Gallery February 2021

Judges: Des van Tonder (LPSSA Nature) from Maritzburg Camera Club and Garth & Rose-mary McQuade (LPSSA) from Alberton Camera Club.

Top Images:

Top Senior: Ané – Conrad Kelsey

Top Junior: Holding On – Jurgen Huse

Top Set Subject (The Power Of Red): Strawberry Lips – Jill Ferraz

Gold and Merit Award Images:

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward
Alister StenhouseNatureSurveyingGold
Alister StenhouseNatureTippi ToesGold
Alister StenhouseOpenDusty RoadSilver
Alister StenhouseOpenComplexNo Award
Alta NeethlingOpenPortrait low key 1Silver
Alta NeethlingOpenPortrait low key 2Silver
Alta NeethlingSet SubjectThe power of red Bronze
Andrew PikeMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsOne dog three imagesGold
Andrew PikeMonochromeThree wise menSilver
Andrew PikeNatureNo escapeGold
Andrew PikeNatureCuriousGold
Andrew PikeSet SubjectWaiting to strikeGold
Ann SartorMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsAbbey squareSilver
Ann SartorMonochromeGlamour ModelSilver
Ann SartorNatureSunbeams through the treesSilver
Ann SartorOpenCopper potsGold
Ann SartorSet SubjectBurning D ZireBronze
Bee BrodieMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsValentines Day is a good to to reflectSilver
Bee BrodieMonochromeValentines PassedSilver
Bee BrodieNatureI smiles for youSilver
Bee BrodieNatureThe Bishop is hereSilver
Bee BrodieOpenCant talk now Im busySilver
Ben MyburghMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsChelseaGold
Ben MyburghMonochromeJoeGold
Ben MyburghMonochromeDavidGold
Ben MyburghSet SubjectBae WatchNo Award
Ben MyburghSet SubjectHappy LockdownGold
Brian H C WilliamsNatureMr OwlGold
Brian H C WilliamsOpenRed PeppadewsSilver
Brian H C WilliamsSet SubjectRed Hot ChilliMerit
Brian H C WilliamsSet SubjectBrake LightsGold
Bridgid WickhamMonochromeFree3Gold
Bridgid WickhamMonochromeI am a SoldierGold
Bridgid WickhamNatureA talking twoSilver
Bridgid WickhamOpenFor the love of manPVGold
Celia FourieMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsGrab ItSilver
Celia FourieNatureBrown Hooded KingfisherSilver
Celia FourieNatureFeeding TimeSilver
Ciska VenterNatureiMfolozi Eagle Gold
Ciska VenterNatureTrue Bug Heteroptera Gold
Ciska VenterOpenYellow Bee Merit
Ciska VenterOpenWait For MeGold
Conrad KelseyMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsOne MomentGold
Conrad KelseyMonochromeAneMerit
Conrad KelseyScapes – PSSA KZN Interclub ChallengeCurlMerit
Conrad KelseySet SubjectRed LeatherGold
Conrad KelseySet SubjectRed In The WindBronze
Debra StevensonMonochromeTrust me I wont let you fallSilver
Debra StevensonNatureThe essence of CamouflageGold
Debra StevensonScapes – PSSA KZN Interclub ChallengeMagestical Colours of Kubu IslandGold
Debra StevensonSet SubjectJenny BeanSilver
Des PorterCreative or Visual ArtEnchanted forestMerit
Des PorterMonochromeLufafaBronze
Des PorterMonochromeShongweni goldGold
Des PorterOpenMoyo at nightGold
Fred TurckCreative or Visual ArtBroken SpiralSilver
Fred TurckNatureAges Of WavesGold
Fred TurckOpenArchi-textureBronze
Fred TurckSet SubjectFerrari RedGold
Gail CrouchSet SubjectRed SmitswinkleBronze
Gail CrouchSet SubjectEssie RedSilver
Geoff FeldonOpenPink ContrastBronze
Geoff FeldonScapes – PSSA KZN Interclub ChallengeAfter the rainSilver
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectFlower on MossBronze
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectHibiscus after rainBronze
Grant StevensonNatureMagnificentGold
Grant StevensonOpenSydney FamilyBronze
Grant StevensonScapes – PSSA KZN Interclub ChallengeSeaspraySilver
Grant StevensonScapes – PSSA KZN Interclub ChallengeWildcoast SunsetSilver
Howard GillittMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsTerrapinSilver
Howard GillittMonochromeEle familyGold
Howard GillittMonochromeStepping outGold
Howard GillittNatureThis Is MineGold
Howard GillittNatureDagga BoyGold
Ian DamerellNatureDouble collared sunbirdGold
Ian DamerellScapes – PSSA KZN Interclub ChallengeZinkwazi sunriseGold
Ian DamerellSet SubjectRed splashSilver
Ian DamerellSet SubjectRed boaSilver
Ian MillsNaturethis is my turfSilver
Ian MillsNaturedid you have to use that flashSilver
Jane SmithNatureEuropean RollerGold
Jane SmithNatureLion Cub Stalking MumSilver
Jane SmithOpenPuppy In the Snow Merit
Jane SmithScapes – PSSA KZN Interclub ChallengeBallina Farm PanoramaSilver
Janet HeskethCreative or Visual ArtDripping colourSilver
Janet HeskethMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsFun in the reflectionsSilver
Janet HeskethOpenRaining againGold
Janet HeskethScapes – PSSA KZN Interclub ChallengeSunrise in the bergBronze
Janet HeskethSet SubjectStop CommandSilver
Jen AdamMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsDandelion DewdropsNo Award
Jen AdamNatureRed Billed HornbillSilver
Jen AdamNatureHello ThereGold
Jen AdamOpenA Memory of PegsGold
Jen AdamOpenA Thousand DaisiesSilver
Jill FerrazMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsFloating beautyGold
Jill FerrazScapes – PSSA KZN Interclub ChallengeI see skies of blue and clouds of whiteSilver
Jill FerrazSport and PhotojournalismI see itGold
Jill FerrazSet SubjectRed sky at nightSilver
Jill FerrazSet SubjectStrawberry lipsMerit
John ThackerayMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsReflection and RefractionGold
John ThackerayNatureShady CharacterMerit
John ThackerayNatureThis Is My TurfGold
John ThackerayScapes – PSSA KZN Interclub ChallengeRelentless OceanSilver
John ThackeraySet SubjectYellow Can Never Be RedGold
Jurgen HuseMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsReflections of a CloudSilver
Jurgen HuseMonochromeFriendly VisitorGold
Jurgen HuseNatureMommy I Want My BreakfastSilver
Jurgen HuseNatureHolding On Merit
Jurgen HuseSport and PhotojournalismMuslim MaidensGold
Karen FischerMonochromeDuzi Spectator Gold
Karen FischerNatureButterfly BrownGold
Karen FischerNatureHurry UpGold
Kazalette PikeMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsWater lily reflectionSilver
Kazalette PikeMonochromeHERD IMMUNITYSilver
Kazalette PikeNatureFrog in a holeMerit
Kazalette PikeOpenWhat big teeth you haveGold
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectSULTRY REDMerit
Louis HelbergMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsRoseGold
Louis HelbergOpenLotus flowerMerit
Makaira KerkhofNatureEyes on the PrizeSilver
Makaira KerkhofNaturePeek a BooSilver
Makaira KerkhofOpenBlooming SunriseSilver
Makaira KerkhofOpenCanal SilhouetteGold
Malcolm ReevesOpenMbotyi BeachSilver
Malcolm ReevesOpenHeron In The GardensBronze
Malcolm ReevesSet SubjectThree Red RosesGold
Malcolm ReevesSet SubjectGrind Our BonesGold
Marco DagnoloMCC Interclub Challenge – Reflectionson the drivewaySilver
Marco DagnoloNaturealways on high alertSilver
Marco DagnoloNaturea rocky landingSilver
Marco DagnoloOpenup the garden pathBronze
Marco DagnoloOpenDick King did not see thisGold
Marie HelbergNatureBuilding the mansion Gold
Marie HelbergNatureFeather for my nestSilver
Mike MorganOpenThe RoseGold
Mike MorganOpenCream aboundsSilver
Mike MorganScapes – PSSA KZN Interclub ChallengeMist in the MountainsSilver
Mike MorganSet SubjectNigel HopkinsBronze
Natascha RobinsonCreative or Visual ArtBygonesGold
Natascha RobinsonOpenFern TwirlGold
Natascha RobinsonOpenAgapanthus Bloom CycleSilver
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectAnd You Are NextSilver
Nikita StevensonCreative or Visual ArtRose In The DarkSilver
Nikita StevensonSet SubjectRed RoseSilver
Pieter VenterMonochromeJungle GirlGold
Pieter VenterNatureJust Pecking AroundMerit
Pieter VenterOpenBaggies RockpoolMerit
Pieter VenterOpenMarket GarlicGold
Robert BlackMonochromeA penny for your thoughtsSilver
Robert BlackNatureOut on a limbGold
Robert BlackNatureAngel WingsGold
Robert BlackOpenI need protection toGold
Sally ThackerayMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsGifts Of YesteryearSilver
Sally ThackerayNatureHope For The FutureGold
Sally ThackerayNatureDawn WaderSilver
Sally ThackerayScapes – PSSA KZN Interclub ChallengeAfternoon StrollSilver
Sally ThackeraySport and PhotojournalismThe ChargeGold
Shirley GillittMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsFlower double Gold
Shirley GillittNatureCollecting nest materialSilver
Shirley GillittNatureMidnight visitor at the waterholeGold
Shirley GillittOpenRhinos at SunriseGold
Shirley GillittSet SubjectWhat does the Red Heart say Silver
Tracey ZettlerCreative or Visual ArtMilky WatersSilver
Tracey ZettlerMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsMirror ImageSilver
Tracey ZettlerMonochromeBlue Horizons 7Silver
Tracey ZettlerOpenBlue Horizons 9Bronze
Tracey ZettlerOpenBlue Horizons 6Gold
Trevor LeaMonochromeField and PolesSilver
Trevor LeaOpenLovely LotusGold
Trevor LeaOpenWasp in the GardenSilver
Trevor LeaSet SubjectAmaryllisSilver
Wendy FreerMCC Interclub Challenge – ReflectionsSymmetryMerit
Wendy FreerNatureBaby zebra portraitGold
Wendy FreerNatureCrowned lapwingGold