Gallery March 2017

Judges – Wendy Freer, Bob Brichet

Top images:
Top Junior – The Mad Hatter – Graham Gillett
Top Senior – Springbok Sprint – Pieter Venter
Top Set Subject – Kiwi Slices – Natascha Weber

Gold and Merit award images:

Author Club Star rating Photo Title Category Name Award Description
Agustin Ritacco 5 Tidal Pool Open Silver
Agustin Ritacco 5 Sunrise Cove Open Bronze
Agustin Ritacco 5 Fly Nature Gold
Agustin Ritacco 5 Expecting Interclub Gold
Agustin Ritacco 5 Rally Slide Sport Merit
Allan Bower 3 African Farm Open Silver
Allan Bower 3 Thorn Flower Open Silver
Allan Bower 3 Peeping Tom Nature Merit
Allan Bower 3 I Spy With…. Nature Silver
Andrew Climpson 4 Its a Family Thing Open Merit
Andrew Climpson 4 Purple Waterdrop Set Subject Bronze
Andrew Climpson 4 Andy Leads The Way Sport Silver
Ann Greyvensteyn 2 I spy a butterfly Open Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn 2 Under sized catch Nature Merit
Ann Greyvensteyn 2 Misty morning Nature Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn 2 Bush bath Monochrome Gold
Ann Sartor 4 Looking for address Open Bronze
Ann Sartor 4 The Subway discussion Set Subject Gold
Ann Sartor 4 Nymph shell Nature Silver
Ann Sartor 4 Great catch Nature Silver
Ann Sartor 4 Budding start to the day Interclub Gold
Ben Myburgh Hon Nakita Open Gold
Ben Myburgh Hon Marti Open Silver
Ben Myburgh Hon Profile Set Subject Bronze
Ben Myburgh Hon Butterfly Interclub Gold
Ben Myburgh Hon Black Hat Monochrome Gold
Betsy Kee 4 evening run Open Silver
Betsy Kee 4 rupert Set Subject Silver
Betsy Kee 4 Baobab Creative or Visual Art Merit
Betsy Kee 4 Searching Monochrome Bronze
Brian Widdowson 4 Another LBJ Set Subject Gold
Brian Widdowson 4 Mother and Child Nature Gold
Brian Widdowson 4 Here is looking at ya Nature Silver
Carmen Anderson 1 John Set Subject Silver
Carmen Anderson 1 Art Space Set Subject Bronze
Carmen Anderson 1 Lotus and Bee Nature Merit
Carmen Anderson 1 This Interclub Gold
Ciska Venter Honours Fat Yellow Fly Open Merit
Ciska Venter Honours Landscape Photographer Open Silver
Ciska Venter Honours Cupcake Beach Nature Gold
Ciska Venter Honours Black Backed Jackal Nature Gold
Ciska Venter Honours Dandelions In Three Interclub Silver
Conrad Kelsey 5STARH Midmar Open Gold
Conrad Kelsey 5STARH Fisherman Open Gold
Conrad Kelsey 5STARH Lone Tree Set Subject Bronze
Conrad Kelsey 5STARH Flower Against The Light Interclub Bronze
Conrad Kelsey 5STARH Courtney Monochrome Merit
Debra Stevenson   Niewouldsville Church Open Bronze
Debra Stevenson   Cape Town Sunset Open Bronze
Debra Stevenson   Weaver Nest Building Nature Gold
Debra Stevenson   Moolmanshoek Sunset Nature Silver
Di Wayne 5H Photographing desert sunset Set Subject Bronze
Di Wayne 5H Yellow bill stork with nesting material Nature Gold
Di Wayne 5H African Jacana (Jesus bird) Nature Silver
Di Wayne 5H Quiver tree textures Creative or Visual Art Bronze
Di Wayne 5H Belly dancer Interclub Bronze
Dianne Abate 5 Tree Python Open Silver
Dianne Abate 5 Early morning haybales Open Bronze
Dianne Abate 5 Surveying the land Nature Gold
Dianne Abate 5 Precious water Monochrome Silver
Gail Crouch 2 Please Open Gold
Gail Crouch 2 Spring Open Silver
Gail Crouch 2 Contre-Jour Set Subject Silver
Gail Crouch 2 Star Burst Nature Silver
Gary Ousman 3 Happy Snapper Nature Gold
Gary Ousman 3 Gliding Nature Gold
Gary Ousman 3 Snarl Monochrome Gold
Gary Ousman 3 Strike a Pose Monochrome Silver
Graham Gillett 2 The Mad Hatter Open Merit
Graham Gillett 2 Serendipity Welder Open Gold
Graham Gillett 2 Trebodore Weather Set Subject Bronze
Graham Gillett 2 Umgeni Sunrise Fisherman Interclub Merit
Graham Gillett 2 WBHS Trials Sport Bronze
Grant Stevenson 4 Gate to the mountains Open Silver
Grant Stevenson 4 Moelmanshoek Open Silver
Grant Stevenson 4 In the Richtersveld Nature Silver
Grant Stevenson 4 Zebra eye Monochrome Gold
Guy Wayne 3 Epupa falls Open Silver
Guy Wayne 3 Lilac breasted roller Nature Gold
Heinz Benecke 4 Cover Open Silver
Heinz Benecke 4 Official Photographer Open Silver
Heinz Benecke 4 Sunrise Nature Silver
Heinz Benecke 4 Landies dont die They are used in other ways Photojournalism Bronze
Heinz Benecke 4 Duzi Paddler Interclub Silver
Howard Gillitt 5 Waiting for the wave Open Merit
Howard Gillitt 5 Departure Open Silver
Howard Gillitt 5 The leopard hunts in Darkness Nature Gold
Howard Gillitt 5 Unaware Nature Silver
Howard Gillitt 5 Beach mist Interclub Gold
Ian Damerell 5 Male Amur falcon Open Merit
Ian Damerell 5 Megan Open Silver
Ian Damerell 5 A small speckeled job Nature Gold
Ian Damerell 5 Dragonfly on yellow Nature Gold
Ian Lander 3 Catch me if you can Open Silver
Ian Lander 3 Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque Open Silver
Ina Zeeman 1 Waterhole Open Silver
Ina Zeeman 1 Tuli Sunset Open Bronze
Ina Zeeman 1 Little Bee-eater Nature Merit
Ina Zeeman 1 Cheetah Nature Gold
Janet Hesketh 4 Hairy plant Set Subject Silver
Janet Hesketh 4 Dawn waves Set Subject Bronze
Janet Hesketh 4 veld flowers at dusk Nature Silver
Janet Hesketh 4 15 mm caterpillar Nature Silver
Janet Hesketh 4 quiet pavement Interclub Bronze
Jeffrey Govender 4 just looking Open Bronze
Jeffrey Govender 4 Winklespruit 01 Open Bronze
Jeffrey Govender 4 shooting at the moon Set Subject Bronze
Jeffrey Govender 4 snail 5 Nature Gold
Jeffrey Govender 4 snail 3 Nature Silver
Joan Widdowson 4 V and A Open Silver
John Abate 3 Stretcher rescue Open Gold
John Abate 3 All eyes on the decent Open Bronze
John Abate 3 Winner Tour Natal 2017 Sport Gold
John Abate 3 Leeke running 2nd Sport Gold
john thackeray 2 Poplar Perch Open Silver
john thackeray 2 Glass Wall Set Subject Gold
john thackeray 2 Who Goes There Nature Gold
john thackeray 2 Legends at Work Photojournalism Merit
john thackeray 2 Bon Voyage Interclub Silver
Judy Mann 2 Carissa in flower and fruit Open Silver
Judy Mann 2 Mkhambati Falls Open Silver
Judy Mann 2 Tired mom Nature Gold
Judy Mann 2 Pink ghost crab Nature Gold
Lucia Phillips 5 Ready to strike Open Merit
Lucia Phillips 5 Storm clouds brewing Open Bronze
Lucia Phillips 5 Contemplation Nature Silver
Lucia Phillips 5 Muddy Princesses river crossing Photojournalism Silver
lynn johnson 2 Pretty in pink Open Merit
lynn johnson 2 Bright copper kettles Open Silver
lynn johnson 2 Cloister Monochrome Gold
lynn johnson 2 Coedmore Castle Monochrome Silver
Marius van Tonder 5 wonder woman Open Silver
Marius van Tonder 5 final encounter Nature Silver
Marius van Tonder 5 a flash of colour Nature Silver
Marius van Tonder 5 gom what Monochrome Bronze
Martha van Tonder 5 Wonderwoman Open Silver
Martha van Tonder 5 Lady with a sword Monochrome Gold
Michael Sand 4 Can You Keep A Secret Open Silver
Michael Sand 4 Two Worlds Open Silver
Michael Sand 4 Day Shift Set Subject Silver
Michael Sand 4 Mono Girl Monochrome Silver
Natascha Weber 2 Island Sunset Open Merit
Natascha Weber 2 Kiwi Slices Set Subject Merit
Natascha Weber 2 Lone Anemone Nature Gold
Natascha Weber 2 The Smiling Conductor Monochrome Gold
Pieter Venter 5H Sunset Wreck Open Gold
Pieter Venter 5H Overberg Farm Pano Open Silver
Pieter Venter 5H Springbok Sprint Nature Merit
Pieter Venter 5H Thompsons Ghosts Interclub Bronze
Pieter Venter 5H Natal Tree Frog Monochrome Gold
Ryan Gillett 1 Family Stay Together Nature Gold
Ryan Gillett 1 To Cool Sport Silver
Ryan Gillett 1 Aim and believe Sport Silver
Sashen Naidu 1 Sea The Surfer Set Subject Bronze
Sashen Naidu 1 City Life Flyers Set Subject Bronze
Shane Newman 5 Legend Racing Open Gold
Shane Newman 5 Burning Sunrise Rays Set Subject Merit
Shane Newman 5 Mud Wrestling Flies Nature Silver
Shane Newman 5 Escaped Porsche Sport Gold
Sharon Dell 1 Sunflower wannabe Open Silver
Sharon Dell 1 Bernie on the alert Open Bronze
Sharon Dell 1 Morning reflection Monochrome Silver
Shirley Fraser 4 Soccer day Open Gold
Shirley Fraser 4 My ball Open Gold
Shirley Gillitt 5 honours Green flour Open Silver
Shirley Gillitt 5 honours Handsome boy Set Subject Bronze
Shirley Gillitt 5 honours Leopards kitchen Nature Gold
Shirley Gillitt 5 honours Little Bee Eater Nature Gold
Shirley Gillitt 5 honours Late evening kiting Interclub Bronze
terri de wet 1 tree mouse Nature Silver
terri de wet 1 preening time Nature Silver
Tracey Zettler 4 Peek a Boo Open Bronze
Tracey Zettler 4 Pretty In Purple Set Subject Bronze
Tracey Zettler 4 Rhonwyn Monochrome Silver
Wendy Freer Honours Rim-lit ostrich Set Subject Gold
Wendy Freer Honours Grooming Nature Gold
Willie Henegan 4 Happy lady Open Silver
Willie Henegan 4 Water hole Nature Gold
Willie Henegan 4 Mountain reflection Nature Silver
Willie Henegan 4 Night cap Interclub Silver
Willie Henegan 4 Buffalo Monochrome Silver