Gallery August 2019

Judges: Anne D’Oliveira (APSSA), Ian Damerell (WCC).

Top Images:

Top Junior: Sunset Leopard – Kazalette Pike

Top Senior: Take Off – Gary Ousman

Top Set Subject: TIA – Gary Ousman

Gold and Merit Award Images:

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward
Alex StewartNatureDelecate TouchSilver
Alex StewartNatureCome closerGold
Alex StewartOpenEmerging from the steamGold
Alex StewartSet SubjectChobe River BotswanaGold
Alister StenhouseNatureMom is watchingGold
Alister StenhouseNatureCommunity nestSilver
Alister StenhouseOpenMorning reflectionGold
Alister StenhouseOpenKey holeBronze
Allan BowerMonochromeDurban Has Lost Its ColourGold
Allan BowerNatureLittle Bundles Of JoySilver
Allan BowerOpenDo I Have To Do ThisGold
Allan BowerSet SubjectRoad To PomeneSilver
Andre RoosNatureA Bee should be FreeSilver
Andrew PikeFood PhotographyThe Lindt Tower of PleaserGold
Andrew PikeInterclubWrapped around the axleSilver
Andrew PikeMonochromeIn the dairyGold
Andrew PikeOpenUmhlanga daybreakGold
Andrew PikeSet SubjectDads taxiSilver
Ann GreyvensteynSportOut of the dustSilver
Ann GreyvensteynSportPloughing the fieldGold
Ann SartorOpenSpikedSilver
Ann SartorOpenIts all about the shoesGold
Ann SartorSportQuick reflexesSilver
Ann SartorSportHand offGold
Bee BrodieInterclubGreen PointBronze
Bee BrodieMonochromeLook at that hatBronze
Bee BrodieNatureDont Bug MeBronze
Bee BrodieOpenHermanusBronze
Bee BrodieOpenGrass SeedsBronze
Ben MyburghMonochromeRoxyGold
Ben MyburghMonochromeJessGold
Ben MyburghOpenStacyGold
Ben MyburghOpenIsjeanneGold
Betsy KeeNaturegemsbok ruttingSilver
Betsy KeeOpenBarronNo Award
Betsy KeeOpena hard lifeSilver
Betsy KeeSet SubjectGemsbok fighting Silver
Betsy KeeSet Subjectyoung shembe dancersSilver
Brendan KuhnertNatureThrough the tall grassSilver
Brendan KuhnertOpenOutpostGold
Brendan KuhnertOpenRoad to nowhereGold
Brendan KuhnertSportHeat of the momentSilver
Brian H C WilliamsMonochromeAntherium Silver
Brian H C WilliamsOpenFalsiesGold
Brian H C WilliamsOpenIts cold in thereGold
Brian H C WilliamsSet SubjectProteaGold
Brian WiddowsonNatureSparrowhawkSilver
Brian WiddowsonNatureHello thereGold
Brian WiddowsonOpenI AM on dietGold
Brian WiddowsonOpenThe Bouzouki PlayerGold
Ciska VenterInterclubShip Restaurant Gold
Ciska VenterNatureHumpback BugMerit
Ciska VenterNatureEarly Bird Gets The CatchSilver
Ciska VenterOpenThe Big Whole In The WallGold
Ciska VenterOpenFrog On A Stick Merit
Conrad KelseyFood PhotographyTray of TreatsGold
Conrad KelseyInterclubStairway LightsGold
Conrad KelseyMonochromeRocky ChannelGold
Conrad KelseySet SubjectBeadingGold
Conrad KelseySet SubjectCommunal ShowersSilver
Dave NisbetOpenWesley In KoofGold
Dave NisbetOpenSunrise RideGold
Dave NisbetSportSurfing TwoGold
Dave NisbetSportSurfing oneGold
Debra StevensonNatureCaterpillar Bad Hair DayGold
Debra StevensonNatureDont mess with meGold
Debra StevensonOpenPollen Bee2Silver
Debra StevensonOpenDedicationGold
Des PorterOpenSharing secretsGold
Des PorterSet SubjectBoarding timeSilver
Di WayneInterclubBlooming rocketBronze
Di WayneNatureRace you to the waterGold
Di WayneNatureTurf warGold
Di WayneSet SubjectAfrican beautyGold
Di WayneSet SubjectSnack timeGold
Erika StanderFood PhotographySexy BunsGold
Erika StanderOpenZipLineGold
Erika StanderOpenGenus of the ArumSilver
Erika StanderSet SubjectSpirit of AfricaGold
Gary OusmanMonochromeAnd NowMerit
Gary OusmanOpenTake OffMerit
Gary OusmanOpenMy BoySilver
Gary OusmanSet SubjectTIAGold
Geoff FeldonMonochromeStationSilver
Geoff FeldonMonochromeKeys to the cityGold
Geoff FeldonOpenMosaic patternsSilver
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectAn outdoor nationSilver
Grant HutchisonMonochromeTURMOILNo Award
Grant HutchisonNatureWHELKSilver
Grant HutchisonOpenWHALES BACKGold
Grant HutchisonSet SubjectHOLE IN THE WALLGold
Guy WayneMonochromeDramatic dunesSilver
Guy WayneNatureView from the topGold
Guy WayneNatureI see you says the stiltSilver
Guy WayneOpenSossusvlei great dunesGold
Howard GillittInterclubFlaming cherry brandySilver
Howard GillittNatureTogetherGold
Howard GillittNatureAbout to go down the hatchGold
Howard GillittOpenThrough all threeGold
Howard GillittOpenBlue water dropsGold
Ina RoosInterclubToti LightsSilver
Ina RoosNatureLonelyGold
Ina RoosOpenWater reflectionGold
Ina RoosOpenSunrise HarborGold
Ina ZeemanNatureRed FaceGold
Ina ZeemanNatureEye SpySilver
Ina ZeemanOpenDrinking BuddiesGold
Ina ZeemanOpenFlasher Silver
Janet HeskethInterclubFestival FireworksGold
Janet HeskethMonochromeStormy ScotlandSilver
Janet HeskethOpenAncient Standing Stone in wet HebridesNo Award
Janet HeskethOpenBeach HeadSilver
Janet HeskethSportRowing their hearts outSilver
Jen AdamInterclubLight Up My LifeGold
Jen AdamMonochromeA Little Bit of NowhereBronze
Jen AdamNatureRestingGold
Jen AdamNatureSitting ProminantlyMerit
Jen AdamOpenThat Wanaka Tree at DuskSilver
Jill FerrazInterclubSplashy Fen night lightsGold
Jill FerrazMonochromeTwo treesBronze
Jill FerrazNaturePlaying hide and seekGold
Jill FerrazNaturePosing perfectlyGold
Jill FerrazSet SubjectRural AfricaGold
Joan WiddowsonNatureLooking at youSilver
Joan WiddowsonNatureThe ItchSilver
Joan WiddowsonOpenTake offGold
Joan WiddowsonSportVeterans rallyGold
John AbateSportIn tandemGold
John AbateSportAll about the smokeGold
John ThackerayNatureCleared For LandingGold
John ThackerayNatureDiggerGold
John ThackerayOpenDaar In Die Ou KalahariGold
John ThackeraySet SubjectDust BowlGold
Karen FischerMonochromeI ride my bikeGold
Karen FischerOpenThe Bird BathGold
Karen FischerOpenSam I amMerit
Karen FischerSet SubjectWorking for waterSilver
Kazalette PikeMonochromeLIving in the shadowsGold
Kazalette PikeMonochromeINTO THE STEAMGold
Kazalette PikeNatureSUNSET LEOPARDMerit
Kazalette PikeSet SubjectThe thinkerSilver
Linda PaulMonochromeguitarroGold
Linda PaulOpenescapeGold
Linda PaulOpenfreshGold
Linda PaulSet Subjectopen heightsGold
Louis HelbergCreative or Visual ArtThe real secret behind cherry tomatoesGold
Louis HelbergMonochromeHappiness Gold
Lucia PhillipsMonochromeTamaraGold
Lucia PhillipsMonochromeBouquet and fruitSilver
Malcolm ReevesNatureKudus at TalaGold
Malcolm ReevesOpenFather and SonGold
Malcolm ReevesOpenFloating on CloudsMerit
Malcolm ReevesSet SubjectMountain HorsemanGold
Maureen van den berghNatureLonesome meGold
Maureen van den berghPhotojournalismPensiveGold
Maureen van den berghSet SubjectRiver of RubbishGold
Michael SandSet SubjectBuilding A Better FutureSilver
Mike MorganFood PhotographyRed Red WineSilver
Mike MorganInterclubGood morning starshineGold
Mike MorganOpenBerg late afternoonSilver
Mike MorganOpenUnder the BoardwalkSilver
Mike MorganSet SubjectSmokey Zulu hutGold
Natascha WeberMonochromeSelf Portrait with MicheleSilver
Natascha WeberSportAvalon LadiesSilver
Natascha WeberSet SubjectThe SpliffGold
Natascha WeberSet SubjectOne Still SleepingSilver
Patsy DemmersFood PhotographyA bucket of pleasureGold
Patsy DemmersInterclubTendrilsSilver
Patsy DemmersNatureSemi circles in the sandGold
Patsy DemmersOpenGreeting the SunGold
Pieter VenterInterclubSeine TraficGold
Pieter VenterMonochromeFamily DrinkingGold
Pieter VenterNatureNkosi Sikelela iAfrikaGold
Pieter VenterNatureRainbow EyesGold
Pieter VenterOpenSt Micheals BeachMerit
Sally ThackerayNatureOn The HuntGold
Sally ThackerayNaturembaliMerit
Sally ThackerayOpenTiny TimGold
Sally ThackerayOpenFiesty WildebeestGold
Shane NewmanNatureSunrise PondGold
Shane NewmanOpenCold NikkiSilver
Shane NewmanSportDropperMerit
Shane NewmanSet SubjectAfrican Sunrise SkyBronze
Shirley GillittInterclubIn the salt lampSilver
Shirley GillittNatureLittle EgretGold
Shirley GillittNatureGiant Gold
Shirley GillittOpenRight through the appleSilver
Shirley GillittOpenJumpGold
Sue KuhnertNatureMorning DewSilver
Sue KuhnertNatureNap TimeSilver
Sue KuhnertOpenCandlelightSilver
Sue KuhnertSet SubjectBreakfast Silver
Tracey ZettlerNatureWhatcha looking atSilver
Tracey ZettlerNatureFoxy FoxGold
Tracey ZettlerOpenHome of Winston ChurchillGold
Tracey ZettlerOpenThe tide is lowSilver
Wendy FreerOpenSimplicityGold
Wendy FreerSportHigh jumpMerit
Willie HeneganCreative or Visual ArtOn the lip of a waveGold
Willie HeneganInterclubPainting with lightGold
Willie HeneganMonochromeKeeping in shapeGold
Willie HeneganOpenWedding dayGold
Willie HeneganOpenHello sunshineSilver