Gallery January 2017

Judges – Evelyn Gibson, Geoff Feldon

Top images:
Top Junior – African Pigmy Goose – John Thackeray
Top Senior – Skye – Ben Myburgh
Top Set Subject – Botttles – Karen Fischer

Gold and Merit award images:

Author Category Photo Title Award
Agustin Ritacco Open Sunrise Gold
Agustin Ritacco Nature Fly Merit
Agustin Ritacco Nature Sitting Gold
Agustin Ritacco Contre-jour Expecting Silver
Agustin Ritacco Monochrome Melbourne Gold
Alastair Fraser Open Westville Nailed Gold
Alastair Fraser Open Rainbow Bass Bronze
Alastair Fraser Nature Indian Elephant Gold
Alastair Fraser Monochrome Seal Gold
Allan Bower Open Cubs in a Tree Bronze
Alta Laubscher van der Merwe Open Explosion Gold
Alta Laubscher van der Merwe Open Toe less Bronze
Alta Laubscher van der Merwe Set Subject Bottles Silver
Ann Greyvensteyn Open Bishop on Lotus Gold
Ann Sartor Set Subject No green bottles hanging on the wall Silver
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature Wet and wild Merit
Ann Sartor Nature Newborn having his first meal Gold
Ann Sartor Nature Not so pretty Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature Ribcaged Silver
Ann Sartor Contre-jour Shine through Silver
Ann Sartor Monochrome Some ME time Gold
Anthony Haynes Open Fishing Dow Gold
Anthony Haynes Open Inner Sanctum Silver
Anthony Haynes Nature Buffalo bulls butting heads Merit
Anthony Haynes Nature Painted Dog Gold
Anthony Haynes Contre-jour Yacht Quest Gold
Barry Stapelberg Nature Where is Mom Gold
Barry Stapelberg Nature Monkey mischief Silver
Barry Stapelberg Monochrome Bonding Silver
Barry Stapelberg Sport Going for clear Gold
Ben Myburgh Open Maxine Gold
Ben Myburgh Set Subject Curves Bronze
Ben Myburgh Contre-jour Couple Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Skye Merit
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Danie Merit
Brian Widdowson Set Subject Hic Haec Hoc Silver
Chas Venter Set Subject Preserved memories Gold
Chas Venter Set Subject Bottled colour and monochrome Silver
Ciska Venter Open Egret Coming In Gold
Ciska Venter Open BEYERSKLOOF Silver
Ciska Venter Nature Natural Stepping Stones Merit
Ciska Venter Nature Promachus Merit
Ciska Venter Contre-jour Peace Lily Gold
Colleen Venter Open Cavalier King Charles Gold
Colleen Venter Nature Waterhole Meetup Gold
Colleen Venter Nature In Deep Thought Gold
Colleen Venter Sport Running the Weave Poles Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open Midlands Sunset Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open Country Road Lightning Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Blue Bottle Silver
Conrad Kelsey Contre-jour Flower Garden Silver
Conrad Kelsey Monochrome Tree In Motion Gold
Debra Stevenson Open Testing New Snorkel Silver
Debra Stevenson Nature Giraffe and Tick Birds Gold
Debra Stevenson Nature Young Zebra Silver
Debra Stevenson Contre-jour Cherry Festival Air Show 2016 Gold
Debra Stevenson Sport Nissen Derby 2016 Bronze
Des Porter Open Sunny forest scene Silver
Des Porter Creative or Visual Art Bubbles 2 Gold
Dianne Abate Open Evening yachts Silver
Dianne Abate Nature Perched Gold
Dianne Abate Nature The green shoots Silver
Dianne Abate Sport Tour Natal Merit
Eddie von Bargen Open Kalahari Road Bronze
Eddie von Bargen Nature So There Silver
Eddie von Bargen Nature Kalahari Black Mane Silver
Eddie von Bargen Monochrome Splashing wildebeest Silver
Gail Crouch Open Mountain Man No Award
Gail Crouch Open Beam me up No Award
Gail Crouch Set Subject Bottles Gold
Gail Crouch Nature Survivor No Award
Gary Ousman Nature Boys will be Boys Gold
Gary Ousman Nature Buffalo Soldier Gold
Gary Ousman Monochrome I wonder Gold
Gary Ousman Monochrome Alpha Bitch Silver
Geoff Feldon Open Guitar man Silver
Geoff Feldon Open Iris up close No Award
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Sleeping beauty Merit
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Hazy day Silver
Graham Gillett Open What Are You Looking At Silver
Graham Gillett Open Wesley Christmas Farewell Silver
Graham Gillett Set Subject Three Brown Bottles Gold
Graham Gillett Nature Grumpy Silver
Graham Gillett Contre-jour Who Is At The Door Gold
Gregory Baxter Open Ballito Seascape Bronze
Gregory Baxter Photojournalism Rally SA 4 Gold
Havannah Myburgh Creative or Visual Art Circles Gold
Havannah Myburgh Creative or Visual Art Outlines Silver
Havannah Myburgh Contre-jour Illuminate Merit
Havannah Myburgh Monochrome Sharp Gold
Heinz Benecke Open Photo Bomber Silver
Heinz Benecke Open Storm Chaser Silver
Heinz Benecke Nature Boschrand Lightning Silver
Heinz Benecke Contre-jour New Day Gold
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Flush Gold
Howard Gillitt Open Kite surfing Silver
Howard Gillitt Nature Hyenas antics Gold
Howard Gillitt Nature I can see you Gold
Howard Gillitt Contre-jour Young Hyena Gold
Howard Gillitt Monochrome Elephant tussle Gold
Ian Damerell Open Milkwood Office Park Gold
Ian Damerell Nature Heron Gold
Ian Damerell Creative or Visual Art Colour swirl Merit
Ian Damerell Creative or Visual Art Phantom cat Gold
Janet Hesketh Open On top of the World Gold
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Recycling bottles Gold
Janet Hesketh Nature Dune design Merit
Janet Hesketh Nature Glitter after the longed-for rain Silver
Janet Hesketh Contre-jour Veld grass Gold
Jenny Piper Set Subject A Bottle and A Rose Gold
Jenny Piper Set Subject Petals in a Bottle Silver
Joan Widdowson Set Subject Lift Off Silver
john thackeray Open African Pigmy Goose Merit
John Mayor Open Duet Gold
John Abate Open Night reflection Silver
john thackeray Set Subject No Message Gold
John Mayor Set Subject Christmas bottles Silver
John Mayor Set Subject Oops 0009 Bronze
john thackeray Nature Last Light Merit
John Abate Nature Bath time Gold
John Abate Nature Lioness Silver
John Mayor Contre-jour Contre Jour Gold
john thackeray Contre-jour The Tree Gold
john thackeray Monochrome High Flyer Silver
Karen Fischer Open Beautiful Bronze
Karen Fischer Set Subject Botttles Gold
Karen Fischer Set Subject Bottles 2 Silver
Karen Fischer Nature Ellie eye Silver
Karen Fischer Contre-jour The Bush calling Silver
Lucia Phillips Open Berg Vista Silver
Lucia Phillips Open Sunset over Cathkin Peak Bronze
Lucia Phillips Nature Hairy Caterpillar Gold
Lucia Phillips Nature Black Crake Silver
Lucia Phillips Contre-jour Duma Silver
lynn johnson Open MORNING GLOW Merit
lynn johnson Set Subject BOTTLES GALOR Silver
lynn johnson Monochrome IN THE SHADOW Merit
lynn johnson Monochrome AL STEAMED UP Gold
Michael Sand Open Wagendrift Dam Silver
Michael Sand Open Xmas 2016 Silver
Michael Sand Contre-jour Red Glassware Silver
Michael Sand Monochrome Wagendrift Tunnel Gold
Natascha Weber Set Subject Milk Delivery Gold
Natascha Weber Set Subject Wine Mysteries Gold
Natascha Weber Creative or Visual Art The Shining Gold
Natascha Weber Contre-jour Morning Dew Silver
Natascha Weber Monochrome The Eyes Reveal All Silver
Pieter Venter Open Magenta Kogelbaai HD Merit
Pieter Venter Open Swellendam Farming HD Gold
Pieter Venter Nature Green Eyed Picture Winged Fly HD Merit
Pieter Venter Nature Khalahari Dove HD Gold
Pieter Venter Contre-jour Jack Gold
Ryan Gillett Open The Drivers Controls Gold
Ryan Gillett Open Wesley Bling Gold
Sashen Naidu Set Subject Jagged Pieces Gold
Sashen Naidu Set Subject Whiskey has Broken Gold
Shane Newman Open Sunrise Ray Rocks Gold
Shane Newman Open Love Friends Bronze
Shane Newman Nature White Eye Gold
Shane Newman Contre-jour Sunrise Beach Gold
Shane Newman Monochrome Churning of Waters Gold
Sharon Dell Open Our frog Gold
Sharon Dell Open Sunbeams Silver
Sheilagh Bill Open Shades of blue Bronze
Sheilagh Bill Open Rural Traffic Jam No Award
Sheilagh Bill Nature Hawston sunset Silver
Sheilagh Bill Nature Koker Boom No Award
Shirley Gillitt Open Flour hairstyle Gold
Shirley Fraser Open Die Beeld Bronze
Shirley Fraser Open Small Things Bronze
Shirley Gillitt Open Hundreds of thousands Bronze
Shirley Fraser Set Subject Waxy Bottles Bronze
Shirley Gillitt Nature Beak wrap Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature Carrying the prey Gold
Shirley Fraser Creative or Visual Art A Bedtime Story Gold
Shirley Gillitt Contre-jour last light Silver
Tracey Zettler Open Locked and Loaded No Award
Tracey Zettler Creative or Visual Art Vulnerable Silver
Tracey Zettler Contre-jour Star Silver
Tracey Zettler Monochrome Relaxed Gold
Tracey Zettler Monochrome Mystery Silver
Willie Henegan Open Looking for shelter Gold
Willie Henegan Open Streched out Silver
Willie Henegan Nature The Hogsback No Award
Willie Henegan Contre-jour Lady with a silver lining Gold
Willie Henegan Monochrome Lost in the storm Merit