Gallery March 2024

Judges: Evelyn Gibson, Bertie Price (MCC), Karen Fischer (WCC)

Top Images:

Top Junior: Neolen Pillay – Primal

Top senior: Andrew Pike – Gently beaming its warning

Top Set Subject: Elton John Bartlett – Head held high

Gold and Merit award winners:

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Author Category Name Photo Title Award
Alex Stewart Monochrome Janine Steaming In Gold
Alex Stewart Nature African Darter Silver
Alex Stewart Open Chopper ZS-RDL Merit
Alex Stewart Open Groot Brak Sunset Silver
Andrew Pike MarVille Challenge The leader of the band Silver
Andrew Pike Open Gently beaming its warning Merit
Andrew Pike Open The mighty Spandaukop presides Merit
Andrew Pike Open Embraced by the light Gold
Andrew Pike Set Subject The Southern tip Gold
Ann Sartor KZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and Decay Needing more than a coat of paint Gold
Ann Sartor Monochrome Brave new world Gold
Ann Sartor Open Different directions Gold
Ann Sartor Set Subject Been a while Gold
Bee Brodie Nature Im only a baby Silver
Bee Brodie Nature Can we train this dragon Silver
Bee Brodie Nature Getting my hair did today Silver
Bee Brodie Nature Yes I am eating bugs on the floor Silver
Ben Myburgh KZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and Decay Found On Rust Dump Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Fitness Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Angela Gold
Ben Myburgh MarVille Challenge Goba Goba Silver
Ben Myburgh Set Subject JJ Gold
betsy kee Monochrome Kgalgadi Wildebeeste Gold
betsy kee Monochrome Baobab and clouds Silver
betsy kee MarVille Challenge Kgalgadi Suricates Gold
betsy kee Nature Siblings at play Gold
betsy kee Open Death in the garden Gold
Buan Stanley Monochrome emily Merit
Buan Stanley Monochrome Megan in mono Gold
Buan Stanley MarVille Challenge crossfit games pain Gold
Buan Stanley Open The last look Gold
Buan Stanley Open Wait for me I gots little legs Gold
Conrad Kelsey MarVille Challenge Monolith Silver
Conrad Kelsey Open Camps Bay Merit
Conrad Kelsey Open A Little Rush Of The Sea Merit
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Cable Car Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Sandy Boardwalk Silver
Dave Wickham MarVille Challenge Wistful Silver
Dave Wickham Nature Regal Gaze Gold
Dave Wickham Nature Thirsty Buffalo Merit
Dave Wickham Open 1953 Alvis TA21 Convertible Gold
Dave Wickham Open Before Sunrise at the Jetty Gold
Elton Bartlett Monochrome Stomach in Chest out Merit
Elton Bartlett MarVille Challenge Feathered Beauty Gold
Elton Bartlett Nature Did someone say Coffee Merit
Elton Bartlett Nature Check out Dads Party Trick Merit
Elton Bartlett Set Subject Head held High Merit
Este Blundell MarVille Challenge Umhlanga lighthouse Gold
Este Blundell Nature Mongoose on the prowl Gold
Este Blundell Nature Green Woodhoopoe Gold
Este Blundell Open Where is my mummy Gold
Este Blundell Set Subject Pedroskloof quiver tree No award
Gen Macquet Monochrome Dehorned Silver
Gen Macquet Nature Karoo Storm No award
Gen Macquet Nature Autumn Hues Silver
Gen Macquet Sport and Photojournalism Trattoria Parking Silver
Gen Macquet Set Subject King Gold
Gert Van Der Linde Monochrome Kees en Boggom Gold
Gert Van Der Linde Monochrome Cathedral Peak Gold
Gert Van Der Linde Open Didima view Gold
Gert Van Der Linde Open Longsuffering Merit
Graham Gillett Nature Just Hanging Upside Gold
Graham Gillett Open Full Midmar Gold
Graham Gillett Open Whalebone Dawn Merit
Graham Gillett Open African Fisherman Gold
Howard Gillitt MarVille Challenge Buffalo in mono Merit
Howard Gillitt Nature Black crake hunting Merit
Howard Gillitt Nature something is there Gold
Howard Gillitt Nature I am thirsty mum Merit
Howard Gillitt Open Young boy and his dog Merit
Ian Mills Monochrome hey oh off we go Silver
Ian Mills Nature crooked nose Silver
Ian Mills Nature is it safe to come out No award
Ian Mills Set Subject on the prowl Gold
Jane Smith MarVille Challenge Farmlands In The Langeberg Gold
Jane Smith Open Leaves Of Gold Merit
Jane Smith Open A Barefoot Walk Along The Beach Silver
Jane Smith Set Subject A Lion Embrace Silver
Jane Smith Set Subject The Kerk Door Silver
Janet Hesketh MarVille Challenge Heavy morning mist Silver
Janet Hesketh Open Divebombed Silver
Janet Hesketh Open Mountains in cloud Gold
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Planker at work Silver
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Planking machine Gold
Jen Adam MarVille Challenge Tea For Two Gold
Jen Adam Nature Resting for a Minute Gold
Jen Adam Nature Fixed on The Target Gold
Jen Adam Open Morning Dip Gold
Jen Adam Set Subject Will – I – Am Gold
Jill Ferraz KZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and Decay Decaying matter Gold
Jill Ferraz MarVille Challenge Damaged Dandelion Gold
Jill Ferraz Sport and Photojournalism Noooooooo Gold
Jill Ferraz Sport and Photojournalism You cannot catch me Merit
Jill Ferraz Set Subject Pesky flies Gold
Karen Fischer Nature Breakfast Time 2 Silver
Karen Fischer Nature Zinkwazi 17 Gold
Karen Fischer Nature Wide Mouth Gold
Karen Fischer Open Moyo Below Gold
Kazalette Pike MarVille Challenge Mona Lisa smile Gold
Kazalette Pike Nature BROMANCE Gold
Kazalette Pike Open Sahara sandstorm Merit
Kazalette Pike Set Subject Solly the car guard Gold
Kazalette Pike Set Subject Enigma Gold
Linda Scott KZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and Decay Durban Decay Silver
Linda Scott MarVille Challenge My Summer Hat Gold
Linda Scott Nature Oops I broke your grass Silver
Linda Scott Open My Little Friend Gold
Linda Scott Set Subject Woof Merit
Malcolm Reeves KZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and Decay Held Together By Rust Gold
Malcolm Reeves Monochrome Porch Light Silver
Malcolm Reeves Nature Sea Lion at Kaka Point Gold
Malcolm Reeves Open Look Beyond The Rot Gold
Marco Dagnolo Nature Face to face Gold
Marco Dagnolo Nature Those eyes Gold
Marco Dagnolo Open Seeing the light Silver
Marco Dagnolo Open The heat Gold
Natascha Robinson MarVille Challenge Sheer Silver
Natascha Robinson Open Daisy Dew Merit
Natascha Robinson Set Subject Whats On the Apron Silver
Natascha Robinson Set Subject Amaryllis in Mono Gold
Neolen Pillay MarVille Challenge Primal Merit
Neolen Pillay Nature Peli Can and So Can I Gold
Neolen Pillay Open Sun Sea and Sweat Silver
Neolen Pillay Open The Author Gold
Neolen Pillay Set Subject Inked Gold
Nicky Forbes Monochrome For I have seen the Albatross Gold
Nicky Forbes MarVille Challenge A lovely white-eye Gold
Nicky Forbes Nature Where IS Mom Merit
Nicky Forbes Open Love you sis Merit
Nicky Forbes Set Subject This queue is just not moving Silver
Sean Cameron Gunn Creative or Visual Art Altered reality Gold
Sean Cameron Gunn Open High on the hills Gold
Sean Cameron Gunn Set Subject The white door Silver
Sean Cameron Gunn Set Subject Living the high life Silver
Shirley Gillitt KZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and Decay Beyond repair Gold
Shirley Gillitt MarVille Challenge Snarly face Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature Brothers in Sync Merit
Shirley Gillitt Nature Eye to eye Merit
Shirley Gillitt Open Morgs with the milk Merit
Tracey Zettler MarVille Challenge Finding My Zen Gold
Tracey Zettler Open Loch Lomond Scotland Silver
Tracey Zettler Set Subject Listening for the Sea Bronze
Tracey Zettler Set Subject Lighting the way Silver
Tracey Zettler Set Subject Herbie Silver
Trevor Lea Open Welcome to the Mountains Gold
Trevor Lea Open Under the Pier Siver
Trevor Lea Set Subject Dramatic Cathkin Scene No award
Trevor Lea KZN Interclub Set Subject Rust and Decay Locked a Long Time Ago Gold
Wayne dos Santos Niz Monochrome Pelican Drinking Merit
Wayne dos Santos Niz Monochrome Yorkshire Kilns Merit
Wayne dos Santos Niz MarVille Challenge F1 2024 Stroll Crash Gold
Wayne dos Santos Niz Open Saltburn Pier 2 Merit
Wayne dos Santos Niz Open Jurassic Sunset Colours Merit