Gallery April 2017

Judges – Clare Van Daele, Pierre Retief

Top images:
Top Junior – Vantage Point – Allan Bower
Top Senior – Sunflowers – Willie Henegan
Top Set Subject – Free at last – Veronique Rachman

Gold and Merit award images:

Author Club Star rating Photo Title Category Name Award
Agustin Ritacco 5 Python Open Merit
Agustin Ritacco 5 South Bank Open Gold
Agustin Ritacco 5 Long Neck Nature Gold
Agustin Ritacco 5 Rally Sport Gold
Agustin Ritacco 5 Glenhaven Sport No Award
Alastair Fraser 5 Powerful PJ Open Merit
Alastair Fraser 5 Sax In The Sun Open Gold
Alastair Fraser 5 Solo Acoustic Interclub Gold
Alastair Fraser 5 Eye Contact Monochrome Gold
Alastair Fraser 5 Impala Staredown Nature Silver
Alex Stewart 1 Black Swan Open Merit
Alex Stewart 1 124th Floor Interclub Merit
Alex Stewart 1 Brolly Ceiling Open Silver
Alex Stewart 1 Janine 2 Photojournalism Silver
Alex Stewart 1 Bulkhead Creative or Visual Art Silver
Allan Bower 3 Angry Leopard Nature Gold
Allan Bower 3 Vantage Point Nature Gold
Ann Sartor 4 Coming in toland Sport Merit
Ann Sartor 4 Always connected Set Subject Silver
Ann Sartor 4 Heron Nature Silver
Ann Sartor 4 Blurred vision Interclub Silver
Ann Sartor 4 A bookworm in the tea garden Monochrome Silver
Anthony Haynes 2 The Island Open Gold
Anthony Haynes 2 Dehorned but alive Nature Gold
Anthony Haynes 2 Dhow sunset Open Silver
Anthony Haynes 2 The devil on my wart Nature Silver
Ben Myburgh 5H Martie Open Bronze
Ben Myburgh 5H Genevive Interclub Merit
Ben Myburgh 5H Sam Open Gold
Ben Myburgh 5H Lindie Monochrome Gold
Ben Myburgh 5H Devan Monochrome Silver
Ciska Venter 5H Painted In Yellow Nature Merit
Ciska Venter 5H Knysna Harbour Open Gold
Ciska Venter 5H Silver Fly Nature Gold
Ciska Venter 5H Blue Dandelion Interclub Gold
Ciska Venter 5H Lara Day Monochrome Gold
Colleen Venter 5 Cupboard Love Open Merit
Colleen Venter 5 Mischief in the Making Nature Gold
Colleen Venter 5 Southern Ground Hornbill Nature Gold
Colleen Venter 5 Speed Freak Open No Award
Conrad Kelsey 5H Harbour Netter Open Bronze
Conrad Kelsey 5H Courtney C Monochrome Gold
Conrad Kelsey 5H Freestyling Set Subject No Award
Conrad Kelsey 5H Freedom Set Subject Silver
Conrad Kelsey 5H Dog Walkers Interclub Silver
Dean de Groot 1 Flight Set Subject Bronze
Dean de Groot 1 Mirror Nature Gold
Dean de Groot 1 Spray Interclub No Award
Dean de Groot 1 Turn and Burn Open Silver
Dean de Groot 1 Buzz Monochrome Silver
Debra Stevenson   Street child in the rain Open Bronze
Debra Stevenson   Kgalaladi Meerecat Nature Bronze
Debra Stevenson   Misty Kenmo Lake Open Gold
Debra Stevenson   Kgalagadi King Nature Silver
Di Wayne 5H Fisherman returning at sunset Open Merit
Di Wayne 5H Young boy from Chembe village Open Gold
Di Wayne 5H Team 32 Interclub Gold
Di Wayne 5H Surfing down the wave Sport Gold
Di Wayne 5H Theres a fish down there Nature Silver
Gail Crouch 2 Stairs Open Gold
Gail Crouch 2 Lilly Nature Gold
Gail Crouch 2 Sunset Open Silver
Gail Crouch 2 Heron Nature Silver
Gail Crouch 2 Seed Burst Interclub Silver
Gary Ousman 3 Head Down Monochrome Bronze
Gary Ousman 3 Another One Bite the Dust Open Silver
Gary Ousman 3 Fan Tail Nature Silver
Gary Ousman 3 Last Light Interclub Silver
Gary Ousman 3 Hang on Sport Silver
Geoff Feldon 5H Beauty Portrait 1 Open Merit
Geoff Feldon 5H Beauty Portrait 2 Interclub Merit
Geoff Feldon 5H Free to dance Set Subject Silver
Geoff Feldon 5H Endless pier Monochrome Silver
Geoff Feldon 5H Roses 1 Monochrome Silver
Graham Gillett 2 Bothas Hill Climb Open Gold
Graham Gillett 2 Ryan and 600 Interclub Gold
Graham Gillett 2 Interested Diamonds Set Subject Silver
Graham Gillett 2 Fat Free Set Subject Silver
Graham Gillett 2 Sunrise Fisherman Nature Silver
Grant Stevenson 4 Quiver Trees near Klein Pella Nature Bronze
Grant Stevenson 4 Red Bishop into the light Interclub Bronze
Grant Stevenson 4 iMfolozi Sun Set Open Gold
Grant Stevenson 4 As free as the hills Set Subject Gold
Grant Stevenson 4 Diederik Cuckoo Nature Silver
Gregory Baxter 3 Seven Little Flowers Open Bronze
Gregory Baxter 3 Daddy Scores a Try Sport Bronze
Gregory Baxter 3 Heaps of Nets Open Gold
Gregory Baxter 3 Rally SA 2 Sport Gold
Havannah Myburgh 4 Motivated Monochrome Gold
Havannah Myburgh 4 A Sign Of The Times Monochrome Gold
Heinz Benecke 4 Fly By Open Gold
Heinz Benecke 4 Moody Mountain Open Gold
Heinz Benecke 4 Morning Paddlers Interclub Gold
Heinz Benecke 4 Mountain Splendour Nature Silver
Heinz Benecke 4 Rough Rider Monochrome Silver
Howard Gillitt 5 Hanging on Open Merit
Howard Gillitt 5 Fisherman at dawn Interclub Merit
Howard Gillitt 5 till the cows come home Open Silver
Howard Gillitt 5 Goose Bumps Nature Silver
Howard Gillitt 5 Roar Nature Silver
Ian Damerell 5 Female Amur falcon Open Silver
Ian Damerell 5 Hello pretty Nature Silver
Ian Damerell 5 Back lit orchid Interclub Silver
Ian Damerell 5 Mono morning Monochrome Silver
Janet Hesketh 4 African sky Nature Bronze
Janet Hesketh 4 Spider at work Nature Gold
Janet Hesketh 4 Spring in Edinburgh Open Silver
Janet Hesketh 4 flowers against sparkling water Interclub Silver
Jen Adam 1 Sweet Surprise Creative or Visual Art Gold
Jen Adam 1 Droplet on Pink Flower Open Silver
Jen Adam 1 Daisy Droplets Open Silver
Jen Adam 1 Angry Lioness Nature Silver
Jenny Aitken   Ballooning Open Bronze
Jenny Aitken   Enjoying the Dusi Sport Silver
john thackeray 3 Sprayer and the Brush Boy Interclub Gold
john thackeray 3 Natures Bounty Set Subject Silver
john thackeray 3 Grassland Stalker Nature Silver
john thackeray 3 Full Commitment At Dezzi Raceway Photojournalism Silver
john thackeray 3 Just Chilling Monochrome Silver
Judy Mann 2 I just love green grass Open Merit
Judy Mann 2 Take off Set Subject Gold
Judy Mann 2 Grazing hippo Open No Award
Judy Mann 2 Catch me if you can Nature Silver
Judy Mann 2 My stones Nature Silver
Karen Fischer 4 Stormy morning Open Gold
Karen Fischer 4 Brown Eyes Nature Gold
Karen Fischer 4 Smile for the camera Nature Silver
Louis Helberg 1 The Knot Nature No Award
Louis Helberg 1 The Champ Sport Gold
Louis Helberg 1 Splashing Nature Silver
Louis Helberg 1 Wade Groom Monochrome Silver
Louis Helberg 1 Tinley Manor Monochrome Silver
Lucia Phillips 5 Balancing boulder Open Bronze
Lucia Phillips 5 Thistle flower Interclub Bronze
Lucia Phillips 5 Berg sunset Open Merit
Lucia Phillips 5 Green chameleon Nature Silver
Lucia Phillips 5 Acrea sp Nature Silver
lynn johnson 2 I am a wild cat Open Bronze
lynn johnson 2 Busy Fishing Nature Silver
lynn johnson 2 Containers Galore Monochrome Silver
lynn johnson 2 Amy Monochrome Silver
Lynne Hauptfleisch 1 Paddler2 Interclub Merit
Lynne Hauptfleisch 1 Ben Monochrome Monochrome Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch 1 Ben Open Silver
Marie Helberg 1 Faithful donkeys Open Gold
Marie Helberg 1 The Wheel Open Silver
Marie Helberg 1 Egyptian Goose Nature Silver
Marie Helberg 1 Spiny Flower Mantis Nature Silver
Marius van Tonder 5 fat boy Nature Silver
Marius van Tonder 5 a king Nature Silver
Martha van Tonder 5 Crazy stripes Set Subject Bronze
Martha van Tonder 5 Vigil Nature Silver
Martha van Tonder 5 Long tail Nature Silver
Martha van Tonder 5 Concentration Monochrome Silver
Meghan Mackenzie 1 sunrise reflection Open Bronze
Meghan Mackenzie 1 church lights Open Bronze
Meghan Mackenzie 1 death stare Monochrome Gold
Meghan Mackenzie 1 Mahai Interclub Silver
Michael Sand 4 Chinwagging Interclub Merit
Michael Sand 4 Midnight Blooms Monochrome Gold
Michael Sand 4 Free Wheeling Set Subject Silver
Michael Sand 4 Storm Rolling In Creative or Visual Art Silver
Michael Sand 4 The Lost Smile Monochrome Silver
Natascha Weber 2 Strawberries and Cream Open Bronze
Natascha Weber 2 Into the Morning Light Interclub Merit
Natascha Weber 2 Free at the End of the Day Set Subject Gold
Natascha Weber 2 Durban Curry Blends Open Silver
Nick Bolam 1 Blue sky zebra Nature Gold
Nick Bolam 1 On track Open Silver
Pieter Venter 5H Hole in the wall Pano Open Gold
Pieter Venter 5H Hartlaubs Gull HD Nature Gold
Pieter Venter 5H Carder Bee Nature Gold
Pieter Venter 5H Silent Outcry Interclub Gold
Pieter Venter 5H Seagreen Shallows HD Open Silver
Ryan Gillett 1 Giraffe Famiy Nature Bronze
Ryan Gillett 1 Looking to the future Open Gold
Ryan Gillett 1 Anchor your eye Interclub Gold
Ryan Gillett 1 Free flowing ball Set Subject No Award
Ryan Gillett 1 friends support each other Open Silver
Sashen Naidu 1 Free Wheels Set Subject Silver
Shane Newman 5 Sunrise at Low Tide Open Merit
Shane Newman 5 HRC Honda Sport Merit
Shane Newman 5 Spring Tide at Scottburgh Swimming Pool Photojournalism Gold
Shane Newman 5 Morning Rays of Light Interclub No Award
Shane Newman 5 Light of Day Arrives Nature Silver
Sharon Dell 1 Concrete design Open Bronze
Sharon Dell 1 Pretty petunia Open Bronze
Sharon Dell 1 Swing pattern Monochrome Silver
Sharon Dell 1 Seats for two Monochrome Silver
Shirley Fraser 4 Free to live without fear Set Subject Gold
Shirley Fraser 4 Jackal Open Silver
Shirley Fraser 4 Sun sea and me Set Subject Silver
Shirley Fraser 4 Mother watches for danger Nature Silver
Shirley Fraser 4 Hellooooo Interclub Silver
Shirley Gillitt 5H Double up Nature Merit
Shirley Gillitt 5H chameleon stance Interclub Merit
Shirley Gillitt 5H Feeling free Set Subject Gold
Shirley Gillitt 5H All puffed up Nature Gold
Shirley Gillitt 5H Hairstyle Open Silver
terri de wet 1 time for a drink Nature Gold
terri de wet 1 baby ostrich Nature Silver
Tracey Zettler 4 Violin Interclub Bronze
Tracey Zettler 4 Thank You For the Music Monochrome Bronze
Tracey Zettler 4 Moody Skies Open Gold
Tracey Zettler 4 White Zulu Open Silver
Trevor Lea 1 Kloof Waterfall Open Bronze
Trevor Lea 1 Reflected Tunnel Skater Open Silver
Trevor Lea 1 Folded Papilio Nature Silver
Veronique Rachman 2 Dreamer Open Gold
Veronique Rachman 2 Paradise Open Gold
Veronique Rachman 2 Free at last Set Subject Gold
Veronique Rachman 2 Sunset in Grand Bay Interclub Gold
Wendy Freer 5H Berg stream Open Merit
Wendy Freer 5H Leopard on guard Nature Gold
Wendy Freer 5H Wildebeest kill Nature Silver
Willie Henegan 4 On the river bed Open Bronze
Willie Henegan 4 Sunflowers Open Merit
Willie Henegan 4 Early departure Interclub Merit
Willie Henegan 4 The little one Nature Gold
Willie Henegan 4 Cosmos sunrise Nature Silver