerOpenIncoming tideSilver
Wendy FreerOpenFrom bygone daysBronze
Willie HeneganInterclubThe waterfrontSilver
Willie HeneganMonochromeUmhlanga lighthouseBronze
Willie HeneganNatureThirst quencherSilver
Willie HeneganOpenTable mountain sunsetGold
Willie HeneganOpenBeach cottagesGold