Gallery February 2017

Judges – Alan Nixon, Bebhinn Spoors

Top images:
Top Junior – Advantage Warthog – John Thackeray
Top Senior – Misty Morning – Conrad Kelsey
Top Set Subject – Ethereal – Shirley Gillitt

Gold and Merit award images:

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.


Author Category Photo Title Award Description
Agustin Ritacco Open Expecting Gold
Agustin Ritacco Open The Bridge Gold
Agustin Ritacco Nature Spike Gold
Agustin Ritacco Nature Jumper Silver
Agustin Ritacco Interclub Sunrise Fishermen Merit
Alastair Fraser Open Toy Story Silver
Alastair Fraser Open In The Groove Bronze
Alastair Fraser Monochrome The Bass Player Gold
Ann Sartor Set Subject Face Painting Gold
Ann Sartor Nature Garden Inspector Gold
Ann Sartor Interclub Surprise Bronze
Ann Sartor Monochrome FEED Me Bronze
Ann Sartor Sport Bagged Chilli Bites Bronze
Anthony Haynes Open Door Lock Bronze
Anthony Haynes Set Subject Swirling flames Gold
Anthony Haynes Nature Yellow Bill Stork Merit
Anthony Haynes Nature Wild dog breakfast Gold
Anthony Haynes Interclub Jumping over the sun Gold
Ben Myburgh Open Kajol Silver
Ben Myburgh Set Subject Angela Gold
Ben Myburgh Interclub Nat Merit
Ben Myburgh Monochrome In safe hands Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Shezi Silver
Brian Widdowson Set Subject Will of the Wisp Bronze
Ciska Venter Open Wild Sea Merit
Ciska Venter Open Corban Gold
Ciska Venter Nature Black Flies Eat Pollen Too Merit
Ciska Venter Nature African Jacana Silver
Ciska Venter Interclub Beyerskloof 2014 Merit
Conrad Kelsey Open Misty Morning Merit
Conrad Kelsey Open Caversham Mill Gold
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Paint Swirls Bronze
Conrad Kelsey Interclub PE Sunrise Merit
Conrad Kelsey Monochrome Fisherman Merit
Dean de Groot Open Puerto Calero Bronze
Dean de Groot Nature Lanzarotes amber Silver
Dean de Groot Creative or Visual Art Colours Silver
Dean de Groot Interclub Spray Merit
Des Porter Interclub Delicate bloom Silver
Di Wayne Set Subject Silken twirls Merit
Di Wayne Set Subject Swirling flight Silver
Di Wayne Nature Black Stilt takes off Silver
Di Wayne Nature Zambian sunset Bronze
Di Wayne Interclub Sunset on the dunes Silver
Dianne Abate Open We must sit now Gold
Dianne Abate Nature A day of work Gold
Dianne Abate Monochrome Knut Silver
Eddie von Bargen Nature The Rare Cape Fox Merit
Eddie von Bargen Nature Cheetah Mom on Lookout Silver
Eddie von Bargen Monochrome Oryx Silver
Eddie von Bargen Monochrome Three Boys Bronze
Gail Crouch Open tulips Gold
Gail Crouch Set Subject Swirls Gold
Gary Ousman Set Subject Plumes Silver
Gary Ousman Nature Hide And Seek Merit
Gary Ousman Nature Racing Bbies Gold
Gary Ousman Photojournalism The Other Side No Award
Gary Ousman Monochrome Pelican Take Off Silver
Geoff Feldon Set Subject Floating scarves Merit
Geoff Feldon Set Subject Whirlpool Bronze
Geoff Feldon Creative or Visual Art Should she be smiling Gold
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Zebra movement Gold
Graham Gillett Open Moyo Dawn Silver
Graham Gillett Open Valedi Stock Bronze
Graham Gillett Set Subject Incense Swirls Merit
Graham Gillett Set Subject Ashen Swirls Bronze
Graham Gillett Interclub Lonely Eugene Merit
Havannah Myburgh Set Subject Contemplation Merit
Heinz Benecke Open 1000 Hills Silver
Heinz Benecke Open Inanda dam Bronze
Heinz Benecke Nature Ray of Hope Bronze
Heinz Benecke Nature Kloof Gorge Bronze
Heinz Benecke Interclub Strings Bronze
Howard Gillitt Open Star burst Silver
Howard Gillitt Nature Long crested Eagle Merit
Howard Gillitt Nature Leguan Gold
Howard Gillitt Interclub The King Gold
Howard Gillitt Monochrome Marsh Sandpiper Gold
Ian Damerell Set Subject Swirls of colour Merit
Ian Damerell Nature Spectacled weavers Merit
Ian Damerell Nature Orange fly Silver
Ian Damerell Sport Chasing the ball Bronze
Ina Zeeman Open Robin European Gold
Ina Zeeman Open Lion Fish Bronze
Ina Zeeman Nature Yellow billed Hornbill Bronze
Ina Zeeman Nature Burst of Light Bronze
Jacqui Kiewiet Monochrome I see you Silver
Jacqui Kiewiet Monochrome ex-forest Bronze
Janet Hesketh Open Misty morning Gold
Janet Hesketh Set Subject hairy caterpillar Merit
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Swirling smoke Silver
Janet Hesketh Nature Praying mantis Silver
Janet Hesketh Interclub veld flowers at dusk Bronze
Joan Widdowson Set Subject The Glass Blower Silver
john thackeray Set Subject Umkomaas Plume Bronze
john thackeray Nature Advantage Warthog Merit
john thackeray Interclub Loner Silver
john thackeray Monochrome Number 19 Gold
john thackeray Sport Big Dream or Reality Merit
Judy Mann Set Subject Check my plumes Bronze
Judy Mann Nature Matching Stripes Bronze
Judy Mann Interclub Evening Light Bronze
Judy Mann Monochrome Death came swiftly Silver
Karen Bowman Open MOUNTAIN BOY Gold
Karen Bowman Open DISCARDED Silver
Karen Bowman Nature TINY DANCING LEGS Silver
Karen Bowman Creative or Visual Art THEIR BENCH Bronze
Karen Fischer Set Subject Natures swirls Gold
Karen Fischer Set Subject Swirls in colour Silver
Karen Fischer Nature Warthog Bronze
Karen Fischer Nature Yellow Flower Bronze
Lucia Phillips Open Old farm tractor Silver
Lucia Phillips Open Sunset is that way Bronze
Lucia Phillips Nature Red Knobbed Coot Gold
Lucia Phillips Nature Red Dragonfly Silver
lynn johnson Open WIND RUNNER Gold
lynn johnson Set Subject GREEN Merit
Marius van Tonder Nature who dat Silver
Marius van Tonder Nature blue pool Silver
Marius van Tonder Monochrome brother Merit
Martha van Tonder Open Armour face Silver
Martha van Tonder Set Subject Aliens Gold
Martha van Tonder Set Subject Ancient offerings Silver
Martha van Tonder Nature Mom and babe Gold
Martha van Tonder Interclub Fire in the sky Bronze
Michael Sand Open Break Of Day Silver
Michael Sand Set Subject Flame Art Silver
Michael Sand Interclub Last Light Bronze
Michael Sand Monochrome Seafood Platter Gold
Michael Sand Monochrome Youth RSA Gold
Natascha Weber Set Subject Tantalizing Boa Merit
Natascha Weber Set Subject Salted Peanut Butter Silver
Natascha Weber Interclub Morning Cuppa Gold
Natascha Weber Monochrome Mushroom Study Gold
Natascha Weber Monochrome Carwash Silver
Pieter Venter Open Wave Art Merit
Pieter Venter Open Overberg Farm Road Silver
Pieter Venter Nature Mothers Love Gold
Pieter Venter Nature Ladybug Larvae Feast Bronze
Pieter Venter Interclub You guys cathing over there Silver
Ryan Gillett Open Chilly In My Bowl Gold
Ryan Gillett Set Subject chilly spotlight Bronze
Ryan Gillett Set Subject Chilly Swirls Bronze
Shane Newman Open Oh my Word Gold
Shane Newman Nature Natures Patterns Gold
Shane Newman Interclub Forest Shadows Gold
Shane Newman Monochrome Following Lines Gold
Shane Newman Sport Porsche Braking Under Pressure Silver
Sharon Dell Open Pretty in pink Merit
Sharon Dell Open Archie Merit
Sharon Dell Monochrome The shed Silver
Sharon Dell Monochrome Old church Bronze
Shirley Fraser Open Red hand blues band Silver
Shirley Fraser Open Paint your wagon Bronze
Shirley Fraser Nature Busy Bee Bronze
Shirley Gillitt Open Berg Scene Silver
Shirley Gillitt Set Subject Ethereal Merit
Shirley Gillitt Nature Argument Merit
Shirley Gillitt Nature Cuteness Merit
Shirley Gillitt Interclub Kruger sunset Gold
terri de wet Open DIY brakes Silver
terri de wet Set Subject giraffe swirl Bronze
terri de wet Nature eagle eye Gold
terri de wet Nature true blue Silver
Tracey Zettler Open Blowing Away Bronze
Tracey Zettler Open Flight of the Long Crested Eagle Bronze
Tracey Zettler Nature Swallow Bronze
Tracey Zettler Creative or Visual Art Vulnerable No Award
Veronique Rachman Open Mauritian Sunset Silver
Veronique Rachman Open Too cool for school Bronze
Wendy Freer Nature Impala with oxpecker Merit
Wendy Freer Nature Crowned plover in search of food Gold
Willie Henegan Open Mediterranean sunrise Gold
Willie Henegan Open Sheppard and flock Bronze
Willie Henegan Nature Quiver tree sunrise Silver
Willie Henegan Interclub Happy hour Merit
Willie Henegan Monochrome Enjoying the view Merit