Gallery March 2018


Steve McCurrach

Clare van Daele (Amber Camera Club)


Top Images:

Top Junior: Chapel Door2 – Graham Gillett

Top Senior: You Can’t Catch Me – Kevin Mullins

Top Set Subject: Sharks Board Keeping Our Shore Safe – Janet Hesketh

Gold and Merit Award Images:

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Author Category Name Photo Title Award Description
Allan Bower Open As I Lay Me Down To Roost Gold
Allan Bower Set Subject Can You Hear Me Singing Gold
Andre Roos Nature Man of War Gold
Andre Roos Photojournalism Crane Lifts Loco to fix Flat Tyre No Award
Andre Roos Creative or Visual Art Not a Bird Bronze
Andre Roos Interclub Head of Prayer Gold
Andre Roos Sport Stay in the Zone Silver
Andrew Climpson Nature AJ on Green Certificate of Merit
Andrew Climpson Nature Monkey See Monkey Do Gold
Ann Sartor Interclub Puddles Gold
Ann Sartor Monochrome Controlled by the mothership Certificate of Merit
Ann Sartor Monochrome Curl up and relax Silver
Anthony Haynes Open Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus Silver
Anthony Haynes Open Little poser Silver
Anthony Haynes Nature Albino Bushbuck Gold
Anthony Haynes Nature Brown Hooded Kingfisher Silver
Arlene Mullins Open On Point Certificate of Merit
Arlene Mullins Open Wish upon a rainbow Certificate of Merit
Arlene Mullins Set Subject Glowing Stadium Silver
Arlene Mullins Nature Sun bathing Gold
Arlene Mullins Monochrome Ma No Award
Ben Myburgh Open Old School Gold
Ben Myburgh Open Remains Gold
Ben Myburgh Interclub Red Shoe Diary Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Human Scape Certificate of Merit
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Candle Wax Bronze
Betsy Kee Open Its a long day Certificate of Merit
Betsy Kee Open zen garden Bronze
Betsy Kee Set Subject curio seller in KZN Bronze
Betsy Kee Nature kokerboom Bronze
Brendan Kuhnert Open Ski Lift Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Open Sunrise Adventures Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Nature Penguin Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Creative or Visual Art Maple No Award
Brendan Kuhnert Monochrome Zebs Gold
Carmen Anderson Open Minenhle Certificate of Merit
Carmen Anderson Open Rings Bronze
Carmen Anderson Set Subject Monteseel Gold
Carmen Anderson Creative or Visual Art A column of figs Silver
Ciska Venter Open Funny Lizard Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Open Egg Flower Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Nature Little Bee Eater With Bee Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Nature Glengary Bugs Gold
Ciska Venter Interclub Three Wine Glasses Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open Jenna Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open Just Keep Swimming Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Moyo Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Kenmo Bronze
Conrad Kelsey Interclub Red Longboard Silver
Di Wayne Set Subject Young beader Silver
Di Wayne Set Subject The local butcher Bronze
Di Wayne Monochrome Lesotho Shephard Certificate of Merit
Gail Crouch Open Early Light Bronze
Gail Crouch Set Subject Pensive Gold
Gail Crouch Set Subject Church Silver
Gail Crouch Nature Penguin Bronze
Gary Ousman Nature Motherly Love Gold
Gary Ousman Monochrome Male Dominance Silver
Gary Ousman Monochrome Old Man Daga Bronze
Gary Ousman Sport Hell For Leather Silver
Geoff Feldon Open Yosheen 4 Certificate of Merit
Geoff Feldon Open Waiting to fly Gold
Graham Gillett Open Showmaker Elve Bronze
Graham Gillett Creative or Visual Art Yatchy Sunrise Gold
Graham Gillett Interclub Chapel Door2 Certificate of Merit
Graham Gillett Monochrome Railway Crew Start the Day Gold
Graham Gillett Monochrome Moses First Light Gold
Guy Wayne Open Maletesunyane Falls Lesotho Certificate of Merit
Guy Wayne Open Sehlabathebe Tarn Gold
Guy Wayne Nature Young Jacana Silver
Guy Wayne Nature A scrum of wildebeest Silver
Heinz Benecke Nature Smiley Gold
Heinz Benecke Nature Pink Bronze
Heinz Benecke Interclub Midmar Silver
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Table Cloth Silver
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Ronnies Silver
Howard Gillitt Open Hopeful Silver
Howard Gillitt Nature Move off Gold
Howard Gillitt Nature mangy cubs at rest Silver
Howard Gillitt Interclub kite Silver
Howard Gillitt Monochrome Light and shadow Certificate of Merit
Ian Damerell Open Abby afternoon light Gold
Ian Damerell Set Subject Afternoon outside Underberg Silver
Ian Damerell Nature Damsel fly Gold
Ian Damerell Nature Yellow butterfly Silver
Ina Roos Set Subject Both of us Bronze
Ina Zeeman Open Camouflage Gold
Ina Zeeman Open Pied Kingfisher Gold
Ina Zeeman Nature Bambi Gold
Ina Zeeman Nature Southern Carmine Bee-eater Silver
Janet Hesketh Open Frost in the Sahara Certificate of Merit
Janet Hesketh Open Moroccan metal work Gold
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Sharks Board keeping our shore safe Gold
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Our iconic Drakensberg Silver
Jeffrey Govender Open prayer time Gold
Jeffrey Govender Open hooray Bronze
Jeffrey Govender Nature flower mantis Gold
Jeffrey Govender Nature snail 2 Bronze
Jen Adam Open On the Seashore Gold
Jen Adam Open Iris in a Bubble Silver
Jen Adam Nature Curosity Silver
Jen Adam Monochrome Anyone for a Pint Silver
Jenny Aitken Open pretty lady Certificate of Merit
Jenny Aitken Set Subject Dancing at the Festival of Chariots Silver
Jenny Aitken Nature Early morning autumn trees Bronze
John Thackeray Set Subject Mountain Magic Gold
John Thackeray Nature Just Sitting Gold
John Thackeray Nature Why You Drinking Funny Silver
John Thackeray Photojournalism Follow The Leader Gold
John Thackeray Interclub Take Yout Best Shot Silver
Karen Fischer Set Subject Monteseel Bronze
Karen Fischer Sport Tour Natal Rally 2018 Gold
Kevin Mullins Open Karoo windmill under stars Gold
Kevin Mullins Set Subject Moses Mabhida by night Silver
Kevin Mullins Nature Cheetah look No Award
Kevin Mullins Sport You cant catch me Certificate of Merit
Kevin Mullins Sport Sliding Certificate of Merit
Linda Paul Open now I am Certificate of Merit
Linda Paul Set Subject portrait on red Bronze
Linda Paul Monochrome slow chat Gold
Louis Helberg Monochrome Speedster Certificate of Merit
Louis Helberg Monochrome Face in the mirror Gold
Louis Helberg Sport Just do it with a smile Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Open Windows of the soul Certificate of Merit
Louisa van Niekerk Set Subject Best of KZN Bronze
Louisa van Niekerk Creative or Visual Art Android Silver
Louisa van Niekerk Creative or Visual Art Catch a falling star Silver
Louisa van Niekerk Interclub Peek a boo Gold
Lucia Phillips Open Just an empty shell Gold
Lucia Phillips Nature Dance of death Gold
Lucia Phillips Nature Garden locust nymph Gold
Lucia Phillips Photojournalism That moment when you lose control Certificate of Merit
lynn johnson Open ITS ALL IN THE DETAIL Certificate of Merit
lynn johnson Open TANTALISE THE TASTE BUDS Silver
lynn johnson Set Subject STREET MARKET Silver
lynn johnson Monochrome LIFE ON THE STREETS Certificate of Merit
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open AFRICA DAWN Certificate of Merit
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open ORANGE TANKER Silver
Lynne Hauptfleisch Monochrome NOT IMPRESSED Certificate of Merit
Lynne Hauptfleisch Monochrome GOGO Gold
Natascha Weber Set Subject Durban Seine Netters Gold
Natascha Weber Set Subject Smiling Taxi Driver Bronze
Natascha Weber Creative or Visual Art Multiplicity of Youth Gold
Natascha Weber Interclub Buds Silver
Natascha Weber Monochrome Strangers on the Bus Certificate of Merit
Nick Bolam Open Fishing Gold
Nick Bolam Open Early surf Silver
Nick Bolam Photojournalism Spinning Tazz Certificate of Merit
Nick Bolam Photojournalism Golfing in the rough Gold
Pieter Venter Open Seine River Sunset Gold
Pieter Venter Open Canola Field Trees Silver
Pieter Venter Nature Flower Crab Spider Gold
Pieter Venter Nature Assassin Bug Silver
Pieter Venter Interclub Fire and Ice Gold
Ryan Gillett Open light projects from nature and life Silver
Ryan Gillett Set Subject sea breeze at moyo Gold
Ryan Gillett Set Subject i see the sea the sea sees me Silver
Sally Thackeray Open Mystical Moment Gold
Sally Thackeray Set Subject Inherited Tradition Gold
Sally Thackeray Nature Hello Hansome Gold
Sally Thackeray Nature Just Chilling Silver
Sally Thackeray Interclub Anniversary Charm Gold
Shane Newman Open Sunset Seashells Silver
Shane Newman Nature Breaking Light Gold
Shane Newman Nature Grey Heron feeding amoungst Rocks Silver
Shane Newman Interclub The Red in Aprilla Gold
Shane Newman Sport Styled Concentration Gold
Sheilagh Bill Open Cathedral in Prague Silver
Sheilagh Bill Set Subject Hungry Hut Vendors Bronze
Sheilagh Bill Set Subject Secret Socks Bronze
Shirley Gillitt Nature Tawny Eagle Certificate of Merit
Shirley Gillitt Nature Buffalo and Bill Silver
Shirley Gillitt Creative or Visual Art Moon Madness Certificate of Merit
Shirley Gillitt Interclub arched Gold
Shirley Gillitt Monochrome Contemplation Certificate of Merit
Sue Kuhnert Open Drakensburg Church Gold
Sue Kuhnert Open Totem Silver
Sue Kuhnert Nature Giraffe Gold
Sue Kuhnert Nature Penguin No Award
Sue Kuhnert Photojournalism Morning Beach Ride No Award
Tracey Zettler Open Fun on the Farm Silver
Tracey Zettler Nature Butterfly in traditional dress Gold
Tracey Zettler Nature Simplicity of Nature Bronze
Tracey Zettler Monochrome Out the Water Silver
Trevor Lea Open Design Splendour Gold
Trevor Lea Nature Red among Grey Silver
Trevor Lea Monochrome Cape Town Skyscraper Silver
Veronique Rachman Open Maine Coon stare Gold
Veronique Rachman Open Look into my eyes No Award
Wendy Freer Set Subject In a field of cane Bronze
Wendy Freer Set Subject Hibiscus coast Bronze
Wendy Freer Sport Jesse Conci Certificate of Merit
Willie Henegan Open Amongst the canolas Certificate of Merit
Willie Henegan Open Madonna Certificate of Merit
Willie Henegan Interclub Puffing Billy No Award
Willie Henegan Monochrome King Georges maiden Certificate of Merit
Willie Henegan Monochrome Having fun Bronze