Gallery August 2022

Judges: Andrew Pike (WCC), Bridgid Whickham (WCC), Bertie Price (MCC) (LPSSA Colour, LPSSA Mono), Kathy Kay (Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society) (FPSSA, EPSSA (MILLE).

Top Images:

Top Junior: Durban Storm Driftwood – Wayne dos Santos Niz.

Top Senior: French madame – Shirley Gillitt.

Top Set Subject: (Abstract) Stormy night – Ian Damerell.

Gold and Merit Award Images:

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward 
Alex StewartNatureLionessBronze 
Alex StewartNatureKudu FemaleGold 
Alex StewartOpenSafrari ExperienceSilver 
Alex StewartOpenAfter the RainGold 
Alister StenhouseOpenRusty spiralSilver 
Alister StenhouseOpenAloe grillSilver 
Allan BowerNatureTsessebeSilver 
Allan BowerNatureDeath StareSilver 
Allan BowerOpenRay Of SunshineSilver 
Alta NeethlingMonochromePatterns 2Merit 
Alta NeethlingNatureSleepingSilver 
Alta NeethlingNatureCatching the morning sunBronze 
Alta NeethlingOpenElephant trunkSilver 
Andrew PikeMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyOff to workSilver 
Andrew PikeMonochromeKing of the PansMerit 
Andrew PikeNatureDont look upGold 
Andrew PikeOpenMoremi sunsetGold 
Andrew PikeSet SubjectNatures wonderSilver 
Ann SartorMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyThe long short and tallGold 
Ann SartorNatureNatures BacklightGold 
Ann SartorOpenNewark Castle on River TrentSilver 
Ann SartorSet SubjectFlaming Water AbstractSilver 
Ann SartorSet SubjectGrave AutumnSilver 
Bee BrodieNatureAnd these are my own lashesSilver 
Bee BrodieNatureThis wind is insaneSilver 
Bee BrodieOpenZahraaSilver 
Bee BrodieOpenAiring our linenGold 
Ben MyburghMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyPerplexSilver 
Ben MyburghMonochromeEnigmaticSilver 
Ben MyburghMonochromeMystifying Silver 
Ben MyburghOpenPJ party for one Merit 
Ben MyburghOpenElzaan Silver 
Brian H C WilliamsNatureMountain Cabbage TreeSilver 
Brian H C WilliamsNatureOteniqua Yellow WoodSilver 
Brian H C WilliamsOpenBushmans RiverGold 
Brian H C WilliamsOpenMighty MountainsMerit 
Bridgid WickhamCreative or Visual ArtStorm ElephantsGold 
Bridgid WickhamCreative or Visual ArtMatchboxSilver 
Bridgid WickhamOpenA hundred mirrorsMerit 
Bridgid WickhamSport and PhotojournalismPounding downSilver 
Buan StanleyMonochromeGangsterMerit 
Buan StanleyNatureDrunken birdSilver 
Buan StanleyOpenMaverickSilver 
Buan StanleySet SubjectThe madness continuesSilver 
Celia FourieNatureHearty NoseGold 
Celia FourieNatureWaiting For MomGold 
Celia FourieOpenCome CloserSilver 
Conrad KelseyMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyDesiGold 
Conrad KelseyMonochromeOpposingGold 
Conrad KelseyOpenSpringsGold 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectOutGold 
Conrad KelseySet SubjectBubblyGold 
Dave WickhamMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyBeasts in the NightNo Award 
Dave WickhamNatureMud bathGold 
Dave WickhamNatureLioness WatchingMerit 
Dave WickhamSport and PhotojournalismGet out of my WaySilver 
Dave WickhamSport and PhotojournalismFlying HoovesSilver 
Des PorterMonochromeRiver rescueGold 
Des PorterOpenJoie de vivreMerit 
Des PorterOpenBubbles 1Gold 
Des PorterSport and PhotojournalismRed racerGold 
Elton BartlettNatureBirds of a FeatherMerit 
Elton BartlettOpenLift OffMerit 
Este SheararMonochromeHouse With StairwayGold 
Este SheararNatureHadeda MapungubweGold 
Este SheararOpenTime To MoveSilver 
Fred TurckCreative or Visual ArtRed PatternSilver 
Fred TurckCreative or Visual ArtMoonlight in the MountainSilver 
Fred TurckSet SubjectGuessSilver 
Fred TurckSet SubjectWalking TrickGold 
Gen Macquet MonochromeGnarled old treeGold 
Gen Macquet NatureOwletBronze 
Gen Macquet NatureGoldcrestSilver 
Gen Macquet OpenDesert roadMerit 
Geoff FeldonOpenSpicesMerit 
Geoff FeldonOpenGardeningMerit 
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectAbstract coloursSilver 
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectShell AbstractMerit 
Gert Van Der LindeNatureGraceMerit 
Gert Van Der LindeOpenLost chapelGold 
Gert Van Der LindeOpenBeach drummersGold 
Gert Van Der LindeSet SubjectBustSilver 
Howard GillittMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyspringbokGold 
Howard GillittMonochromeNyala BullMerit 
Howard GillittNatureGoshawk stalkingGold 
Howard GillittNatureBlackshouldered kite takeoffMerit 
Howard GillittSport and PhotojournalismMy ballMerit 
Ian DamerellNatureGreen flySilver 
Ian DamerellSet SubjectFire on the beachSilver 
Ian DamerellSet SubjectStormy nightMerit 
Ian MillsCreative or Visual Artstrawberry lipsSilver 
Ian MillsNaturelooking for dinnerMerit 
Ian MillsNatureits a big world out thereSilver 
Jane SmithMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyLioness On Lookout LogSilver 
Jane SmithMonochromeA Fine Set Of TusksSilver 
Jane SmithNatureMara Lioness In The RainGold 
Jane SmithNatureThe Herd Retreats Bronze 
Jane SmithSet SubjectAbstract ArbourSilver 
Jen AdamMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyA Long WalkNo Award 
Jen AdamMonochromeLunchtime NewsGold 
Jen AdamNatureMorning BreakfastSilver 
Jen AdamOpenThere is Always HopeNo Award 
Jen AdamSet SubjectDandelion in ShockMerit 
Jill FerrazMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeySweetly low keyGold 
Jill FerrazMonochromeDramatic DrakensburgMerit 
Jill FerrazNatureBasking in the sunSilver 
Jill FerrazSport and PhotojournalismTry timeMerit 
Jill FerrazSet SubjectFlower abstractMerit 
John ThackerayMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyLifes A DragSilver 
John ThackerayMonochromeace Or ChaseMerit 
John ThackerayNatureHandsome DudeGold 
John ThackerayNatureSharing Is CaringMerit 
John ThackerayOpenOnly In AfricaMerit 
Jurgen HuseMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeySay a PrayerGold 
Jurgen HuseMonochromeFamous LandmarkGold 
Jurgen HuseNaturePortrait of a Purple-Crested TuracoNo Award 
Jurgen HuseOpenThe JettyGold 
Jurgen HuseKZN Interclub Set Subject – World of ColourAutumn SurpriseGold 
Karen FischerCreative or Visual ArtStranded On The RocksMerit 
Karen FischerNatureSmile For The CameraGold 
Karen FischerNaturePicked OnBronze 
Karen FischerSet SubjectEnd Of The WorldSilver 
Kazalette PikeMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyGoliath heron Gold 
Kazalette PikeNatureEye on the prize no deviatingSilver 
Kazalette PikeNatureCattle egret on hippoMerit 
Kazalette PikeOpenFarmers daughter and her dogMerit 
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectTHE BIG BANGMerit 
Laura EvansNatureSisters on the lookoutSilver 
Laura EvansNatureI am happy to accept your proposalSilver 
Linda ScottMonochromeFlowers for MomSilver 
Linda ScottNaturePeaches and creamMerit 
Linda ScottOpenThem bonesMerit 
Linda ScottSet SubjectPretty shades of greyGold 
Marco DagnoloMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyPeering over the edgeSilver 
Marco DagnoloNaturecoming out hotGold 
Marco DagnoloNaturea little river critterNo Award 
Marco DagnoloOpenearly morning at PaternosterSilver 
Mike MorganNatureWeekendGold 
Mike MorganNatureEastern CapeGold 
Mike MorganOpenParadiseSilver 
Mike MorganSet SubjectAbstract soundsGold 
Natascha RobinsonMonochromeOn The Corner of Mahatma Gandhi RdGold 
Natascha RobinsonOpenA Still Life Study of BooksGold 
Natascha RobinsonOpenReady for MotherhoodGold 
Natascha RobinsonSet SubjectColours in AbstractGold 
Nicolette ForbesMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyLook for me in the shadowsSilver 
Nicolette ForbesMonochromeThe road is longGold 
Nicolette ForbesNatureStop it you two that ticklesGold 
Nicolette ForbesOpenNothing gold can stayMerit 
Nicolette ForbesSet SubjectLiquid shimmerGold 
Robert BlackMonochromeSiberian GazeGold 
Robert BlackNatureJuvenile Lanner AirtimeMerit 
Robert BlackOpenA gal and her huskyGold 
Robert BlackOpenLady AmethystSilver 
Sashen NaiduNatureBowing DownSilver 
Sashen NaiduOpenLife is a boatSilver 
Sashen NaiduSport and PhotojournalismThe Strength of Women UniteBronze 
Sean Cameron GunnCreative or Visual ArtOrange explosionGold
Sean Cameron GunnOpenWater and rocksGold 
Sean Cameron GunnOpenHigh on the hillsSilver 
Sean Cameron GunnSet SubjectColoured dotsGold 
Shane NewmanNatureBoulders in the SeaGold 
Shane NewmanNatureSlippery RockGold 
Shane NewmanOpenEvening BluesSilver 
Shane NewmanOpenCloud PondSilver 
Shirley GillittMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low Keyout of the darknessMerit 
Shirley GillittNatureSurricat poseGold 
Shirley GillittNaturePygmy falcon snackGold 
Shirley GillittOpenFrench madameMerit 
Shirley GillittOpenBateleur Ruffled feathersGold 
Tracey ZettlerMonochromeAloe VeraSilver 
Tracey ZettlerNatureLifes delicateBronze 
Tracey ZettlerOpenInto The WoodsSilver 
Trevor LeaMonochromeTimeless Beach SceneGold 
Trevor LeaOpenSomeones been here.Silver 
Trevor LeaOpenLights on Florida RoadSilver 
Trevor LeaSet SubjectOil and PlasticGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizCreative or Visual ArtWhite Tree SunriseGold 
Wayne dos Santos NizMCC Interclub Challenge – High Key – Low KeyElephant from the darkMerit 
Wayne dos Santos NizMonochromeOut to seaMerit 
Wayne dos Santos NizNaturePuffin LandingMerit 
Wayne dos Santos NizOpenDurban Storm DriftwoodMerit