Gallery February 2019

Judged by: Geoff Feldon (LPSSA) & Kevin Day (Stoke Poges Camera Club UK)

Top Images:

Top Junior: Chatter Box – Marie Helberg

Top Senior Image: Leader of the pack – Howard Gillitt

Top Set Subject: Three Cocktails – Louisa van Niekerk

Gold and Merit Award Images

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward
Alister Stenhouse OpenBeach FrontGold
Alister Stenhouse OpenTranquil LandscapeGold
Alister Stenhouse NatureSurveillanceGold
Alister Stenhouse NaturePerchedSilver
Andre Roos OpenRoses are not always RedBronze
Andre Roos Set SubjectWe can do this thingGold
Andre Roos Set SubjectBee ThreesomeBronze
Andre Roos InterclubFountains of LockupSilver
Andre Roos MonochromeDouble Wipe KayakSilver
Ann Sartor Set SubjectSpot the tea potBronze
Ann Sartor InterclubExplosion of colorSilver
Ann Sartor MonochromeLeaving the undergroundSilver
Arlene Mullins OpenSpicesGold
Arlene Mullins Set SubjectThreeSilver
Arlene Mullins Creative or Visual ArtFloating pencilsGold
Arlene Mullins Creative or Visual ArtSoft and delicateSilver
Bee Brodie OpenPainting in IceSilver
Bee Brodie NatureUpon ReflectionSilver
Bee Brodie InterclubLight up my LifeSilver
Bee Brodie MonochromePlaying with DropletsSilver
Bee Brodie SportWhat NowBronze
Ben Myburgh OpenNight OutGold
Ben Myburgh OpenDavidNo Award
Ben Myburgh MonochromeVisionCertificate of Merit
Ben Myburgh MonochromeFor every dark nightGold
Betsy Kee Creative or Visual ArtKokerboom bark tryptych Certificate of Merit
Betsy Kee MonochromeBoySilver
Brendan Kuhnert OpenTropical ParadiseSilver
Brendan Kuhnert OpenFlower GirlSilver
Brendan Kuhnert Set Subject3 Little birdsNo Award
Brendan Kuhnert NatureTimberwolfSilver
Brendan Kuhnert NatureSunset PenguinBronze
Brian H C Williams OpenSunset fishermanBronze
Brian H C Williams Set SubjectEclectic triptychSilver
Brian H C Williams Set SubjectThree empty vesselsSilver
Brian H C Williams NatureMr BigBronze
Brian Widdowson SportDirt RacerSilver
Carmen Anderson Openpercussion of the heartSilver
Carmen Anderson OpenSmoke and BeatboxBronze
Carmen Anderson Set Subject3 FigsSilver
Carmen Anderson NatureFlock Of SeagullsGold
Carmen Anderson InterclubBangGold
Ciska Venter OpenTable Mountain Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter OpenGreat Egret Take Off Gold
Ciska Venter NatureLesser Striped SwallowCertificate of Merit
Ciska Venter NatureBearded Blow Fly Gold
Ciska Venter InterclubNorth Pier Certificate of Merit
Colleen Venter OpenSuspicious ball thisGold
Colleen Venter NatureDinner for the babiesSilver
Colleen Venter SportCatch me if you canCertificate of Merit
Colleen Venter SportIs this fast enough momSilver
Conrad Kelsey OpenDouble VisionGold
Conrad Kelsey Set SubjectThree Blue TinsSilver
Conrad Kelsey Set SubjectThree Cans Of NutsSilver
Conrad Kelsey InterclubGateway FountainsBronze
Conrad Kelsey MonochromeMisty ValleyGold
Dave Nisbet OpenBoarding in Rain and MistGold
Dave Nisbet OpenEarly MorningSilver
Dave Nisbet PhotojournalismMan over boardBronze
Dave Nisbet SportShreddingGold
Debra Stevenson OpenShip Wreck at Botanical GardensBronze
Debra Stevenson NatureUgly BugBronze
Debra Stevenson MonochromeCatelynGold
Debra Stevenson SportChina in ActionBronze
Des Porter OpenIn the stadiumGold
Di Wayne OpenNamibian thistleBronze
Di Wayne Set SubjectBeatworkSilver
Di Wayne NatureBee eater with lunchNo Award
Di Wayne NatureSpider for lunchNo Award
Erika Stander OpenA Fly with a Dragon TattooGold
Erika Stander OpenEyes bigger than tummyGold
Erika Stander NatureMyrina Silenus – Common Fig-tree BlueGold
Erika Stander NatureTiny Nibbles – So DivineGold
Gail Crouch Set SubjectThree nestsSilver
Gail Crouch Set SubjectThree FlowersBronze
Gail Crouch Creative or Visual ArtTwirlingSilver
Gary Ousman NatureHello KittyGold
Gary Ousman PhotojournalismConcentrationGold
Gary Ousman MonochromeAt LastSilver
Gary Ousman SportKing of the DusiGold
Geoff Feldon OpenThe danceBronze
Geoff Feldon Set Subject3 2 1Silver
Geoff Feldon MonochromeCloud reflectionsSilver
Geoff Feldon MonochromeBig StageSilver
Graham Gillett OpenRonCertificate of Merit
Graham Gillett OpenMeshackSilver
Graham Gillett Set SubjectPlanet FitnessSilver
Graham Gillett InterclubMall ParkingSilver
Guy Wayne Opencobham vistaBronze
Guy Wayne OpenHimba debutanteBronze
Guy Wayne Set SubjectThree himba boysGold
Howard Gillitt OpenDarted Gold
Howard Gillitt Set Subject lemon slicesSilver
Howard Gillitt NatureLeader of the packCertificate of Merit
Howard Gillitt NatureBlack CrakeGold
Ian Damerell OpenAddingtonSilver
Ian Damerell NatureAssassin and antCertificate of Merit
Ian Damerell NatureMade in ChinaSilver
Ian Damerell SportHeading for the goalCertificate of Merit
Ina Roos Set SubjectThree SpidersGold
Ina Roos NatureSani PassSilver
Ina Roos Creative or Visual ArtRing of fireBronze
Ina Roos InterclubRed StripeBronze
Janet Hesketh Set SubjectThree sets of threeSilver
Janet Hesketh NatureSparkly creatureSilver
Janet Hesketh NaturePied KingfisherBronze
Janet Hesketh InterclubSeashore fireworksBronze
Janet Hesketh SportAnd he got overBronze
Jen Adam OpenThe Essence of OrangeSilver
Jen Adam OpenStrawberry BombBronze
Jen Adam NatureLets Hang OutSilver
Jen Adam InterclubThe Dark Ages or LoadsheddingSilver
Jen Adam MonochromeThe Love Of My LifeGold
Jen Whiting OpenCamouflagedGold
Jen Whiting Set SubjectPeckled picked peppersGold
Jen Whiting Set SubjectPutins poppeSilver
Jen Whiting MonochromeRe cycleBronze
Jenny Aitken OpenTranquilityGold
Jenny Aitken NatureDandelionBronze
Jenny Piper OpenOn The PondGold
Jenny Piper NatureHaving A ScratchSilver
Joan Widdowson OpenWatching YouSilver
John Thackeray OpenWinter FodderSilver
John Thackeray Set SubjectBasic FruitsGold
John Thackeray NatureLife Is GoodGold
John Thackeray NatureJust ChillingSilver
John Thackeray InterclubSmoke Machine For HireBronze
Judy Mann OpenSo the deal is sealedGold
Judy Mann OpenAncient elephant in ThailandBronze
Judy Mann NatureFramedBronze
Judy Mann NatureFascinating FungiBronze
Karen Fischer OpenThe CoupleGold
Karen Fischer Set Subject3 DolphinsSilver
Karen Fischer Set Subject3 Amber BottlesBronze
Karen Fischer InterclubDurban by NightSilver
Kevin Mullins OpenStorm comingSilver
Kevin Mullins NatureGunslingerGold
Kevin Mullins NatureCrouch pauseSilver
Kevin Mullins MonochromeLast hippoSilver
Linda Paul Set Subjectthree wrinkly peppercornsBronze
Louis Helberg OpenGrandmas DarlingGold
Louis Helberg OpenGymnast in action Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Set SubjectThree CocktailsCertificate of Merit
Louisa van Niekerk Set SubjectTequila trioGold
Louisa van Niekerk Creative or Visual ArtBattle in the skyGold
Louisa van Niekerk InterclubDress rehearsalBronze
Louisa van Niekerk MonochromeSchick ladySilver
Lucia Phillips OpenDelta BaobabBronze
Lucia Phillips NatureGround squirrel Silver
Lucia Phillips NatureAlways the jokerSilver
Lucia Phillips MonochromePlaymatesBronze
lynn johnson OpenTinged in pinkSilver
lynn johnson Set Subject3 of a kindSilver
Lynne Hauptfleisch OpenNelsonBronze
Lynne Hauptfleisch OpenWindmillsBronze
Lynne Hauptfleisch MonochromeWavesSilver
Marie Helberg OpenProteasGold
Marie Helberg OpenLight Aircraft Gold
Marie Helberg NatureChatter BoxCertificate of Merit
Marie Helberg NatureBuilding a mansion Gold
Michael Sand OpenTeam OrangeNo Award
Michael Sand Set SubjectLifeguardsGold
Michael Sand Set SubjectTug BoatsBronze
Michael Sand MonochromeMidday SunSilver
Michael Sand MonochromeThe Steers ExperienceBronze
Mike Morgan OpenSunrise splashSilver
Mike Morgan OpenIve been searchingBronze
Mike Morgan Set SubjectYou only get 3 warnings.No Award
Mike Morgan Creative or Visual ArtMoses Mabhida TwirlGold
Mike Morgan MonochromeInrushGold
Natascha Weber Set SubjectMmmmmm CoffeeGold
Natascha Weber Set SubjectBeans Grounds HeavenGold
Natascha Weber PhotojournalismThe War is Over in front of City HallSilver
Natascha Weber InterclubLast Man Standing on the Dance FloorSilver
Natascha Weber MonochromeMilk Ink and Oil Dont MixSilver
Nic Aberdein PhotojournalismChampionGold
Nic Aberdein PhotojournalismSport heroGold
Nic Aberdein SportTubeSilver
Nic Aberdein SportSupprise attackSilver
Nick Bolam OpenFIAT powerGold
Nick Bolam OpenBeach Look OutGold
Patsy Demmers OpenJust the Two of UsGold
Patsy Demmers Set SubjectColourful ContrastGold
Patsy Demmers Creative or Visual ArtClouds of KleinemondeSilver
Pieter Venter OpenMountain DamGold
Pieter Venter NatureGrumpySilver
Pieter Venter NatureAfrican JacanaSilver
Pieter Venter Creative or Visual ArtCracks in the ArmourSilver
Pieter Venter InterclubMosselbaai at nightBronze
Ron Piper OpenDubai Misty MorningGold
Ron Piper OpenHatta Fort CircleGold
Ron Piper Set SubjectRising Through The CloudsGold
Ron Piper MonochromeWinter at KenmoSilver
Sally Thackeray OpenEmpty SpacesGold
Sally Thackeray OpenThe Old and The NewBronze
Sally Thackeray NatureTouch DownGold
Sally Thackeray NatureHello MorningGold
Shane Newman OpenOld Pipe LineGold
Shane Newman NatureMorning Sunrise SkyGold
Shane Newman MonochromeWinter CloudsBronze
Shane Newman SportSlip OffCertificate of Merit
Sheilagh Bill OpenDistant VistaBronze
Shirley Gillitt OpenMovement in pinkGold
Shirley Gillitt OpenLady in blueGold
Shirley Gillitt NatureMe and my oxpeckersGold
Shirley Gillitt NatureNyala at nightSilver
Shirley Gillitt InterclubcolourfulSilver
Sue Ausmeier OpenStorm brewing over EvoraSilver
Sue Ausmeier OpenRemnants of the Roman Temple in EvoraSilver
Sue Ausmeier SportDeterminationBronze
Sue Kuhnert OpenLooking at meSilver
Sue Kuhnert OpenRoad to nowhereBronze
Sue Kuhnert Set SubjectFly fly fly awayNo Award
Sue Kuhnert NatureAt the topSilver
Sue Kuhnert NatureDinner to goBronze
terri von bargen NaturemafassaSilver
Tracey Zettler OpenA True LegendSilver
Tracey Zettler Set SubjectThree ButterflysBronze
Tracey Zettler NatureBeautiful AggiBronze
Trevor Lea OpenLate Afternoon at MidmarSilver
Trevor Lea Set SubjectThree Warm LightsSilver
Trevor Lea NatureWaiting PatientlySilver
Wendy Freer OpenShelly beachSilver
Wendy Freer NatureOn the wood pileSilver
Willie Henegan OpenOp die rotse geloopGold
Willie Henegan OpenIn the archSilver
Willie Henegan InterclubWilsons wharfGold
Willie Henegan MonochromeVertwyfelingGold
Willie Henegan MonochromeIn pensive moodNo Award