Gallery February 2018


Dr Chris Swanepoel (APSSA).

Emanuel Maria (FPSSA), an associateship with the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (ARPS), associateship with the Australian Photographic Society (AAPS) and associateship with the Federation International Art Photographic (AFIAP), Photographic Society of America (PSA), the Canadian Association of Photographic Art (CAPA).

Top Images:

Top Junior – Explosion Of Colour – Allan Bower.











Top Senior – Leaning Hard – Gary Ousman.








Top Set Subject – Easy Pick Up – Sashen Naidu. 








Gold and Merit Award Images:

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Author Category Name Photo Title Award Description
Allan Bower Open I Love To Dance Gold
Allan Bower Open Explosion Of Colour Gold
Ann Sartor Open Stink bug Gold
Ann Sartor Set Subject Family love Silver
Ann Sartor Nature Mr Grumpy Gold
Ann Sartor Sport Everything is possible No Award
Ann Sartor Interclub Challenge Kingfisher Gold
Anthony Haynes Open Movember FOMO Gold
Anthony Haynes Open There must be something in the water or beer Silver
Anthony Haynes Set Subject Baby cappuccino mustache Gold
Anthony Haynes Set Subject Puppy Love Bronze
Ben Myburgh Set Subject Amore Gold
Ben Myburgh Creative or Visual Art Chante Certificate of Merit
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Second to none Certificate of Merit
Ben Myburgh Monochrome Navel Gold
Ben Myburgh Interclub Challenge Gold Liquid Gold
Betsy Kee Open Marionhill monastry Certificate of Merit
Betsy Kee Open sardine run Gold
Betsy Kee Set Subject somebody to love Silver
Betsy Kee Set Subject even monkeys need love Silver
Betsy Kee Monochrome sardine run Silver
Brian Widdowson Open Savana Silver
Brian Widdowson Set Subject I still wuv you Bronze
Carmen Anderson Open Perfectly Imperfect Certificate of Merit
Carmen Anderson Open Tulips Gold
Carmen Anderson Set Subject Joyful Love Gold
Carmen Anderson Creative or Visual Art Blue Doris Gold
Carmen Anderson Monochrome Smoke Break Gold
Ciska Venter Open Cameleon Gold
Ciska Venter Open Fear Me Gold
Ciska Venter Nature Zebra Fly Certificate of Merit
Ciska Venter Nature In Coming Vulture Gold
Ciska Venter Interclub Challenge Odd One Out Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open The Blues Gold
Conrad Kelsey Open New Life Silver
Conrad Kelsey Set Subject Mother and Daughter Gold
Conrad Kelsey Nature Fallen Silver
Conrad Kelsey Interclub Challenge All Mine Gold
Dean de Groot Open Low Certificate of Merit
Dean de Groot Open Morning Bow Gold
Dean de Groot Set Subject Needing love Silver
Debra Stevenson Open Zambia Sunset Silver
Debra Stevenson Nature Little Bee-Eater Silver
Debra Stevenson Nature Lunch Silver
Debra Stevenson Sport What a catch Gold
Des Porter Interclub Challenge Out of the tunnel Silver
Di Wayne Open Kalahari Ferrari Gold
Di Wayne Open Chobe fly past Silver
Di Wayne Set Subject Getting ready for date night Gold
Di Wayne Set Subject I love you Mom Gold
Di Wayne Interclub Challenge Want to be pilot built this house No Award
Gary Ousman Photojournalism Duzi Winners 2018 Certificate of Merit
Gary Ousman Photojournalism Race to Erni Pierce Weir Gold
Gary Ousman Sport Leaning Hard Certificate of Merit
Gary Ousman Sport Duzi Concentration Gold
Geoff Feldon Open Falling dress Gold
Geoff Feldon Creative or Visual Art Ghostly dancer Silver
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Waiting in the dark Gold
Geoff Feldon Monochrome Dance movement Silver
Geoff Feldon Interclub Challenge Flying high Silver
Gordon Collins Open Doha at night Gold
Gordon Collins Open St Phillips martyrium Gold
Gordon Collins Monochrome Old house bw Silver
Gordon Collins Monochrome Farm shed Silver
Gordon Collins Interclub Challenge Special One Gold
Graham Gillett Open Hawklee Water Gold
Graham Gillett Nature Raindrop Fly Gold
Graham Gillett Monochrome Waiting on Platform 1 Gold
Graham Gillett Monochrome Early Morning Service Silver
Graham Gillett Interclub Challenge Chapel Door Silver
Guy Wayne Open Rain shower in Namib Gold
Guy Wayne Open Kubu at dusk Gold
Guy Wayne Nature What a tail Silver
Guy Wayne Nature African Wood Owl Silver
Heinz Benecke Open Cambedoo Gold
Heinz Benecke Open Sunset Silver
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Middle of no where Gold
Heinz Benecke Monochrome Owl House Silver
Heinz Benecke Interclub Challenge Ash Certificate of Merit
Howard Gillitt Open Silhouette jump Silver
Howard Gillitt Nature Proud of my catch Silver
Howard Gillitt Nature Camouflage Silver
Howard Gillitt Monochrome Hyena road block Silver
Ian Damerell Open Sunset seed pods Gold
Ian Damerell Nature Kaleidoscope eye Gold
Ian Damerell Nature Brown bug Gold
Ian Damerell Monochrome Pose Gold
Janet Hesketh Open Camel travel Certificate of Merit
Janet Hesketh Open Brahim of the Sahara Gold
Janet Hesketh Set Subject A kitten needing a home Silver
Janet Hesketh Set Subject I need love and a lighter load Silver
Jeffrey Govender Open Monteseel Silver
Jeffrey Govender Nature fly Gold
Jeffrey Govender Nature hopper Silver
Jeffrey Govender Monochrome Valencia Gold
Jen Adam Open After the Rain Gold
Jen Adam Open Khayelitsha A Prayer for Rain Gold
Jen Adam Nature Should I Use Two Hands Certificate of Merit
Jen Adam Monochrome A Mothers Love Gold
Jenny Aitken Open Can I jump again Gold
Jenny Aitken Open Dark clouds gathering Gold
Jenny Aitken Set Subject Sunset kiss Gold
Joan Widdowson Open The Bridge Silver
Joan Widdowson Monochrome Windmill Gold
john thackeray Open Hot as Hell Gold
john thackeray Set Subject Love or Lust Silver
john thackeray Nature One On The Rocks Gold
john thackeray Monochrome Jake and His Friend Silver
john thackeray Interclub Challenge Be My Valentine Gold
Louis Helberg Set Subject Love is in the air Silver
Louis Helberg Nature Kees Gold
Louis Helberg Nature Lake at Giants Cup Wilderness Reserve Gold
Louis Helberg Creative or Visual Art Ballerina Certificate of Merit
Lucia Phillips Open Afternoon on the river Gold
Lucia Phillips Nature Rock Fly Gold
Lucia Phillips Nature It wasnt me Silver
Lucia Phillips Sport Front of the pelaton Gold
lynn johnson Open The Temple Gold
lynn johnson Open Ballet shoes Gold
lynn johnson Monochrome Projected Pattern Silver
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open Ampitheatre Reflections Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Open Gotcha Silver
Lynne Hauptfleisch Set Subject My Love bringing me a starfish Gold
Lynne Hauptfleisch Nature Bali Turtle Gold
Marie Helberg Open Fisherman Gold
Marie Helberg Nature Greater Double-collared Sunbird Silver
Meghan Mackenzie Open new year sunrise Gold
Meghan Mackenzie Open rivers and roads Gold
Michael Sand Open Mister Fixit Gold
Michael Sand Open Hands And Feet Gold
Michael Sand Set Subject Soul Sisters Silver
Michael Sand Set Subject I Love You Moo Silver
Michael Sand Interclub Challenge Bed Of Daisies Silver
Natascha Weber Open Gabi Gold
Natascha Weber Set Subject Sweet Adoration Gold
Natascha Weber Nature Morning Dew Silver
Natascha Weber Photojournalism Only Minor Injuries Sustained Gold
Natascha Weber Interclub Challenge Contemplation Gold
Patsy Demmers Nature Sulferous Splash Gold
Patsy Demmers Monochrome Weathering the Storm Certificate of Merit
Pieter Venter Open Twilight over the river Seine Gold
Pieter Venter Nature African Darter Duel Certificate of Merit
Pieter Venter Nature Zebra Challenge Gold
Pieter Venter Monochrome The Spice Man Silver
Pieter Venter Interclub Challenge Bob Hotkeys Silver
Premila Naidoo Open Begging on the streets of Agra Gold
Premila Naidoo Open From my window to yours Silver
Premila Naidoo Set Subject My Girls Gold
Premila Naidoo Photojournalism Daily visitors at the Taj Mahal Gold
Ryan Gillett Open There is light in both worlds Certificate of Merit
Ryan Gillett Open Light To light situation Gold
Sashen Naidu Set Subject Easy Pick Up Certificate of Merit
Sashen Naidu Set Subject Feed Me Crazy Gold
Shane Newman Open Tawny Cleaning Gold
Shane Newman Nature Woolly Neck Stork Bronze
Shane Newman Sport Feet off the Pegs Gold
Shane Newman Sport Enduro X Concentration Silver
Sheilagh Bill Nature The Waterhole Silver
Shirley Fraser Open Anton at White Mountain 2 Gold
Shirley Fraser Open Crystal House Gold
Shirley Gillitt Open Tawny Eagles Certificate of Merit
Shirley Gillitt Open Sky high Gold
Shirley Gillitt Nature caracul Silver
Shirley Gillitt Creative or Visual Art Back In time Certificate of Merit
Shirley Gillitt Interclub Challenge Yoga Stance Silver
Sonia Siecker Open All chained up Gold
Sonia Siecker Set Subject Oupa en Zoe Gold
Sonia Siecker Creative or Visual Art Kaleidoscope nail polish Gold
Sonia Siecker Creative or Visual Art Stairs Silver
Sonia Siecker Sport Despair Silver
Tracey Zettler Open Castle Ruins Silver
Tracey Zettler Open Alone at Sea Silver
Tracey Zettler Set Subject The Love between Mother and Son Gold
Tracey Zettler Interclub Challenge A touch of gold Silver
Trevor Lea Open Beautiful KZN Midlands Gold
Trevor Lea Open Country Hotel Gold
Trevor Lea Nature Hopper in Nature Reserve Gold
Wendy Freer Open Alstromeria Gold
Wendy Freer Nature At full stretch Gold
Willie Henegan Open Dancing on the rocks Gold
Willie Henegan Open Autumn leaves No Award
Willie Henegan Nature Bridal veil falls Bronze
Willie Henegan Monochrome Rhinos at t the water hole Silver
Willie Henegan Interclub Challenge Forget me not Certificate of Merit