Gallery January 2019

Judges: Ben Myburgh (APSSA), Jacques Sellschop.

Top Images:

Top Junior – Raggard – Terri von Bargen









Top Senior – On the high sea – Willie Henegan









Top Set Subject – Sunrise Symmetry – Mike Morgan








Gold & Merit Award Images:

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Author Category Name Photo Title Award
Alex Stewart Open Tree on Ridge Gold
Alex Stewart Open Thamathu Sunset Gold
Alister Stenhouse Nature Water Spout Gold
Alister Stenhouse Nature Three Some Silver
Alister Stenhouse Open Quiver Tree Kgalagadi Gold
Alister Stenhouse Open Shepherds Tree Gold
Allan Bower Open Catelyn Dayreaming Gold
Allan Bower Open Moment In Time Silver
Andre Roos Interclub Opening Early 2019 Gold
Andre Roos Monochrome Red Diwali Bull Selective No Award
Andre Roos Open Nostalgia An Era Gone Buy Silver
Andre Roos Open Mycro III B No Award
Andre Roos Set Subject A Couple of Ponies Silver
Arlene Mullins Interclub Love Christmas No Award
Arlene Mullins Monochrome Alone Gold
Arlene Mullins Open Storm brewing Silver
Arlene Mullins Set Subject A different view No Award
Bee Brodie Interclub My favourite time of the year Bronze
Bee Brodie Monochrome What are you looking at Gold
Bee Brodie Nature LBR Bronze
Bee Brodie Open Not my cup of coffee Silver
Bee Brodie Open Busy Bees Bronze
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Jaimee Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Show Girls Silver
Ben Myburgh Open Rooftop Gold
Ben Myburgh Set Subject Light Source Gold
Betsy Kee Interclub night lights Gold
Betsy Kee Set Subject symmetry Gold
Brendan Kuhnert Nature Cheetah Hunt Gold
Brendan Kuhnert Nature Hoopoe in the tree Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Open Railway Photoshoot Gold
Brendan Kuhnert Open Sea Sunset Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Set Subject Berg Lake Silver
Brian H C Williams Nature Big Boy Gold
Brian H C Williams Open Train station roof Certificate of Merit
Brian H C Williams Open All aboard Gold
Carmen Anderson Interclub Reflecting No Award
Carmen Anderson Monochrome menacing Gold
Carmen Anderson Monochrome Maskandi Silver
Carmen Anderson Open Skittish Certificate of Merit
Carmen Anderson Set Subject Estuary Gold
Ciska Venter Interclub Twilight Drinks No Award
Ciska Venter Nature Summer Time Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Nature Skimmer Gold
Ciska Venter Open Queen Of Hearts Gold
Ciska Venter Open Cheers Gold
Conrad Kelsey Interclub Light It Up Silver
Conrad Kelsey Open Glitter Certificate of Merit
Conrad Kelsey Open Little Island Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Something Fishy Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Stairs In Symmetry Gold
Des Porter Monochrome Blue bike Gold
Des Porter Monochrome The roof Silver
Di Wayne Nature Spider for lunch Gold
Di Wayne Open Morning train Certificate of Merit
Di Wayne Open Fun in the surf Gold
Eddie von Bargen Nature Watching Gold
Eddie von Bargen Nature I say ole chap Silver
Eddie von Bargen Open Knobbly Gold
Erika Stander Nature Happy Baby Gold
Erika Stander Nature Breakfast sorted Gold
Erika Stander Open Donald Trump Certificate of Merit
Erika Stander Open Standoff Gold
Gail Crouch Set Subject Yellow Symmetry Gold
Gary Ousman Monochrome Impala Ram Certificate of Merit
Gary Ousman Monochrome WaterBuck Head On Silver
Gary Ousman Nature Waterbuck Certificate of Merit
Gary Ousman Nature Oxpeckers Red and Yellow Gold
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Steaming out Gold
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Sea fog Silver
Geoff Feldon Set Subject Pier shadows Gold
Graham Gillett Interclub Diwali Colour Silver
Graham Gillett Nature Hungry Turaco Silver
Graham Gillett Open Storm approaching the Kamberg Gold
Graham Gillett Open When the mist recedes Silver
Graham Gillett Set Subject Converging Lines Gold
Guy Wayne Nature Bee eater with lunch Gold
Guy Wayne Nature Roller in flight Bronze
Guy Wayne Open Kubu at dusk Silver
Howard Gillitt Interclub Braai Silver
Howard Gillitt Monochrome Reflective moment Silver
Howard Gillitt Nature Red billed oxpecker Certificate of Merit
Howard Gillitt Nature here comes the Lanner Silver
Howard Gillitt Sport Manouvere Silver
Ian Damerell Interclub City light Gold
Ian Damerell Monochrome Pelican in mono Gold
Ian Damerell Nature Pin tailed Whydah Gold
Ian Damerell Open Moody Durban Certificate of Merit
Ina Zeeman Monochrome Doubles Gold
Ina Zeeman Nature The Toothpick Factory Gold
Ina Zeeman Nature The Cheetah and the Butterfly Silver
Ina Zeeman Open The Mane Lion Gold
Janet Hesketh Interclub Salt Rock fireworks Silver
Janet Hesketh Nature Dawn antics Silver
Janet Hesketh Nature Off my turf Silver
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Symmetry in Mosque Gold
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Symmetry in caterpillar Silver
Jen Adam Creative or Visual Art Sunshine Daisies Gold
Jen Adam Interclub Jellybabies in the Wind Silver
Jen Adam Nature The Prince Gold
Jen Adam Open Lemon Drop Certificate of Merit
Jen Adam Open Roller Coaster Ride Gold
Jen Whiting Monochrome Gangsta Gold
Jen Whiting Nature Sits in the old gum tree Gold
Jen Whiting Open Silver Stallion Silver
Jen Whiting Set Subject Symmetrical shaft Gold
John Mayor Open Strwberry drizzle 12 Gold
John Mayor Open Blueberry muffin 31 Gold
John Thackeray Interclub Chasing The Lights Gold
John Thackeray Nature Leader of the Pack Gold
John Thackeray Nature King Of The Castle Bronze
John Thackeray Open Bobbin Robin Certificate of Merit
John Thackeray Open Treat Time Silver
Judy Mann Nature Beautiful but beware Gold
Judy Mann Nature The old tuskers Bronze
Judy Mann Open On the beach Gold
Judy Mann Open Sette Cama Reflections Silver
Kevin Mullins Monochrome Lisa Gold
Kevin Mullins Monochrome Seaweed farmer (mono) Gold
Kevin Mullins Open Xiapu fishermen Silver
Kevin Mullins Open Country bus Silver
Linda Paul Open early birds Silver
Linda Paul Open lights in the night Silver
Louis Helberg Monochrome Balancing Gymnast Gold
Louis Helberg Nature Really Silver
Louis Helberg Open Abi Certificate of Merit
Louis Helberg Open Action on the rings Certificate of Merit
Louisa van Niekerk Creative or Visual Art Fallen angel Certificate of Merit
Louisa van Niekerk Creative or Visual Art Unknown planets Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Interclub Camera lights action Silver
Louisa van Niekerk Monochrome Lilly mono Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Open Free spirit Gold
Lucia Phillips Nature Help I cant get out Gold
Lucia Phillips Nature Buffalo mud bath Silver
Lucia Phillips Open Okavango Delta Sunset Silver
Lucia Phillips Open Chobe River Sunset Silver
lynn johnson Monochrome Point Apartments Gold
lynn johnson Open Thousands of them Gold
lynn johnson Open Macaroons Silver
Michael Sand Interclub Night Falls Silver
Michael Sand Nature Thrust Gold
Michael Sand Nature Red Bishop Silver
Michael Sand Open Pastures Green Gold
Michael Sand Set Subject Pyramid Gold
Mike Morgan Monochrome Not always colour Bronze
Mike Morgan Open Morning reflections…… Certificate of Merit
Mike Morgan Open Rockpools at Sunrise Gold
Mike Morgan Set Subject Sunrise Symmetry Certificate of Merit
Natascha Weber Interclub Stragglers on the Dance Floor Gold
Natascha Weber Open Lone Sentry Silver
Natascha Weber Photojournalism Pipers playing When The War Is Over Silver
Natascha Weber Set Subject Mosaics and Tiles in the Garden of Senses Silver
Nick Bolam Open Crossfit commando lift Silver
Nick Bolam Open Bleakness Bronze
Pieter Venter Interclub Fantacy Box Certificate of Merit
Pieter Venter Monochrome Overberg Train Bridge Certificate of Merit
Pieter Venter Nature Jacana Chick Certificate of Merit
Pieter Venter Nature Afterfeast Bonding Gold
Pieter Venter Open Notre Dame Gold
Sally Thackeray Interclub Fairy Lights Silver
Sally Thackeray Nature Batty Boy Gold
Sally Thackeray Nature The Boss Silver
Sally Thackeray Open Thirsty Girl Certificate of Merit
Sally Thackeray Open The Hunter Gold
Shane Newman Monochrome Through and Around Gold
Shane Newman Nature Misty Moves Gold
Shane Newman Open Archway to Dawn Certificate of Merit
Shane Newman Sport Jay 51 Silver
Sheilagh Bill Open My Kingdom Gold
Sheilagh Bill Open Shepherd of the mountains Silver
Shirley Gillitt Interclub Bedtime Certificate of Merit
Shirley Gillitt Nature Malachite chirp Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature Tawny take off Gold
Shirley Gillitt Open The love for a horse Gold
Shirley Gillitt Open Sugar fall Gold
Sonia Siecker Set Subject On the Deck Silver
Sue Ausmeier Open Waiting to board the funicular in Lisbon Gold
Sue Ausmeier Open Pedestrians only Gold
Sue Kuhnert Nature Timber Wolf Gold
Sue Kuhnert Nature Rock Dassie Gold
Sue Kuhnert Open Pretty Pink Gold
Sue Kuhnert Open Pumpkin Stack Gold
terri von bargen Nature raggard Gold
terri von bargen Nature greens Gold
terri von bargen Open megan Certificate of Merit
Tracey Zettler Open Face to Face Silver
Tracey Zettler Open Wesley Silver
Wendy Freer Nature Oxpecker on rhino ear Gold
Wendy Freer Nature Open wide Silver
Willie Henegan Interclub On the high way Silver
Willie Henegan Monochrome Waiting in the foyer Silver
Willie Henegan Nature Misty sea Gold
Willie Henegan Open On the high sea Certificate of Merit
Willie Henegan Open Lili Marlene Gold