Gallery August 2018

Judges: Francois Roux (MPSSA, Hon FPSSA, EPSSA, AFIAP)  & Rory Baker (Durban Camera Club).

Top Images:

Top Junior: Grimm-Erika Stander






Top Senior: Cape Vulture-Pieter Venter






Top Set Subject: Lady In Blue-Conrad Kelsey








Gold & Merit Award Images:

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Author Category Name Photo Title Award
Alex Stewart Open Again Gold
Alex Stewart Open Foot Bridge Gold
Alex Stewart Set Subject Kelpie Bronze
Alex Stewart Nature Just the Three of us Gold
Andre Roos Open Ring Flare in the Mist Silver
Andre Roos Open Restful Duzi Silver
Andre Roos Set Subject The Photographer and the Photographed Bronze
Andre Roos Interclub Just a Dash of Rose Gold
Andre Roos Monochrome Midmar Dam Pano Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn Open Princess Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature Just the two of us Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature Lady of the flies Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn Sport Polocrosse possession Certificate of Merit
Ann Sartor Open Seascape Bronze
Ann Sartor Nature Ruffled feathers Gold
Ann Sartor Creative or Visual Art Butterfly wings Silver
Ann Sartor Interclub Bright and beautiful Silver
Ann Sartor Monochrome Rim light Bronze
Arlene Mullins Open Delightful Gold
Arlene Mullins Set Subject Youthful Silver
Arlene Mullins Creative or Visual Art Cape Vulture Gold
Arlene Mullins Sport Speed Silver
Bee Brodie Open For Dad Silver
Bee Brodie Open Looking for Heathcliff Silver
Ben Myburgh Set Subject Cosplay Super Woman Gold
Ben Myburgh Set Subject Cosplay Harley Quinn Gold
Ben Myburgh Interclub Blue Jeans Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Power of perception Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Aground Silver
Betsy Kee Open Giant Trevelly or Giant Kingfish Bronze
Betsy Kee Set Subject a new life Silver
Betsy Kee Nature runde river sunrise Gold
Betsy Kee Nature female bushbuck Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Open Toronto Sunsets Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Open Lakeside Canoes Bronze
Brendan Kuhnert Nature Raccoon Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Sport Race to the Ball Silver
Brian H C Williams Open Easy does it Silver
Brian H C Williams Open Up and Over Bronze
Brian H C Williams Set Subject Cool Dude Silver
Brian H C Williams Nature Blue Head Silver
Brian H C Williams Interclub WCC Silver
Carmen Anderson Open Tired Hound Silver
Carmen Anderson Open Spicy Homecoming Bronze
Carmen Anderson Set Subject A Quizzical Expression Gold
Carmen Anderson Creative or Visual Art Trippy Catfish Gold
Ciska Venter Open Honey Bee Mimic Silver
Ciska Venter Open Malachite Juvenile Kingfisher Silver
Ciska Venter Nature Bodybuilding Fly Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Nature Saddle Billed Stork Fishing Gold
Ciska Venter Interclub Yellow Red And Green Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open Early Morning Silver
Conrad Kelsey Open Anyone For Cake Bronze
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Lady In Blue Certificate of Merit
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Tunnel Vision Gold
Conrad Kelsey Interclub Red T Silver
Debra Stevenson Open Cherry Festival Display Silver
Debra Stevenson Nature Feed Me Gold
Debra Stevenson Nature Strelitzia Reginae Silver
Des Porter Nature Green snake Certificate of Merit
Di Wayne Open Incoming storm Gold
Di Wayne Nature Pied Kingfisher on river bank Gold
Di Wayne Monochrome A stitch in time catches the fish Gold
Erika Stander Open Touch my black Gold
Erika Stander Open Garlic and friends Silver
Erika Stander Set Subject Grimm Certificate of Merit
Erika Stander Monochrome Minimee Gold
Gary Ousman Nature Black Headed Heron Silver
Gary Ousman Nature Juvenile Jackana Silver
Gary Ousman Sport Pushing Hard Gold
Gary Ousman Sport No 1 Gold
Geoff Feldon Set Subject Dark beauty Silver
Geoff Feldon Set Subject Strawberry blonde Silver
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Stadium Roof Silver
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Flower sillhouette Bronze
Graham Gillett Open Sunrise goodbye Gold
Graham Gillett Open Lonely Spectator Silver
Graham Gillett Photojournalism Speeding in the mist Silver
Graham Gillett Creative or Visual Art Powerful Dawn Silver
Graham Gillett Interclub Problem at Balgowan Gold
Howard Gillitt Set Subject Pink swirl Silver
Howard Gillitt Nature Landing Gold
Howard Gillitt Nature Juvenile Crake Gold
Howard Gillitt Interclub Secretary Bird Bronze
Howard Gillitt Monochrome Flour girl Gold
Ian Damerell Open MSC at night Gold
Ian Damerell Nature Brown and white Gold
Ian Damerell Sport Landrover polocross Silver
Ina Zeeman Open Warrior Silver
Ina Zeeman Open Vegetarian Lunch Silver
Ina Zeeman Nature Beauty Certificate of Merit
Ina Zeeman Nature Beast Gold
Janet Hesketh Open Desert caravan Gold
Janet Hesketh Nature Wild dogs Silver
Janet Hesketh Nature Garden dragonfly Silver
Janet Hesketh Monochrome Clouds at dawn Silver
Jeffrey Govender Open Abby Bronze
Jeffrey Govender Set Subject Naushina Silver
Jeffrey Govender Set Subject Roxy Bronze
Jeffrey Govender Monochrome Dinola Silver
Jen Adam Open Firery Nights and Chivas Gold
Jen Adam Open Dreaming of Love Silver
Jen Adam Nature Buffalo Birds and Bugs Gold
Jen Adam Interclub Hippy Days Gold
Jen Adam Monochrome Those Shoes Aint Made For Walking Certificate of Merit
Jen Whiting Open Fly me to the moon Gold
Jen Whiting Open Citrus splash Bronze
Jen Whiting Nature Double Vision Silver
Jen Whiting Monochrome The Wheels of the train go.. Gold
Jenny Piper Open Winter at Kenmo Silver
John Thackeray Open Brush Strokes Gold
John Thackeray Nature He Aint Heavy Gold
John Thackeray Nature PCR Looking Pretty Gold
John Thackeray Interclub Around The Bend Gold
John Thackeray Sport Blue Day For Reds Silver
Judy Mann Open Kuching Reflections Gold
Judy Mann Open Old Mufasa Silver
Judy Mann Nature Geese Take Off Gold
Judy Mann Nature Gqoyeni Vulture Silver
Karen Fischer Open Monteseel 2 Silver
Karen Fischer Set Subject Trouble Bronze
Karen Fischer Nature A bird Gold
Kevin Mullins Open Welding anchors Silver
Kevin Mullins Nature Wood owl in flight Gold
Kevin Mullins Sport Fallen Silver
Kevin Mullins Sport Submerged at Umzinyathi Silver
Linda Paul Set Subject triple nine three try again Gold
Linda Paul Monochrome alone in the crowd Silver
Louis Helberg Open Shy Smile Gold
Louis Helberg Open Splash Bronze
Louis Helberg Nature Butterfly Silver
Louis Helberg Interclub My Pink Shades Gold
Louis Helberg Sport Cyclist Silver
Louisa van Niekerk Open Bearded dragon Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Set Subject Wearing masks Silver
Louisa van Niekerk Creative or Visual Art Woven beauty Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Creative or Visual Art Ghost of Westbrook Manor Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Interclub Orange Gold
Lucia Phillips Open Free Spirit Silver
Lucia Phillips Open Brandwag by night Silver
Lucia Phillips Nature Pied Kingfisher regurgitating waste pellet Gold
Lucia Phillips Interclub Age of Aquarius Silver
Lucia Phillips Monochrome Intensely yours Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open Drakensberg snow cap Bronze
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open Durban Skyline Bronze
Lynne Hauptfleisch Set Subject My New Brother Silver
Lynne Hauptfleisch Monochrome Fly Trap Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Monochrome Drummer Boy No Award
Maggie Lally Open Of Days Gone By Silver
Maggie Lally Open Red and Yellow Bronze
Maggie Lally Sport KZN Rally Sprint Silver
Marie Helberg Open Oeps spilled some water Silver
Marie Helberg Open Aloe Train Silver
Michael Sand Open Cover Plate Silver
Michael Sand Open From Above Silver
Michael Sand Interclub Red And Black Chevy Silver
Michael Sand Monochrome To The Left Please Silver
Michael Sand Monochrome Hamster Trader Silver
Mike Morgan Open Early morning rush. Silver
Mike Morgan Open On Golden pond Bronze
Mike Morgan Interclub Outside looking in. Gold
Mike Morgan Monochrome Horse Power Gold
Mike Morgan Monochrome Emmanuel cathedral Gold
Mike Rheeder Open Tail Piece Silver
Mike Rheeder Open Monster Shifter No Award
Mike Rheeder Set Subject Day of the Dead Silver
Mike Rheeder Sport The 7-30 Bus Gold
Mike Rheeder Sport 8 Man Shove Silver
Natascha Weber Set Subject I Am Ready Certificate of Merit
Natascha Weber Interclub The Delight of Bubbles Silver
Natascha Weber Monochrome Avalon Fleet Silver
Natascha Weber Monochrome Lost in the City Silver
Pieter Venter Open Cape Vulture Certificate of Merit
Pieter Venter Nature Sunsetdam Hippo Gold
Pieter Venter Nature Savuti Male Gold
Pieter Venter Interclub Cemetery Visitor Gold
Pieter Venter Monochrome Taking it slow Gold
Sally Thackeray Open Morning Delight No Award
Sally Thackeray Nature Snack Attack Certificate of Merit
Sally Thackeray Nature Agh Shame Silver
Shane Newman Open Photo Shoot Break Silver
Shane Newman Nature Woolly Neck Stork Landing Gold
Shane Newman Nature Dolphin Luncheon Bronze
Shane Newman Sport No 1 Foot Ups Silver
Shirley Gillitt Set Subject One eye Silver
Shirley Gillitt Set Subject The dark side Silver
Shirley Gillitt Nature Vulture Frenzy Certificate of Merit
Shirley Gillitt Nature Happy 3 banded plover Certificate of Merit
Shirley Gillitt Interclub Flower nest Gold
Sue Ausmeier Open Cloud settling in Silver
Sue Kuhnert Open little bridge Silver
Sue Kuhnert Open Toronto Sunset Silver
Sue Kuhnert Set Subject Playtime No Award
Sue Kuhnert Nature Curious Duck Gold
Sue Kuhnert Photojournalism Royal Airforce Silver
terri von bargen Nature Jerry Silver
Tracey Zettler Open Up Close And Personal Bronze
Tracey Zettler Open Splish Splash You A Getting Wet Bronze
Tracey Zettler Nature Beautiful Bokkie Silver
Tracey Zettler Nature Golding light on Zebra Silver
Trevor Lea Open Fine Set of Teeth Bronze
Trevor Lea Open Healthy Veggies Bronze
Trevor Lea Set Subject Anxious Teenager Silver
Wendy Freer Nature Baby monkey Gold
Wendy Freer Monochrome Black and white Gold
Willie Henegan Open Flower girl Gold
Willie Henegan Open The night watch is over Gold
Willie Henegan Nature Morning watch Gold
Willie Henegan Creative or Visual Art Creative eclipse Gold
Willie Henegan Interclub Framed Gold