Gallery March 2019


Dr Chris Swanepoel (APSSA) Pietersburg Fotografie Klub

Emanuel Maria

Top Images:

Top Senior: Sharing Information – Ciska Venter

Top Junior: Monteseel – Ina Roos

Top Set Subject: (Street Photography) Alone on the outside – Lucia Phillips

Gold and Merit Award Images:

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AuthorCategory NamePhoto TitleAward
Alex StewartNatureButterflySilver
Alex StewartOpenIts AnnersBronze
Alex StewartOpenOld Sub StationGold
Alex StewartSet SubjectStreet 1Silver
Alister StenhouseNatureSun KissedGold
Alister StenhouseNatureSweet grass DudeSilver
Alister StenhouseOpenGnarly RootsGold
Alister StenhouseOpenRough GoingGold
Allan BowerMonochromeSave WaterSilver
Allan BowerMonochromeIn Your Face BruGold
Allan BowerOpenTake A BiteGold
Allan BowerOpenCoffee BreakGold
Allan BowerSet SubjectFuture FishermenNo Award
Andre RoosInterclubSunrise on Champagne CastleSilver
Andre RoosMonochromeDouble Wipe KayakNo Award
Andre RoosOpenLight Painting a RakeGold
Andre RoosOpenMister GeeMerit
Andre RoosSet SubjectDressed for the StreetsMerit
Ann SartorCreative or Visual ArtThe Twilight transitionGold
Ann SartorOpenAlmost complete Qaboos MosqueGold
Ann SartorSet SubjectSometimes I sits and thinkNo Award
Ann SartorSet SubjectStructure of 500 Venetian Window blinds Gold
Bee BrodieMonochromeJust updating my statusGold
Bee BrodieNatureThere be fairies thereGold
Bee BrodieOpenA rose by any nameGold
Bee BrodieSportWhen the minions attackGold
Bee BrodieSet SubjectAbandonedNo Award
Ben MyburghMonochromeI got your backMerit
Ben MyburghMonochromeDrummer Boy Silver
Ben MyburghOpenJoyleighGold
Ben MyburghOpenJesSilver
Brendan KuhnertNatureRunning through the forestGold
Brendan KuhnertOpenCape landscapeGold
Brendan KuhnertOpenHappily ever afterGold
Ciska VenterInterclubRuth First Gold
Ciska VenterNatureTaking Off Now Merit
Ciska VenterNatureSkinny Little Fly Gold
Ciska VenterOpenSharing Information Merit
Ciska VenterOpenMust Collect All The PollenMerit
Colleen VenterOpenDune dogGold
Colleen VenterSportPole demolisherSilver
Colleen VenterSportHappiness isGold
Conrad KelseyInterclubFireworksSilver
Conrad KelseyNatureTree AvenueGold
Conrad KelseyOpenPeekingMerit
Conrad KelseyOpenBroachGold
Conrad KelseySet SubjectTextingSilver
Dave NisbetInterclubChillingGold
Dave NisbetOpenEary Morning MonteseelGold
Dave NisbetOpenSodwana LagoonGold
Dave NisbetSportBike 25Merit
Dave NisbetSportHappiness IsGold
Debra StevensonOpenRotationBronze
Debra StevensonOpenEast Coast SunsetBronze
Debra StevensonSportWell Cleared BoyGold
Debra StevensonSportNailed it Where is the next jumpGold
Des PorterMonochromeLight and shadowSilver
Des PorterOpenAvenue of treesGold
Des PorterSet SubjectStepping outGold
Des PorterSet SubjectPark runGold
Di WayneNaturelooking backSilver
Di WayneOpenParisian night sceneMerit
Di WayneOpenMiddle dunes NamibiaGold
Di WayneSet SubjectSizweMerit
Erika StanderMonochromeEina pynGold
Erika StanderOpenDavid and GoliathGold
Erika StanderSet SubjectTransaction SEALedGold
Erika StanderSet SubjectSo put your left foot outGold
Gail CrouchNatureIm watching youGold
Gail CrouchSet SubjectThe long blowNo Award
Gary OusmanMonochromeProtectiveGold
Gary OusmanMonochromeDog on the HuntMerit
Gary OusmanNatureYoung TuskerMerit
Gary OusmanNatureGecko BlingSilver
Geoff FeldonInterclubDurban from the pierGold
Geoff FeldonMonochromeOld pier pillarsGold
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectFollow my leaderGold
Geoff FeldonSet SubjectNelson Mandela SquareGold
Grant StevensonCreative or Visual ArtReflectionGold
Grant StevensonNatureCosmosSilver
Grant StevensonOpenGatewaySilver
Heinz BeneckeInterclubKugaSilver
Heinz BeneckeMonochrome2nd BeachSilver
Heinz BeneckeMonochromeFacesGold
Heinz BeneckeNatureStareSilver
Heinz BeneckeOpenNo WhereGold
Howard GillittInterclubFlash of lightningSilver
Howard GillittMonochromeObservingGold
Howard GillittNatureThe SurgeonGold
Howard GillittNatureThe HuntedGold
Howard GillittOpenGlareGold
Ian DamerellMonochromeCheyneSilver
Ian DamerellMonochromeImpalaMerit
Ina RoosCreative or Visual ArtBrainGold
Ina RoosNatureBlueMerit
Ina RoosNatureMonteseelMerit
Ina ZeemanMonochromeStop chewingSilver
Ina ZeemanNatureReflectionGold
Ina ZeemanNatureNot a fussy eaterSilver
Ina ZeemanOpenFocusGold
Janet HeskethOpenSani DawnGold
Janet HeskethSet SubjectLearningGold
Janet HeskethSet SubjectSt MawesSilver
Jen AdamInterclubRose LightSilver
Jen AdamMonochromeThe PrayerGold
Jen AdamOpenOrange SweetnessSilver
Jen AdamOpenIris in a BubbleMerit
Jen AdamSet SubjectElizabethMerit
Jen WhitingInterclubDoha after DuskGold
Jen WhitingMonochromeTinkerbell On My ToeGold
Jen WhitingNatureTime for Botany LessonGold
Jen WhitingOpenQatarie ArchitectureGold
Jen WhitingSet SubjectBlack and White Rainbow NationGold
John MayorOpenLeading LinesSilver
John MayorPhotojournalismOopsGold
John MayorPhotojournalismFollow meGold
John ThackerayInterclubCinderellaSilver
John ThackerayMonochromeRipper RideSilver
John ThackerayNatureTop GunMerit
John ThackeraySportExtreme SportsSilver
John ThackeraySet SubjectLost In The Net Gold
Karen FischerNatureBlack bird on a stickMerit
Karen FischerSet SubjectOn the beachMerit
Louis HelbergOpenNaughty Teddy Gold
Louis HelbergOpenKiwi Splash Gold
Louisa van NiekerkCreative or Visual ArtHeart of the OrchidSilver
Louisa van NiekerkNatureSplashGold
Louisa van NiekerkOpenMilk crate musicianGold
Louisa van NiekerkOpenYin YangGold
Lucia PhillipsNatureGreat Egret catch of the dayMerit
Lucia PhillipsNatureMaribou with catchGold
Lucia PhillipsSet SubjectAlone on the outsideMerit
Lucia PhillipsSet SubjectFlush GordonGold
lynn johnsonMonochromeGARLICGold
Malcolm ReevesNatureAnemone Stinkhorn FungusGold
Malcolm ReevesOpenChief Pontiac in ChromeSilver
Michael SandMonochromeBy The WeirSilver
Michael SandOpenScene At The BeachSilver
Michael SandSet SubjectWhat Lurks WithinGold
Michael SandSet SubjectMedical CircumcisionGold
Mike MorganCreative or Visual ArtBay BallSilver
Mike MorganInterclubNight lightsGold
Mike MorganOpenSurfers ParadiseMerit
Mike MorganOpenTidal poolGold
Mike MorganSet SubjectOh what a nightGold
Natascha WeberInterclubFuel Station in the RainSilver
Natascha WeberMonochromeThirstySilver
Natascha WeberMonochromeSaving it for LaterGold
Natascha WeberSet SubjectFallen on Hard TimesGold
Natascha WeberSet SubjectCleaning WindowsSilver
Pieter VenterInterclubMosgas at NightGold
Pieter VenterNaturePlaying DartsMerit
Pieter VenterNatureAfternoon QuenchGold
Pieter VenterOpenStruisbaaiGold
Pieter VenterOpenNatures JacuzziMerit
Sally ThackerayMonochromeThe SpyGold
Sally ThackerayNatureThe ChaseMerit
Sally ThackerayNatureThe Look OutMerit
Sally ThackeraySet SubjectLekker By Die SeeGold
Shane NewmanMonochromeBlack Paint FlickSilver
Shane NewmanOpenBrush Painted faceGold
Shane NewmanOpenHigh Tide Flow ByGold
Shane NewmanSportDelmon Mining Neill 61Gold
Shirley GillittInterclubThe night before ChristmasGold
Shirley GillittMonochromeAlluringGold
Shirley GillittNatureThirsty HyenaGold
Shirley GillittNatureGreen Backed HeronGold
Shirley GillittOpenpink reflectionsGold
Sue AusmeierNatureSandstone promontory on the AlgarveGold
Sue AusmeierOpenWatching the street carnival from my pramGold
Sue AusmeierOpenLisbon street at duskBronze
Sue AusmeierSportLady cyclistGold
Sue KuhnertNatureBreakfast TimeNo Award
Sue KuhnertOpenPink FlowerSilver
Sue KuhnertOpenRain on the Rock RosesGold
Sue KuhnertSportRock Climbing Competition Gold
Tracey ZettlerOpenDouble TroubleSilver
Tracey ZettlerOpenThank You for the MusicGold
Tracey ZettlerSet SubjectBusking at a MarketGold
Trevor LeaOpenGolden GlowSilver
Trevor LeaOpenDundee Early MorningBronze
Willie HeneganInterclubDurban harbourSilver
Willie HeneganMonochromePosing in the forestGold
Willie HeneganMonochromeUmhlanga pierGold
Willie HeneganOpenStar trailsMerit
Willie HeneganOpenPosing in the foyerMerit