Gallery August 2017

Judges – Pieter Venter, Antenie Carstens

Top images:
Top Junior – Such lovely eyelashes – Judy Mann
Top Set Subject- March Down Point Road – Natascha Weber
Top Senior – Watching the dawn – Geoff Feldon

Gold and Merit award images:

No Images found.


Author Category Name Photo Title Award Description
Agustin Ritacco Open Speed Blur Bronze
Agustin Ritacco Set Subject Dune Shadows Silver
Agustin Ritacco Nature Speed Machine Gold
Agustin Ritacco Photojournalism Sardine Run Silver
Agustin Ritacco Interclub Morning Riders Gold
Allan Bower Open Surprise There is a Bug on your Shoulder Silver
Allan Bower Open Harbour Ghosts Silver
Andrew Climpson Open Blouberg View Silver
Andrew Climpson Interclub Sunset Burst Silver
Ann Greyvensteyn Set Subject Shadow fighting Bronze
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature My trophy Merit
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature Wing and a prayer Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn Monochrome Dam Splash Gold
Ann Sartor Open Over the top Gold
Ann Sartor Set Subject Late afternoon light Bronze
Ann Sartor Nature Let us hide here Silver
Ann Sartor Interclub The blues Silver
Ann Sartor Monochrome Missing Silver
Ben Myburgh Set Subject Light cats shadow Silver
Ben Myburgh Set Subject Shadow with in Bronze
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Carla Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Fire Fighter Silver
Betsy Kee Open dancers Silver
Betsy Kee Open pots Bronze
Betsy Kee Set Subject summerveld morning Bronze
Betsy Kee Nature morning frost No Award
Carmen Anderson Open Hot Winter Bronze
Carmen Anderson Set Subject Six Goblets Bronze
Carmen Anderson Photojournalism Maskandi Festival 2017 Gold
Carmen Anderson Interclub A Kiss Gold
Carmen Anderson Monochrome The Couple Gold
Ciska Venter Open Go Away Merit
Ciska Venter Open Asarkina Africana Gold
Ciska Venter Nature Kingfisher vs fish Gold
Ciska Venter Nature Yellow Fly Silver
Ciska Venter Interclub Horse Whisperer Silver
Colleen Venter Nature Bosberaad Gold
Colleen Venter Nature Grim Reapers Gold
Colleen Venter Interclub Leftover longings Silver
Colleen Venter Monochrome The Gathering Silver
Colleen Venter Sport Exploding Exit Bronze
Conrad Kelsey Open Midmar Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open Lara Silver
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Long Shadows Silver
Conrad Kelsey Nature Spider Silver
Conrad Kelsey Interclub Giddy up Silver
Dave Nisbet Open Lonely Angler Gold
Dave Nisbet Open Road to Colour Silver
Dave Nisbet Sport Surf is Up Silver
Dave Nisbet Sport Panning Shot Silver
Dean de Groot Open Bermuda blue Gold
Dean de Groot Open Seabass Silver
Dean de Groot Nature Palm Gold
Dean de Groot Nature Bee No Award
Dean de Groot Photojournalism Racecar Silver
Debra Stevenson Open Chobe Sunset Silver
Debra Stevenson Nature Magalagadi Zebras Gold
Debra Stevenson Nature Maraboo Stork Silver
Debra Stevenson Interclub Maestical Sunset Gold
Debra Stevenson Sport FEI Championships Jumping in Style Bronze
Des Porter Open Early morning Moyo Silver
Des Porter Set Subject Photographer Bronze
Des Porter Monochrome Wood pile Gold
Di Wayne Open Young Mozambique boy Gold
Di Wayne Set Subject Butterfly shadow Gold
Di Wayne Set Subject Paris Lantern Shadows Silver
Di Wayne Nature Cormorant with catch Silver
Di Wayne Interclub Back lit Egret Bronze
Duncands Duncan Open Contemplation Gold
Duncands Duncan Open Black Eye Silver
Duncands Duncan Nature Attitude Gold
Duncands Duncan Nature Camoflage Bronze
Eddie von Bargen Open Outrigger Silver
Eddie von Bargen Open The Flamingos Eye Silver
Eddie von Bargen Nature My Son Silver
Eddie von Bargen Nature The Eye Bronze
Gary Ousman Set Subject Shadow Bronze
Gary Ousman Nature Majestic Waterbuck Gold
Gary Ousman Nature Up Close and Personel Bronze
Gary Ousman Monochrome Dagga Boy Gold
Gary Ousman Monochrome Tusker No Award
Geoff Feldon Open Watching the dawn Merit
Geoff Feldon Set Subject Waiting Gold
Geoff Feldon Creative or Visual Art Colours of dawn Silver
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Lost Bronze
Graham Gillett Open Container Dawn Gold
Graham Gillett Open Up Up and Away Silver
Graham Gillett Nature Opiode Bee Gold
Graham Gillett Creative or Visual Art Durban Sparkle Sunrise Silver
Graham Gillett Interclub A Memorial to Nelson Bronze
Grant Stevenson Open Sani Pass Gold
Grant Stevenson Set Subject Rock Hyrax emerging from the shadows Bronze
Grant Stevenson Nature Morning light Kubu Island Silver
Grant Stevenson Photojournalism Herron Comrades 2017 lady winner Silver
Grant Stevenson Interclub Leading into the light Silver
Gregory Baxter Open Break Time Bronze
Gregory Baxter Open Paternoster Panorama Bronze
Guy Wayne Open Watering hole Silver
Guy Wayne Nature Zebra grooming Gold
Guy Wayne Nature early morning flight Gold
Heinz Benecke Open Lunch Time Bronze
Heinz Benecke Open Windpomp Bronze
Heinz Benecke Interclub We are not Jockeys Silver
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Crazy Karoo Sky Silver
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Minimalist Silver
Howard Gillitt Open Cow girl Gold
Howard Gillitt Open friends Silver
Howard Gillitt Nature Nocturnal prowler Gold
Howard Gillitt Nature Pigging out Gold
Howard Gillitt Interclub End of ball game No Award
Ian Damerell Open Simbithi house Silver
Ian Damerell Open Chameleon tongue Bronze
Ian Damerell Nature A fly Silver
Ian Damerell Interclub Abby Silver
Ian Lander Open Vintage Lens Helicoid Bronze
Ina Zeeman Open Hartebeest Bronze
Ina Zeeman Open Diderick Cuckoo Juvenile Bronze
Ina Zeeman Nature Pale Chanting Goshawk Merit
Ina Zeeman Nature Bateleur Juvenile Gold
Ina Zeeman Creative or Visual Art Wonder Woman Princes of Themyscira No Award
Jeffrey Govender Open 3 dancing dandelions Silver
Jeffrey Govender Open picaso bug Silver
Jeffrey Govender Nature ladybird beetle Silver
Jeffrey Govender Nature spider Bronze
Jeffrey Govender Interclub cowgirl Silver
Jen Adam Open Mirror Mirror Silver
Jen Adam Open Scottburgh Sunrise Silver
Jen Adam Nature Dandelion Droplets No Award
Jen Adam Monochrome Zebra Dandelion Gold
Jenny Aitken Open Through the Lock Bronze
John Abate Open I won Bronze
John Abate Nature Cool down Gold
John Abate Interclub Rider Silver
John Mayor Open Please play with me Bronze
John Mayor Open Ricoh old timer Bronze
John Mayor Monochrome Stadium at dusk Gold
john thackeray Open Fields of Gold Gold
john thackeray Set Subject Tales in the Sand Silver
john thackeray Photojournalism Power on at Dezzis Raceway Gold
john thackeray Interclub The Road is Long Silver
john thackeray Sport Smokin Merit
Judy Mann Open Plain sailing Silver
Judy Mann Open Victoria Falls in the Rain Silver
Judy Mann Set Subject Desolation Sound Shadows No Award
Judy Mann Nature Just chilling Gold
Judy Mann Monochrome Such lovely eyelashes Merit
Karen Fischer Open Ant Silver
Karen Fischer Open Moyo Paititng Silver
Karen Fischer Set Subject Moses Lines Silver
Karen Fischer Creative or Visual Art Butter Dragon Fly Silver
Louis Helberg Nature Reflections Merit
Louis Helberg Sport Barrel Surfing Merit
Lucia Phillips Open Double Trouble Silver
Lucia Phillips Open Jackalberry Lake Bronze
Lucia Phillips Nature European Honey Buzzard Gold
Lucia Phillips Photojournalism Dejection Gold
lynn johnson Open Fluff Ball Silver
lynn johnson Open Slightly Damaged Bronze
lynn johnson Monochrome The Famous Arch Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open Moody Yachts Bronze
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open Blue Schooner Bronze
Lynne Hauptfleisch Set Subject Cycle Silver
Marie Helberg Open The Look Gold
Marie Helberg Open Tender moments Gold
Meghan Mackenzie Open dust dance Bronze
Meghan Mackenzie Open misty morning Bronze
Meghan Mackenzie Interclub feline Gold
Meghan Mackenzie Monochrome locals Gold
Meghan Mackenzie Monochrome curious Silver
Michael Sand Open Simple No Award
Michael Sand Set Subject Beach Brolly Silver
Michael Sand Set Subject Walkway Shadows Silver
Michael Sand Interclub Yellow Dawn Silver
Michael Sand Monochrome The Good Book Merit
Mike Rheeder Open Bad Attitude Silver
Mike Rheeder Nature Side by side Gold
Mike Rheeder Photojournalism Ooh that hurts Gold
Mike Rheeder Photojournalism Foreboding Sunset Silver
Natascha Weber Open D U I on the M13 Gold
Natascha Weber Set Subject March Down Point Road Gold
Natascha Weber Photojournalism Bring Back Our Jobs Gold
Natascha Weber Interclub The Stallions Delight Silver
Natascha Weber Monochrome Reaching For The Nectar Of The Gods Gold
Nevil Tyler Open Wave watching Gold
Nevil Tyler Nature Dunging yourself Silver
Nevil Tyler Nature Flying Silver
Nevil Tyler Monochrome Mono Orchid Silver
Nic Aberdein Open Offroad Bronze
Nic Aberdein Open Wild Coast Bronze
Nic Aberdein Photojournalism Grateful Education Gold
Nic Aberdein Interclub Bliss Gold
Nic Aberdein Monochrome Coast Vendor Silver
Nick Bolam Open Track child Silver
Nick Bolam Open Seal in the city Silver
Nick Bolam Sport Comrades shower2 Silver
Nick Bolam Sport Agony Bronze
Pieter Venter Open Overberg Farm Dam Silver
Pieter Venter Open Arniston Ledges Silver
Pieter Venter Nature Chamo Fly Gold
Pieter Venter Nature Alert Gold
Pieter Venter Interclub This is Africa Bronze
Ryan Gillett Open Late afternoon sunset Bronze
Ryan Gillett Open afternoon stadium Bronze
Ryan Gillett Interclub ship sunset Silver
Shane Newman Open Just Leave Me Alone Silver
Shane Newman Open Sea Twirls Silver
Shane Newman Nature Foam Trail Silver
Shane Newman Interclub Sea Beach Grass Gold
Shane Newman Sport FNB National Horse Jumping Shongweni Bronze
Shirley Gillitt Open Little lady Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature Up we go Silver
Shirley Gillitt Nature On the move Silver
Shirley Gillitt Interclub splash Bronze
Shirley Gillitt Monochrome I can see you Gold
Sue Ausmeier Open Walking among the Supertrees Silver
Sue Ausmeier Open Flowing fountain Bronze
Sue Ausmeier Nature Berg Stream Silver
terri von bargen Open outrigger Bronze
terri von bargen Open supper Bronze
terri von bargen Nature black lemur Silver
terri von bargen Nature chameleon 2 No Award
terri von bargen Sport coming in Bronze
Tracey Zettler Open Lost In Thought Silver
Tracey Zettler Set Subject Out of the Shadows Bronze
Tracey Zettler Monochrome Dreamer Bronze
Veronique Rachman Open Ants at work Bronze
Veronique Rachman Open Ferry in a cove Bronze
Willie Henegan Open The Gatsby girl Gold
Willie Henegan Open In the war zone Silver
Willie Henegan Interclub Sunset on the farm Gold
Willie Henegan Monochrome Confession Silver
Willie Henegan Sport On a wave Gold