Gallery July 2020

Judges: Willie Labuschagne (APSSA)(Vers), EPSA(Cls) and Leo Theron (LPSSA), from Magalies Foto Fun Club.

Top Images:

Top Junior Image: Bicycle Perspective – Frederick Turck

Top Senior: The King is Full – Pieter Venter

Top Set Subject (Action): Action – Shirley Gillitt

Gold and Merit award images:

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward
Alex StewartMonochromeChommies with attitudeSilver
Alex StewartMonochromeMonsterSilver
Alex StewartOpenProtea 1Gold
Alex StewartOpenTake a whirlSilver
Alta NeethlingSet SubjectScratching Gold
Andre RoosFood PhotographyEat Me EisbeinGold
Andre RoosMonochromeDreams to Ashes 1Bronze
Andre RoosOpenDropArt 01Gold
Andre RoosOpenCorona Virus IsolatedGold
Andrew PikeInterclubAlone in the wildernessGold
Andrew PikeMonochromeAs pleased as punchBronze
Andrew PikeNatureOnly a mother love could Gold
Andrew PikeSet SubjectYoure on my perchSilver
Andrew PikeSet SubjectTouch downBronze
Bee BrodieMonochromeI am your friendSilver
Ben MyburghInterclubOnGold
Ben MyburghMonochromeRoxy ASilver
Ben MyburghMonochromeSocial DistanceSilver
Ben MyburghOpenWear your maskGold
Ben MyburghOpenKajolGold
Betsy KeeMonochromekokerboom kloofSilver
Betsy KeeNatureshembe menSilver
Betsy KeeOpenhimba boySilver
Betsy KeeOpenserenity Silver
Brian WiddowsonNatureJust StrollingSilver
Brian WiddowsonOpenTaking OffSilver
Brian WiddowsonOpenTaking StrainGold
Celia FourieMonochromeLook at MeSilver
Celia FourieNatureSweetnessGold
Celia FourieNatureYoung brothersGold
Celia FourieSet SubjectThe GripSilver
Ciska VenterInterclubGrass ArtGold
Ciska VenterNatureJust LookingGold
Ciska VenterNatureFlap Mouth Fly Gold
Ciska VenterOpenNorth Coast Reptile Gold
Ciska VenterOpenA Bug LifeGold
Conrad KelseyCreative or Visual ArtThe Universe In WaterGold
Conrad KelseyInterclubOne Tree HillGold
Conrad KelseyMonochromeBouldersGold
Conrad KelseySet SubjectJeep WarriorsSilver
Conrad KelseySet SubjectSuperjetSilver
Debra StevensonInterclubLonely FishermanGold
Debra StevensonNatureSnack TimeGold
Debra StevensonNatureAfrican StonechatSilver
Debra StevensonOpenAnchoredBronze
Debra StevensonOpenWhite Breasted CormorantSilver
Di WayneInterclubHalong bayGold
Di WayneNatureDont mess with meGold
Di WayneOpenRoad side vigilanteGold
Di WayneSet SubjectLandingSilver
Di WayneSet SubjectSkimmer chaseMerit
Frederick TurckNatureKlipspringerGold
Frederick TurckNatureBefuddled By DustGold
Frederick TurckOpenBicycle PerspectiveMerit
Frederick TurckSport and PhotojournalismShark ReturnMerit
Gail Anne BradfieldNatureI see youGold
Gail Anne BradfieldNatureBerg flower and hungry bug Silver
Gail Anne BradfieldSet SubjectSwish and Swat Silver
Graham GillettInterclubBeach BouyGold
Graham GillettOpenSunday DawnSilver
Graham GillettOpenPre CovidSilver
Grant HutchisonCreative or Visual ArtVenusGold
Grant HutchisonCreative or Visual ArtDandelionGold
Grant HutchisonOpenLow TideBronze
Grant HutchisonOpenBlue River JettySilver
Guy WayneNatureSquacco heronGold
Guy WayneNatureOn the lookoutGold
Guy WayneOpenSaigon motor cyclesSilver
Guy WayneOpenDubai ToweraSilver
Howard GillittInterclubJacana flightGold
Howard GillittNaturesupperSilver
Howard GillittNaturetasts goodGold
Howard GillittOpenFlower GirlSilver
Howard GillittSet SubjectbalanceSilver
Ian CunninghamInterclubMaximilian SunflowerGold
Ian CunninghamOpenEilean Donan CastleSilver
Ian CunninghamOpenSplash RockBronze
Ian MillsNaturetar is lovely and warm.Gold
Ian MillsNatureSatara sunriseSilver
Ian MillsOpenreflectionGold
Ian MillsSet SubjectDamn hooked it.Silver
Ina RoosInterclubHangingSilver
Ina RoosNatureOn top of each otherGold
Ina RoosNatureWave on waveGold
Ina RoosOpenGeploegde landSilver
Ina RoosSet SubjectJumpBronze
Jane SmithInterclubWagtail Walking The PlankSilver
Jane SmithMonochromeFarm BurnGold
Jane SmithNatureA Zebra Skin For The Hyena DenGold
Jane SmithOpenBurning Fire BreaksGold
Jane SmithSet SubjectHarescrambleBronze
Janet HeskethCreative or Visual ArtAfrican ImpressionSilver
Janet HeskethInterclubMoon RisingSilver
Janet HeskethNatureCrowned hornbillSilver
Janet HeskethOpenSunrise flybySilver
Janet HeskethSet SubjectMorning actionSilver
Jen AdamInterclubWaiting and WatchingGold
Jen AdamNatureTread CarefullyGold
Jen AdamNatureBlacksmith LapwingGold
Jen AdamOpenWhite On WhiteSilver
Jen AdamOpenA Weed In The WindSilver
Jill FerrazInterclubLive in the momentGold
Jill FerrazMonochromeCovid carefreeSilver
Jill FerrazNatureYumGold
Jill FerrazNatureVulture fly byMerit
Jill FerrazOpenStealthGold
Joan WiddowsonNatureThis IS my best sideSilver
Joan WiddowsonOpenThe Sunken ChurchSilver
Joan WiddowsonOpenThe PavillionSilver
John ThackerayInterclubSuper ScooperGold
John ThackerayNatureDont Mess With MeSilver
John ThackerayNatureDancing QueenGold
John ThackerayOpenDuck BoetGold
John ThackeraySet SubjectThe Game Is OnSilver
Judy MannNatureMountain Zebra National ParkSilver
Judy MannOpenCrowded by CheerfulSilver
Judy MannOpenAll in a days workSilver
Judy MannSet SubjectWipe OutGold
Jurgen HuseInterclubForgottenGold
Jurgen HuseMonochromeContemplatingGold
Jurgen HuseNatureStriped WonderGold
Jurgen HuseSet SubjectForaging in FlightSilver
Jurgen HuseSet SubjectForaging for FoodGold
Karen FischerNatureBirdGold
Karen FischerNatureDinner Time Gold
Karen FischerOpenZinkwazi PastelGold
Karen FischerSet SubjectKiruSilver
Kazalette PikeCreative or Visual ArtDRAGONFLY ON HEATSilver
Kazalette PikeInterclubSilhouetted heronSilver
Kazalette PikeOpenGOLDEN HOURMerit
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectCAPE EAGLE OWLSilver
Lynn JohnsonOpenAging timberSilver
Lynn JohnsonOpenDewy petalsSilver
Malcolm ReevesNatureGiraffe PortraitGold
Malcolm ReevesOpenOld Sew And SewSilver
Malcolm ReevesOpenUlundiBronze
Malcolm ReevesSet SubjectMeteoroic PunchSilver
Marco DagnoloIntercluba fence too farGold
Marco DagnoloNaturesnakes bewareSilver
Marco DagnoloNatureon top of the duneGold
Marco DagnoloOpenbird bathBronze
Marco DagnoloSet Subjecttrout catcherGold
Marie HelbergMonochromeMy HatSilver
Marius van TonderFood PhotographyrealityGold
Marius van TonderNaturethe lookSilver
Marius van TonderNaturenag uiltjieGold
Marius van TonderSet Subjecttough enoughSilver
Martha van TonderInterclubOn my ownSilver
Martha van TonderNaturehamerkopSilver
Martha van TonderNaturetarentaalGold
Martha van TonderSet SubjectOn the moveSilver
Mike MorganCreative or Visual ArtBottleSilver
Mike MorganNatureChampagneSilver
Mike MorganOpenBurning BridgesBronze
Mike MorganOpenDifferent angleSilver
Natascha WeberCreative or Visual ArtWary to Journey Out the ForestSilver
Natascha WeberMonochromeWarwick WavesSilver
Natascha WeberMonochromeHidden TruthsGold
Natascha WeberSet SubjectShes Got ItSilver
Pieter VenterInterclubLives crumble in the eye of the stormGold
Pieter VenterMonochromeHole in the WallGold
Pieter VenterNatureThe King is FullMerit
Pieter VenterNatureAfrican JacanaGold
Pieter VenterSet SubjectSticky TongueMerit
Robert BlackSet SubjectHusky action Giba GorgeGold
Robert BlackSet SubjectCrested Eagle launchGold
Sally ThackerayInterclubIm So LonelySilver
Sally ThackerayNatureThe ObserverGold
Sally ThackerayNatureAll Fluffed UpGold
Sally ThackerayOpenWinter BalesBronze
Sally ThackerayOpenA Little Bird Said This Way InSilver
Shane NewmanMonochromeCloud MovementGold
Shane NewmanNatureIsland of RocksGold
Shane NewmanOpenWashing PoolSilver
Shane NewmanSport and PhotojournalismKyocera Wood 114Silver
Shirley GillittCreative or Visual ArtSpace invaderMerit
Shirley GillittInterclubOne tulipGold
Shirley GillittNatureNocturnal Serval reflectionGold
Shirley GillittOpenStory time for BunnyGold
Shirley GillittSet SubjectactionMerit
Tracey ZettlerNatureGarden CritterSilver
Tracey ZettlerOpenSunny Winter DaysBronze
Tracey ZettlerOpenRhonwynBronze
Tracey ZettlerSet SubjectIm walking on sunshineBronze
Trevor LeaCreative or Visual ArtCar Window ReflectionGold
Trevor LeaOpenLocust on CannaBronze
Trevor LeaOpenRim Lit ShrubSilver
Willie HeneganOpenSmilingSilver
Willie HeneganOpenRelaxing 2Silver