Gallery July 2017

Judges – Conrad Kelsey, Willie Henegan, Kevin Day

Top images:
Top Junior – MSC In Lights – Allan Bower
Top Set Subject- Daydreaming superstar – Di Wayne
Top Senior – Sunrise Canter – Shirley Gillitt

Gold and Merit award images:

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Author Club Star rating Category Name Photo Title Award Description
Agustin Ritacco 5H Open Traffic Lines Gold
Agustin Ritacco 5H Open Tree Frog Gold
Agustin Ritacco 5H Set Subject Dust Bath Silver
Agustin Ritacco 5H Nature Baby Eli Gold
Agustin Ritacco 5H Interclub Sunrise Ride Merit
Alastair Fraser 5 Open Matthew Mole Gold
Alastair Fraser 5 Open Fun With Light Stick Silver
Alastair Fraser 5 Set Subject The Look Silver
Alastair Fraser 5 Interclub Morning Wave Merit
Alastair Fraser 5 Monochrome Happy Gold
Allan Bower 3 Open MSC In Lights. Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn 2 Nature Face off Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn 2 Nature The flasher Silver
Ann Greyvensteyn 2 Interclub Paws for thought Bronze
Ann Greyvensteyn 2 Monochrome Dive bombing Bronze
Ann Sartor 4 Open Misty afternoon Silver
Ann Sartor 4 Set Subject Apple snail hatching Gold
Ann Sartor 4 Interclub Stap Bok nie Springbok Silver
Ann Sartor 4 Monochrome Looking concerned Silver
Ann Sartor 4 Sport First the curtsy then the tackle Gold
Ben Myburgh Hon Open Harley Quinn Gold
Ben Myburgh Hon Set Subject Carnivor Silver
Ben Myburgh Hon Monochrome ILana Merit
Ben Myburgh Hon Monochrome Lindie Garge Shoot Gold
Betsy Kee 4 Open the sleeping giant Bronze
Betsy Kee 4 Set Subject wildebeest migration Silver
Betsy Kee 4 Interclub Barron Bronze
Betsy Kee 4 Monochrome the alps Silver
Betsy Kee 4 Monochrome cattle in the midlands Bronze
Carmen Anderson 1 Open Sandgate Gold
Carmen Anderson 1 Open Soloist At The Gate Silver
Carmen Anderson 1 Set Subject This Is The Sea Bronze
Carmen Anderson 1 Interclub Catching The Rising Sun Gold
Carmen Anderson 1 Monochrome Engrossed Merit
Chas Venter 4 Open Stomping my authority Gold
Chas Venter 4 Nature Purple Spiny Mantis Gold
Chas Venter 4 Creative or Visual Art Yacht Mole opium Gold
Chas Venter 4 Interclub Gallop Silver
Chas Venter 4 Monochrome Gently rocking Gold
Ciska Venter Honours Open Criss Cross Merit
Ciska Venter Honours Open Beach Ride Gold
Ciska Venter Honours Nature Blowfly with Water Drops Merit
Ciska Venter Honours Nature Eye To Eye Merit
Ciska Venter Honours Interclub Lechwe Gold
Colleen Venter 5 Nature Sunset snacktime Gold
Colleen Venter 5 Nature Up Up and Away Silver
Colleen Venter 5 Interclub On the prowl Bronze
Colleen Venter 5 Monochrome Dan the man Silver
Colleen Venter 5 Sport Tunnel Mania Silver
Conrad Kelsey 5STARH Open Thompsons Bay Gold
Conrad Kelsey 5STARH Set Subject Mantis Merit
Conrad Kelsey 5STARH Interclub Rochelle Silver
Conrad Kelsey 5STARH Monochrome Faded Beauty Bronze
Conrad Kelsey 5STARH Sport Windsurfer Silver
Dave Nisbet 4 Open Sunday morning Ride Gold
Dave Nisbet 4 Open Red Hot Gold
Dave Nisbet 4 Photojournalism Blaze Baker Silver
Dave Nisbet 4 Photojournalism Tasha Mentasti Silver
Debra Stevenson Open Gogo on the ferry Gold
Debra Stevenson Open Vic Falls Sunset Silver
Debra Stevenson Set Subject Hippo Playing Silver
Debra Stevenson Nature Misty Sani Pass Silver
Des Porter 5 Open Lotus Merit
Des Porter 5 Open Fetch 2 Gold
Di Wayne 5H Open Open door Gold
Di Wayne 5H Set Subject Daydreaming superstar Merit
Di Wayne 5H Set Subject Angel of the reeds Gold
Di Wayne 5H Interclub Decending Eastern Cape Mountain Pass Silver
Di Wayne 5H Sport Take a deep breath Silver
Dianne Abate 5 Interclub Sunrise ride Gold
Eddie von Bargen Open 3 giraffe Silver
Eddie von Bargen Open Stereo No Award
Eddie von Bargen Set Subject Impala Beauty Bronze
Eddie von Bargen Nature Terrapin Bronze
Eddie von Bargen Nature Malagasy Snake Bronze
Gail Crouch 3 Set Subject Eagle Eye Silver
Gary Ousman 3 Set Subject Majestic Giants Silver
Gary Ousman 3 Nature The Big Thirst Silver
Gary Ousman 3 Photojournalism Dedication Silver
Gary Ousman 3 Interclub Fifty Shades of Gold Silver
Gary Ousman 3 Monochrome Focused Gold
Graham Gillett 2 Open Rod and Reel Gold
Graham Gillett 2 Open Carpe Diem at PYC Silver
Graham Gillett 2 Set Subject Beep Beep No horn Silver
Graham Gillett 2 Nature Yellow Spiny Silver
Graham Gillett 2 Interclub No Crows Here Bronze
Grant Stevenson 4 Open Lunar Rainbow Vic Falls Merit
Grant Stevenson 4 Nature Wild Dogs at Moremi Silver
Grant Stevenson 4 Photojournalism Mthembu second comrades win Bronze
Grant Stevenson 4 Monochrome Girl child at Bovu Island Gold
Guy Wayne 3 Set Subject catch of the morning Gold
Guy Wayne 3 Nature landing Merit
Guy Wayne 3 Monochrome Hippo yawn Gold
Heinz Benecke 4 Open Three by Three Gold
Heinz Benecke 4 Open All Welcome Silver
Heinz Benecke 4 Interclub Morning has Broken Bronze
Heinz Benecke 4 Monochrome Derailed Silver
Heinz Benecke 4 Monochrome Rocky Bay Silver
Howard Gillitt 5 Open Aag my wig Gold
Howard Gillitt 5 Set Subject take off Gold
Howard Gillitt 5 Set Subject Watching Silver
Howard Gillitt 5 Nature Hyena games Merit
Howard Gillitt 5 Interclub Lift up Silver
Ian Damerell 5 Open Purple Gold
Ian Damerell 5 Set Subject Wasp Gold
Ian Damerell 5 Interclub Contra jour horse Silver
Ian Damerell 5 Sport Mine Gold
Jeffrey Govender 4 Open mist at dawn Gold
Jeffrey Govender 4 Open what a life Silver
Jeffrey Govender 4 Nature pink crab spider Silver
Jeffrey Govender 4 Nature hello Bronze
Jen Adam 1 Open Best Time of the Day Gold
Jen Adam 1 Set Subject Stalking Leopard Silver
Jen Adam 1 Nature Leopard Reflection No Award
Jen Adam 1 Creative or Visual Art Dandelion in Pink Gold
Jen Adam 1 Interclub Drying Out Gold
Jenny Aitken Open Ageing Gracefully Gold
Jenny Aitken Nature Baby Elephant Silver
John Abate 3 Open Outride Gold
John Abate 3 Nature Bosberaad Gold
John Abate 3 Nature African Pygmy Kingfisher Bronze
John Abate 3 Interclub Liquid gold Silver
John Mayor 2 star Open Harbour reflections Silver
John Mayor 2 star Open Waterfront Silver
john thackeray 3 Open Fire and Ice Silver
john thackeray 3 Set Subject Flying Rainbow Gold
john thackeray 3 Nature Woodland Beauty Merit
john thackeray 3 Interclub Let It Flow Bronze
john thackeray 3 Monochrome Against The Wind Gold
Karen Fischer 4 Open Sone Gold
Karen Fischer 4 Set Subject Nature at its best Silver
Karen Fischer 4 Nature Hippo Merit
Karen Fischer 4 Photojournalism Fire Zuma Silver
Louis Helberg 1 Open Golden Oldie Gold
Louis Helberg 1 Open Madame Tussaud Gold
Louis Helberg 1 Set Subject I am not sharing my bone Gold
Louis Helberg 1 Nature Sunbird Merit
Louis Helberg 1 Nature Elephants Foot in Namib No Award
Lucia Phillips 5 Open Morning dew Silver
Lucia Phillips 5 Open Storm on the river Silver
Lucia Phillips 5 Nature Lilac Breasted Roller Gold
Lucia Phillips 5 Monochrome Intriguing girl Gold
lynn johnson 2 Open Reflection Gold
lynn johnson 2 Set Subject Mantis Gold
lynn johnson 2 Set Subject Butterfly Silver
Marie Helberg 1 Open It is a boy Gold
Marie Helberg 1 Nature Giant Kingfisher Merit
Marie Helberg 1 Nature Warthog safe in burrow Gold
Marie Helberg 1 Sport Racing Gold
Natascha Weber 3 Open Durban Station Silver
Natascha Weber 3 Set Subject Harlequin Shrimp Prefer Hiding Their Beauty Silver
Natascha Weber 3 Creative or Visual Art Stormy Afternoons Silver
Natascha Weber 3 Interclub Waiting for the Rush Hour Commute Silver
Natascha Weber 3 Monochrome Wasted Wishes Merit
Nick Bolam 1 Open Seagull Gold
Nick Bolam 1 Nature Buffulsdrift Rhino Silver
Nick Bolam 1 Nature Stripes Silver
Nick Bolam 1 Interclub Howick sunrise Silver
Pieter Venter 5H Open Gansbaai Sunset Gold
Pieter Venter 5H Open Snap on Girl Silver
Pieter Venter 5H Nature Impala Young Merit
Pieter Venter 5H Nature Sunset Beggar Gold
Pieter Venter 5H Interclub Two way of warming Merit
Premila Naidoo 3 Open Early that morning Silver
Premila Naidoo 3 Open And off she goes Silver
Premila Naidoo 3 Set Subject Come hang with me No Award
Premila Naidoo 3 Interclub Ladies and their horses Gold
Shane Newman 5 Nature Beach Creeper Silver
Shane Newman 5 Interclub Beach Sand Clouds Bronze
Shane Newman 5 Monochrome Whirl Pool Gold
Shane Newman 5 Sport Focused Gold
Shane Newman 5 Sport SuperDrift 68 Eric van Eyssen Gold
Sheilagh Bill 3 Open On the run Silver
Sheilagh Bill 3 Open Enjoying the sunshine Silver
Sheilagh Bill 3 Interclub Riders at sunrise Silver
Shirley Fraser 4 Nature Shy Indian Elephant Silver
Shirley Fraser 4 Monochrome Dude Silver
Shirley Gillitt 5 honours Open In a hurry Merit
Shirley Gillitt 5 honours Set Subject Alert Gold
Shirley Gillitt 5 honours Nature Ruffled Little Bee Eater Merit
Shirley Gillitt 5 honours Nature In the dark of the night Gold
Shirley Gillitt 5 honours Interclub sunrise canter Merit
Tracey Zettler 4 Set Subject Hippo Bronze
Tracey Zettler 4 Set Subject Birdie in a Tree Bronze
Tracey Zettler 4 Nature Eye of the Zebra Silver
Tracey Zettler 4 Nature Eye to Eye with Wasp Bronze
Tracey Zettler 4 Interclub Dawn of a New Day Bronze
Trevor Lea 1 Open Twilight Cityscape Gold
Trevor Lea 1 Open Sparkling Container Terminal Gold
Trevor Lea 1 Set Subject Bold Strelitzia Silver
Trevor Lea 1 Set Subject Very Hairy Caterpillar Bronze
Vauneen Kerr Wilson 3 Nature Heron beaut Silver
Vauneen Kerr Wilson 3 Sport Speedy Bronze
Vauneen Kerr Wilson 3 Sport Sani dirt Bronze
Veronique Rachman 2 Open Need a scratch Silver
Veronique Rachman 2 Open Kiwi Pretty Boy Silver
Veronique Rachman 2 Nature Winter Beauty Silver
Wendy Freer Honours Sport Ballito Pro surfer in blue Merit
Wendy Freer Honours Sport Amtec rider Gold
Willie Henegan 4 Open The storm maker Merit
Willie Henegan 4 Open Desert manuevre Gold
Willie Henegan 4 Interclub What a waste Bronze
Willie Henegan 4 Monochrome Lady in the light Gold
Willie Henegan 4 Sport Riding the waves Silver