Gallery June 2020


Lynne Kruger-Haye – (LPSSA), from Cape Town Photographic Society.

Koos Fourie  (APSSA) , Johan Brits (FPSSA, EPSSA), Dr Jan Jacobs (APSSA) (Vers), FPSSA , from Vanderbijlparkse Fotografiese Vereniging And Lichtenburg Fotografieklub.

Top Images:

Top Junior: Baby Gorilla – Kazalette Pike.

Top Senior: When Will It End – Geoff Feldon.

Top Set Subject: (Narrative / Story Telling) When Will It End – Geoff Feldon.

Gold and Merit Award Images:

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward
Alister StenhouseNatureMorning LightBronze
Alister StenhouseNatureFocustGold
Alister StenhouseOpenRolling HillsBronze
Alister StenhouseOpenReflectionBronze
Allan BowerMonochromeThe ReaderSilver
Allan BowerOpenThinking About TomorrowSilver
Allan BowerOpenLock Down CatBronze
Allan BowerSport and PhotojournalismMan At WorkGold
Alta NeethlingMonochromeZebraGold
Alta NeethlingNatureImpalaSilver
Alta NeethlingOpenTime Goes ByBronze
Alta NeethlingSet SubjectTree Cutting Gold
Andre RoosMonochromeMall In The DarkSilver
Andre RoosMonochromeReally Pushing The PcNo Award
Andre RoosOpenA Red BugSilver
Andre RoosSet SubjectLove On A BoardGold
Andrew PikeCreative or Visual ArtMonet Water LiliesGold
Andrew PikeInterclubWinters HereSilver
Andrew PikeOpenThe Tide Is OutSilver
Andrew PikeSet SubjectCan You Believe ThatGold
Andrew PikeSet SubjectJust Popping Out DearGold
Ben MyburghInterclubNo SmokingGold
Ben MyburghMonochromeDanieGold
Ben MyburghMonochromeStay On TrackMerit
Ben MyburghOpenRedGold
Ben MyburghOpenLockdown 2020Silver
Betsy KeeMonochromeFighting GemsbokGold
Betsy KeeNatureBayala MalesBronze
Betsy KeeOpenCamp LightSilver
Betsy KeeSet SubjectMozambique DecaySilver
Brian H C WilliamsFood PhotographyCarrot Cake Is Good For YouBronze
Brian H C WilliamsOpenWater SportsBronze
Celia FourieMonochromeThree Of UsSilver
Celia FourieNatureI Can See YouGold
Celia FourieNatureTri-FlectionsGold
Celia FourieSet SubjectGreetingsSilver
Ciska VenterInterclubAccessin Bug Gold
Ciska VenterMonochromeOhana Merit
Ciska VenterNatureAfrican Pygmy GooseSilver
Ciska VenterNatureAfter The RainMerit
Ciska VenterOpenBefore Covid 19 Gold
Colleen VenterNatureExtreme FocusSilver
Colleen VenterNatureThe King In All His GloryGold
Colleen VenterSport and PhotojournalismOopsieGold
Colleen VenterSport and PhotojournalismJump For JoySilver
Conrad KelseyInterclubPort Bound Fishing BoatGold
Conrad KelseyMonochromeSavanahGold
Conrad KelseyOpenLittle FlowersSilver
Conrad KelseySet SubjectBaptismSilver
Conrad KelseySet SubjectReach OutGold
Debra StevensonNatureGull In FlightBronze
Debra StevensonOpenGood CatchSilver
Debra StevensonOpenMother And ChildSilver
Debra StevensonSet SubjectBest Time To Go FishingGold
Des PorterMonochromeContainer DockSilver
Des PorterOpenBud ReflectionSilver
Di WayneInterclubOn The Look OutGold
Di WayneNatureSpurwing Take OffGold
Di WayneOpenFulvous Whistling DuckSilver
Di WayneSet SubjectBreakfastGold
Di WayneSet SubjectVegetable Garden Watering Vietnam StyleSilver
Frederick TurckMonochromeLooking ThroughGold
Frederick TurckNatureRhino Mother And CalfGold
Frederick TurckNaturePelicanGold
Frederick TurckSet SubjectCovid Family WalkSilver
Gary OusmanMonochromeZebra StallionMerit
Gary OusmanMonochromeFamily ClusterGold
Gary OusmanNatureSunset HippoGold
Gary OusmanNatureElegant LadyMerit
Geoff FeldonOpenStralitzia StudyGold
Geoff FeldonOpenCandle In The WindGold
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectWhen Will It EndMerit
Graham GillettNatureCuriousGold
Graham GillettOpenThompsons DawnGold
Graham GillettOpenJust One More ShovelGold
Grant HutchisonNatureLong Crested EagleGold
Grant HutchisonOpenGarden Star TrailBronze
Howard GillittInterclubWaiting For The WaveGold
Howard GillittMonochromeBehind The CurtainGold
Howard GillittMonochromeCaracalSilver
Howard GillittNatureLeg StretchMerit
Howard GillittNatureOpening My WingsGold
Ian CunninghamFood PhotographyDesert For OneSilver
Ian CunninghamInterclubLonely NinjaGold
Ian CunninghamOpenMums OrchidGold
Ian CunninghamSet SubjectLearning The ArtGold
Ian CunninghamSet SubjectWhite Horse FeverSilver
Ian MillsFood PhotographyChoc-O- HolicSilver
Ian MillsNaturePeek A BooBronze
Ian MillsNatureBusy BeeBronze
Ian MillsSet SubjectPlastic KillsGold
Ina ZeemanNatureLash EnvySilver
Ina ZeemanNatureMain CourseBronze
Ina ZeemanOpenSiblingsBronze
Ina ZeemanOpenFruit FestSilver
Jane SmithInterclubCentral PivotGold
Jane SmithNatureFlowerpicking Elephant TexturesGold
Jane SmithNatureCheetah In Last Rays Of SunGold
Jane SmithSet SubjectWistfully WaitingSilver
Jane SmithSet SubjectMilking TimeGold
Janet HeskethInterclubLily StamenSilver
Janet HeskethNatureLeonotis At DuskGold
Janet HeskethNatureColourful ComboBronze
Janet HeskethSet SubjectMoroccan Harbour Cat Basking In Wintry SunSilver
Janet HeskethSet SubjectHardworking Moroccan Woman And DonkeySilver
Jen AdamInterclubSimple White DaisySilver
Jen AdamMonochromeA Smile In Those EyesGold
Jen AdamOpenDaisy BubblesSilver
Jen AdamOpenA New LifeMerit
Jen AdamSet SubjectPoet For HireSilver
Jill FerrazInterclubSimplicity In NatureGold
Jill FerrazNatureCurious CubsGold
Jill FerrazNatureTasty MouthfulGold
Jill FerrazOpenEarly Morning LightSilver
Jill FerrazSet SubjectDont Even Think About ItGold
John ThackerayInterclubPatienceSilver
John ThackerayNatureClutching At StrawsMerit
John ThackerayNatureSweet JuiceMerit
John ThackerayOpenBrace Yourself BoetSilver
John ThackeraySet SubjectNo Title RequiredSilver
Judy MannNatureLockdown BeautyGold
Judy MannOpenWild Coast LifeSilver
Judy MannOpenGrytvicken Harbour ReflectionsSilver
Judy MannSet SubjectJust Another Day At The MarketSilver
Jurgen HuseInterclubHalf BlownGold
Jurgen HuseOpenRelaxedSilver
Jurgen HuseSport and PhotojournalismMarch For FreedomGold
Jurgen HuseSet SubjectHasty Covid-19 ShoppingSilver
Jurgen HuseSet SubjectThe Past And The FutureSilver
Kazalette PikeInterclubThe Big BlueGold
Kazalette PikeMonochromeBlack And White Colobus MonkeyGold
Kazalette PikeNatureBaby GorillaMerit
Kazalette PikeSport and PhotojournalismSnookeredGold
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectEgyptian Street ButcherGold
Louis HelbergNatureKingfisherGold
Louis HelbergNatureAfrican StonechatGold
Louis HelbergOpenWater RushSilver
Lynn JohnsonOpenAlways Check BehindGold
Lynn JohnsonOpenMe And My ReflectionMerit
Lynn JohnsonSet SubjectCraftsman At WorkGold
Malcolm ReevesNatureHalleria LucidaSilver
Malcolm ReevesNatureGreen DragonflyGold
Malcolm ReevesOpenGhost CrabGold
Malcolm ReevesOpenRock And StreamGold
Marco DagnoloInterclubKnight Versus KnightBronze
Marco DagnoloNatureEagle EyeGold
Marco DagnoloOpenOn The FlatsSilver
Marco DagnoloOpenReflections Of A FarmSilver
Marco DagnoloSet SubjectLeading The FlockGold
Marie HelbergNatureBasking In The Morning SunGold
Marius van TonderMonochromeLooky LookyGold
Marius van TonderMonochromeYumMerit
Marius van TonderNatureLovely DovelySilver
Marius van TonderNatureThirsty WorkNo Award
Marius van TonderSet SubjectYawnSilver
Martha van TonderInterclubOut Of DarknessSilver
Martha van TonderMonochromeSnow WhiteMerit
Martha van TonderNatureLast LightGold
Martha van TonderNatureTroupandGold
Martha van TonderSet SubjectOut My WayGold
Maureen van den berghSet SubjectBack To SchoolGold
Michael SandCreative or Visual ArtBall In A RoomSilver
Michael SandCreative or Visual ArtTremorSilver
Michael SandOpenFull Moon RisingSilver
Michael SandOpenPathwaySilver
Mike MorganMonochromeThrough The BarricadesSilver
Mike MorganNatureChilly MorningGold
Mike MorganOpenDeclanNo Award
Mike MorganOpenRose VodacomSilver
Natascha WeberInterclubYellow ReflectionsGold
Natascha WeberOpenSiphesihle Comrades 2020Silver
Natascha WeberSet SubjectHidden EmotionsSilver
Natascha WeberSet SubjectCheck MateGold
Pieter VenterInterclubNew LifeGold
Pieter VenterMonochromeNight WhispererMerit
Pieter VenterMonochromeThe ChannelMerit
Pieter VenterNatureBlue Stripped LeafhopperSilver
Pieter VenterSet SubjectSunset On ShipwreckGold
Sally ThackerayInterclubEmerald EyesBronze
Sally ThackerayNatureHooded HunterSilver
Sally ThackerayNatureMr BrowsBronze
Sally ThackerayOpenQueen Of The NightGold
Sally ThackerayOpenSerenityGold
Shane NewmanNatureRock ChasingGold
Shane NewmanNatureIsland RockGold
Shane NewmanOpenSweep GullyGold
Shane NewmanSport and PhotojournalismFord RacingGold
Shirley GillittCreative or Visual ArtElegant MovesSilver
Shirley GillittInterclubSunrise Gold
Shirley GillittNatureAbout To CrossGold
Shirley GillittNatureDown The HatchGold
Shirley GillittOpenElegant PoiseMerit
Sonia SieckerCreative or Visual ArtRasta ManMerit
Tracey ZettlerNaturePygmy Falcon No Award
Tracey ZettlerNatureBrown Snake Eagle ProfileGold
Tracey ZettlerOpenSplish Splash Bronze
Tracey ZettlerOpenRegal LadyNo Award
Willie HeneganMonochromeNight PatrolSilver
Willie HeneganOpenDon Quixote 10Gold
Willie HeneganOpenDon Quixote 2Gold