Gallery April 2018

Judges: Shirley Gillitt (LPSSA), Kevin Day (UK).

Top Images:

Top Junior: Contained – Linda Paul

Top Senior: Sehletheba Tarn – Di Wayne

Top Set Subject: Tool Feeding – Louisa van Niekerk


Gold & Merit Award Images:

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Author Category Name Photo Title Award
John Abate Sport Thumbs up Gold
John Abate Sport Tour Natal rally Silver
Jen Adam Open Dandelion Flower Catcher Gold
Jen Adam Nature About to Pounce Gold
Jen Adam Nature Waiting for Mom Silver
Jen Adam Interclub Unshaven No Award
Jen Adam Monochrome Making Up Silver
Jenny Aitken Open Wesley Bronze
Jenny Aitken Nature Elephant at Umfolozi Silver
Jenny Aitken Monochrome Old Muslim Lady Silver
Carmen Anderson Open Neighbourhood Pal Gold
Carmen Anderson Open Sequins and Sunshine Bronze
Carmen Anderson Monochrome Festival Goers Bronze
Carmen Anderson Sport First Through Gold
Sue Ausmeier Open Roots Bronze
Sue Ausmeier Open Curly Grass Bronze
Sue Ausmeier Nature Berg Sunrise Silver
Sue Ausmeier Nature Berg Stream Silver
Gregory Baxter Open One Perfect Red ball Gold
Gregory Baxter Open Sin Tax 101 Silver
Gregory Baxter Set Subject Party Time Silver
Heinz Benecke Open My Turn Next Bronze
Heinz Benecke Nature Boom No Award
Heinz Benecke Interclub Steampunk Bronze
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Karoo Tap Silver
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Thunder Struck Bronze
Nick Bolam Open Medal winner Silver
Nick Bolam Interclub Karate Kid Gold
Nick Bolam Sport To The Head Gold
Nick Bolam Sport Eat my dust Silver
Bee Brodie Open On the Dock of the Bay Bronze
Bee Brodie Nature Daisy give me your answer Dew Certificate of Merit
Bee Brodie Nature Pretty in Pink Silver
Bee Brodie Monochrome For Kyle Silver
Gail Crouch Open Looking up Silver
Gail Crouch Set Subject Montagu Blue Silver
Gail Crouch Set Subject Touch of Yellow Silver
Ian Damerell Open Dinner time Silver
Ian Damerell Open Daylilie stamen Bronze
Ian Damerell Set Subject Orange aid Gold
Ian Damerell Creative or Visual Art Fire and lights Gold
Geoff Feldon Set Subject Blue head scarf Gold
Geoff Feldon Creative or Visual Art Rainbow girl Gold
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Yosheen 3 Gold
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Long walk to dance Silver
Karen Fischer Open Dear Abby Silver
Karen Fischer Set Subject Violin Silver
Karen Fischer Nature Thooth pick Gold
Karen Fischer Nature Baby Zebra Silver
Wendy Freer Open Glenmore sunrise Certificate of Merit
Wendy Freer Nature Elligent grasshopper Gold
Wendy Freer Creative or Visual Art Jewels of the web Silver
Graham Gillett Open Howick in Full Gold
Graham Gillett Open Esplanade at low tide Silver
Graham Gillett Set Subject Shongweni Climbers Gold
Graham Gillett Set Subject Lock and Chain Gold
Graham Gillett Interclub Great Minds Think Alike Bronze
Shirley Gillitt Open Tulip fantasy Gold
Howard Gillitt Open Lifesavers Bronze
Shirley Gillitt Set Subject Tomato face Silver
Howard Gillitt Nature Domestic scuffle Gold
Howard Gillitt Nature Jacana Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature Drink at dawn Silver
Howard Gillitt Interclub On the move Silver
Shirley Gillitt Interclub The Pose Bronze
Shirley Gillitt Monochrome Madaam Silver
Howard Gillitt Monochrome Im watching you Silver
Jeffrey Govender Open Karusha make up Gold
Jeffrey Govender Open street portrait Silver
Jeffrey Govender Nature dragon fly Silver
Jeffrey Govender Nature macro flower buds Bronze
Jeffrey Govender Interclub blue jeans Bronze
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature Mongoose on the move Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn Nature Framed Gold
Ann Greyvensteyn Monochrome Eat my dust Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open Orbs Silver
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open Bali Island Bliss Bronze
Lynne Hauptfleisch Monochrome Smiles Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Monochrome Howzit Bru Silver
Louis Helberg Open Teddy love Certificate of Merit
Louis Helberg Open Teddy moments Gold
Louis Helberg Set Subject Help me Gold
Louis Helberg Monochrome Really Silver
Willie Henegan Open Skeletons against the sky Silver
Willie Henegan Nature Prince Albert sunrise Silver
Willie Henegan Nature Valley of desolation Silver
Willie Henegan Interclub Poi dancing on the pier Gold
Willie Henegan Monochrome Swartberg pass Silver
Janet Hesketh Open The Blue City of Morocco Gold
Janet Hesketh Open Storks on old minaret Bronze
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Street cat Gold
Janet Hesketh Set Subject Old blue door Gold
Janet Hesketh Interclub Camel with harness Bronze
Avril Janssen Open Cascades Gold
Avril Janssen Open Window to Notttingham Silver
Avril Janssen Nature Spiney Yellow Gold
lynn johnson Open Pensive Silver
lynn johnson Open Pomegranit Silver
lynn johnson Set Subject I Love Durban Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open Dylan Silver
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Dyllan Silver
Conrad Kelsey Interclub Abby Silver
Conrad Kelsey Monochrome Courtney Bronze
Conrad Kelsey Sport Duzi 2018 Leader Gold
Brendan Kuhnert Nature Up Close and Personal Silver
Sue Kuhnert Nature Wooly Neck Stork No Award
Sue Kuhnert Photojournalism helicopter rescue Silver
Sue Kuhnert Creative or Visual Art Purple Flower Gold
Sue Kuhnert Creative or Visual Art Yellow Flower Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Creative or Visual Art African Sunrise Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Creative or Visual Art Flower Girl Silver
Brendan Kuhnert Monochrome Buck portrait Silver
Trevor Lea Open Moon and Clouds Silver
Mike Morgan Open Mt Champagne Gold
Mike Morgan Open Mount Champagne No Award
Mike Morgan Set Subject Drakensberg choir boy. Silver
Mike Morgan Nature Berg stream Gold
Mike Morgan Nature Vic Bay Gold
Arlene Mullins Open She has the move Certificate of Merit
Kevin Mullins Open Desert storm Gold
Arlene Mullins Open For my love Silver
Kevin Mullins Open Fig peeler Silver
Kevin Mullins Nature Sable Dam leopard Gold
Arlene Mullins Creative or Visual Art The hand Silver
Kevin Mullins Sport Iron Man gold Certificate of Merit
Ben Myburgh Set Subject Storm Silver
Ben Myburgh Creative or Visual Art Cosplay Gold
Ben Myburgh Interclub Picture that with a Kodak Gold
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Shadows Certificate of Merit
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Black Hat Project Silver
Shane Newman Open Reflections of Golden Light Silver
Shane Newman Monochrome Waiting Past Certificate of Merit
Shane Newman Monochrome Logged In Bronze
Shane Newman Sport Watching the Ball Gold
Gary Ousman Open Morning Glory Gold
Gary Ousman Open Mozambican Fishermen Silver
Gary Ousman Nature Julius Gold
Gary Ousman Nature Elegant Lady Silver
Linda Paul Nature gently Gold
Linda Paul Monochrome contained Certificate of Merit
Linda Paul Monochrome play Silver
Lucia Phillips Open Amegilla species Silver
Lucia Phillips Nature Monkey beetle feeding on dandelion Gold
Lucia Phillips Nature Painted Reed frog Gold
Lucia Phillips Interclub Odd one out Bronze
Lucia Phillips Monochrome Bunny and the 38 Ford Bronze
Des Porter Nature Black tailed bluet mating Silver
Des Porter Nature Caught in the web Silver
Veronique Rachman Open Blooming Blues Silver
Veronique Rachman Open A View to Nowhere Bronze
Veronique Rachman Nature Face to Face with my horn Gold
Andre Roos Set Subject A Busy Beauty Silver
Andre Roos Set Subject This One Looks Dangerous Bronze
Ina Roos Nature Drying my wings Silver
Ina Roos Nature An afternoon snack Silver
Andre Roos Creative or Visual Art A Movement Gold
Ina Roos Creative or Visual Art Dawn of a new year Gold
Andre Roos Interclub Maritzburg Sunrise Bronze
Andre Roos Sport Push Harder Gold
Michael Sand Open Juhu Beach – Mumbai Silver
Michael Sand Open Lord Shiva Festival Bronze
Michael Sand Set Subject Tata Megha Truck Gold
Michael Sand Set Subject Transporter Silver
Michael Sand Interclub The Skinny Cow Silver
Ann Sartor Set Subject Refreshments Silver
Ann Sartor Nature Be my Valentine Gold
Ann Sartor Nature One of the Blues Silver
Ann Sartor Interclub My Sunglasess Certificate of Merit
Sonia Siecker Set Subject All Spiked up for Christmas No Award
Sonia Siecker Photojournalism Lost cargo no photos please Bronze
Sonia Siecker Creative or Visual Art Grass in the wind Bronze
Sonia Siecker Monochrome After the storm at Bazley Bronze
Alister Stenhouse Nature YoungCub Silver
Alister Stenhouse Nature Gemsboksilhouette No Award
Grant Stevenson Open Wesley at Inchanga Gold
Debra Stevenson Open Taking a smoke break Bronze
Debra Stevenson Nature Young male lion Gold
Grant Stevenson Nature Dragonfly Silver
Debra Stevenson Nature Zebra in Liuwa Silver
Grant Stevenson Nature Bat Eared Fox Bronze
Grant Stevenson Interclub Pink Bronze
Debra Stevenson Sport WOW Thats high Certificate of Merit
Grant Stevenson Sport Shongweni Landrover Derby Gold
Sally Thackeray Open Mkhuze Sunset Silver
John Thackeray Set Subject YOH Check Inside Gold
Sally Thackeray Set Subject Purple Delights Gold
John Thackeray Nature Dominance Certificate of Merit
Sally Thackeray Nature I Spy Gold
John Thackeray Nature Wings and Flowers Gold
John Thackeray Interclub Someone Cares Certificate of Merit
Sally Thackeray Interclub Berg Pokers Silver
John Thackeray Monochrome Eyeballing Silver
Sally Thackeray Monochrome Let It Rain Silver
Louisa van Niekerk Open Harley chick Gold
Louisa van Niekerk Set Subject Tool feeding Certificate of Merit
Louisa van Niekerk Set Subject Smokin hot Silver
Louisa van Niekerk Creative or Visual Art Storm at sea Certificate of Merit
Louisa van Niekerk Interclub Red Bronze
Martha van Tonder Open On the move Gold
Marius van Tonder Open ice shapes Silver
Martha van Tonder Set Subject Yellow Bee Gold
Marius van Tonder Nature ou vuilbaard Gold
Martha van Tonder Nature Bat Migration Silver
Marius van Tonder Nature my what large teeth you got Silver
Pieter Venter Open The Louvre Pano Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Open Little Hover Gold
Ciska Venter Open Atena Fly Gold
Colleen Venter Open Sharing is caring Silver
Pieter Venter Nature Nxai Pan Springbok Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Nature African Jacana Chick Certificate of Merit
Colleen Venter Nature Full of Cheek Gold
Pieter Venter Nature Green Pilot Gold
Ciska Venter Nature Back Off Gold
Colleen Venter Nature Eagle Glare Gold
Pieter Venter Photojournalism Zero Gender Podium Gold
Ciska Venter Interclub Red Rose Certificate of Merit
Pieter Venter Interclub Green Snack Gold
Colleen Venter Sport Running the Walk Silver
Di Wayne Open Sehletheba Tarn Certificate of Merit
Guy Wayne Open Rocky oulook Gold
Guy Wayne Open The three knuckles Silver
Di Wayne Set Subject Lesotho home delivery Silver
Di Wayne Set Subject Ballooning over the Namibian desert No Award
Di Wayne Monochrome Lesotho herder Gold
Natascha Weber Open Avocados and Lemons Silver
Natascha Weber Open Short Finals Silver
Natascha Weber Set Subject Gin And Tonic On Tap Gold
Natascha Weber Monochrome A Cracked Apron and Not A Red Carpet In Sight Silver
Brian Widdowson Open The Cottage Gold
Brian Widdowson Set Subject Looking Back Silver
Brian H C Williams Nature Mr Toad Gold
Brian H C Williams Nature Garden snail Silver
Ina Zeeman Open Bathtime Silver
Ina Zeeman Open Sparkles Silver
Ina Zeeman Nature Steenbokkie Gold
Ina Zeeman Nature Kudu Silver
Tracey Zettler Open Im watching you Silver
Tracey Zettler Nature Rain drops Bronze
Tracey Zettler Nature Ebony and Ivory with a touch of red Bronze